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  1. TheNextDynasty

    NCAA Wrestling Tickets

    Anybody selling NCAA Wrestling Tickets?? Feel free to pm me if you are
  2. TheNextDynasty

    2018 NCAA Tickets

    I was wondering if anyone had NCAA Tickets for this year for sale or a connection that I could buy them through. Feel free to DM me also. Thanks!
  3. TheNextDynasty

    2018 Dream Team Classic hosted by Indiana!

    That's an interesting point, but I also think there is value in Indiana putting out the most competitive team possible. If Indiana can make it a respectable dual against Team USA, maybe it could push us closer to the top tier of wrestling states, thus giving more validity to credentials state-wide.
  4. From what I understand, he was getting advice from college coaches that, because of his injuries, he should be giving his body a break at some point and not be wrestling year around. So, basically, he could choose to wrestle the high school season and sit out all of the national tournaments, or he could choose to sit out the high school season and just focus on the national tournaments. I think he made a great choice, and he is a great kid with a great family!
  5. The first match he lost to a returning D-1 All-American by criteria after going the full amount of overtimes, and the 2nd match he lost by 1 to an NCAA D-1 qualifier. So, he is right there with those guys even with D3 training partners
  6. Anybody know how Deondre Wilson did this year at North Idaho?
  7. TheNextDynasty

    Notes from IU vs Nebraska

    I like the analysis!
  8. Maybe this has already been addressed on here, but does Ethan Raley still go to Lincoln College?
  9. TheNextDynasty

    Brandon Wright?

    I see that he is listed on Notre Dame College's roster, but they have a different kid ranked at 133. Does anyone have any insight as to if he just isn't the varsity guy or if he is hurt?
  10. TheNextDynasty

    Kirk Johnson & Jarred Mckinley

    Just curious, but what schools are they at? I had thought that Jackson committed to Purdue and McKinley to IU, but i see them listed as LIM and CMB?
  11. As a former Hoosier who would like to see Indiana kids get more opportunity to wrestle at the next level, I have decided to start a recruiting section focused just on the great state of Indiana! We already have coaches that focus only on Iowa, Illinois, or Wisconsin. So, I say why not Indiana?!? I am currently coaching at the University of Dubuque, a Division III school in Iowa. Now to help this process, I will need email addresses from as many coaches around the state as I can get. So, you can either send me a PM on here or email me at ccook@dbq.edu. Furthermore, if you are an athlete interested in learning more about our school, feel free to email me as well. Also, you can check out our website at www.dbq.edu if you would like and fill out the questionare on there. Starting out this process, I will need a lot of help from coaches and athletes that aren't afraid to make first contact. We have a great program here, and I hope that we can get some Hoosiers on board that want to take their wrestling career to the next level! Chad Cook University of Dubuque ccook@dbq.edu
  12. TheNextDynasty

    Avon Wrestler at IU......

    So, not recruiting a 2 year letterman that didn't place at state is not doing your homework?? I'd say there is a lot of college coaches out there "not doing their homework" then. He should feel fortunate he is getting the opportunity to wrestle for a school that is going Division 1
  13. TheNextDynasty

    Biggest wins by less heralded Indiana wrestlers

    Actually I believe Grammer gave John Smith 2 of his 5 career losses in college, and was a Division II wrestler
  14. TheNextDynasty

    Any New SIAC Rankings thoughts?

    Excellent point! I predict that at least 4 of them win, but could see all 6 of them doing it.
  15. TheNextDynasty

    Favorite Match You Ever Wrestled Or Seen?

    Maurer vs. Dolly!