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  1. Caught in Spladle BUT DEFENSIVE PIN CALLED

    Also, I think some of these 'big high-risk' moves are getting more popular as a direct result of society. Wrestling is not immune. Folks want all the glory without doing the work. And they want to have a built-in excuse if they lose. Using big high-risk moves serves both purposes. Kids want big pins, big points, big victories, glamour, attention, etc. They want it immediately and it's way more cool to pull these flashy moves in a match than to hit a sprawl, cross face, and battle someone to a 3-2 victory you can win 10 out of 10 times. Also, if you lose, you can say - 'hey, I was a far superior wrestler, I just got caught.' Again, not particularly about this match at all. I'm speaking in general about high-risk moves gaining popularity. They do have their place, and they can be done correctly and effectively. It can also help someone win a match that is far inferior to a better wrestler,. But, if you are the better wrestler, I would say it's advisable to wrestler mistake-free, low-risk, and hit the technique you have practiced. (How many times at practice have you practice sprawling ? How many times in practice do you practice Spladles? - If you equally practice both then go ahead, but if you're looking to hit moves you haven't practiced in place of solid technique you are taking a significant risk and over time that probability of success isn't in your favor.) I'm with ya maligned.
  2. Caught in Spladle BUT DEFENSIVE PIN CALLED

    Mustang is correct. Kids use this as a lazy way out instead of a proper defense. It's like a basketball team not playing defense and shooting 3-pointers all game. Sure, you might win, but as an effective long term strategy it's garbage. As a move, it certainly does have it's place if applied properly. However, it is extremely high risk, so if you don't need the high-reward result, it's not worth the risk. If you're losing and there's 30 seconds left, or your team needs a 6 - then sure. But if you are in the state tournament and winning the match, probably not worth the risk. (Didn't see this match in particular though) Maligned - You are probably correct that that match may have brought that move to a greater audience, but it was certainly around prior to that. I have old University Technique Books from early the early 80's breaking this move down step-by-step, although it often uses a different nomenclature.
  3. New Palestine Invitational Seeds

    Just out of curiosity, what is the official reasoning that girls/women are allowed to wrestle with the boys/men? (I?m not siding with either, just curious of the reasoning) For example: Boys are not allowed to play on the girls volleyball team, even if the school does not offer boys volleyball.
  4. Rulon Gardner

    -Quote from: sb25 on January 05, 2011, 09:03:24 AM That's kind of harsh coming from the geek squad. -MTV Probably wanting the man card turned into him so he has one of his own. MTV, that was pretty funny. I'll go ahead and give you a cool point.
  5. wrestle backs?

    BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU ASK FOR. You don't want to add wrestle-backs at the expense of excitement. Think about this. The most exciting rounds are the round to go at semi-state, and Friday night at Conseco. You add wrestle backs, you lose excitement. You lose excitement, you damage the sport. The way to go about this is demand wrestle-backs at the state finals only, as it will greatly determine team scores. Once we have data from a few years when can use this to demonstrate that wrestle-backs would or would not make a difference at the semi-state level.
  6. 2010 World Championships

    Here is the media guide. I know anyone can find this if they search it out, but thought I'd post it here for more convenience. http://www.themat.com/events/MediaGuide2010.pdf

    Bizzy - I can respect that. That is well put.
  8. Characteristics of a great Wrestler

    Couple of Thoughts... "The ability to turn it on and off depending on your competition " - I?m going to go ahead and disagree. A good wrestler will have it turned on all the time. It's the other guys job to keep from getting pinned quickly...not yours. Johnny McEnroe might take exception to #8. #11 is one of the better points posted on this board in years.
  9. Its Been spotted

    That was hilarious. Y2 sometimes your humor is simply ahead of its time.
  10. IS THIS LEGAL???

    Awood. It's hard to even understand what you are saying. I guess I will have to clear a few things up .... I didn't make any comment on folk style wrestling. I said it was a tough takedown, worthy of the 3. (an implication of freestyle.) My comment was solely on freestyle. As far as I know there aren't any 'freestyle wrestling rooms' in jeopardy of closing because kids are scared to get hurt. ....AND if there are.... Then the last few cowboys can sit around and listen to a little Springsteen and reminisce about the good ole days before you wimps killed the sport to make it more soccer mom friendly.
  11. Poster is funny. Also it is funny that he gets an award for his judgement.
  12. Characteristics of a great Wrestler

    Cauliflowear ear? Ahhh you people. Joking or not. I'm just a kid from the gutter, i'm just a renegade. Also, check out my new album: Jay-Z And Eminem Perform Renegade Live on Letterman
  13. Football & wrestling

    What? That was a lot of text without any facts. In Oklahoma from 2001-2008 74% of high school wrestling state placers played football(See Troy Aikman). Appreciate any facts from indiana.
  14. weight class

    It?s a travesty. They need to eliminate the 103 class and reduce 285 as soon as possible so that we can see some competitive wrestling.
  15. Assiatnt Coaches Position at Purdue

    How about Jim Humphrey. Did he not apply for the head coaching job recently?