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  1. I saw a lot of this

    There is a black market for everything
  2. I saw a lot of this

    I may have to actually order one of the shirts
  3. Brother saves his sister

    I assume this belongs in the youth section. Little brother saves his sister. https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2017/12/14/video-brother-helps-sister-during-wrestling-match-jim-ross-dub
  4. Takedown Leaders?

    That was the name that came to mind for me as well. That kid was great on his feet.
  5. Numbers up? How are those numbers now?

    Wow.....that is going to be hard to top.
  6. College Style

    Cary Kolat has a video demonstrating his "funk roll" as he calls it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2U3YmP6VRs
  7. Twitter has draw posted

    Not that it means anything, but I noticed some of the records are not correct. Track has the right ones on the few that I knew for sure.
  8. East Chicago semi state rankings

    Bomber is no longer a part of Bomber Nation. We revoked his membership when he became a traitor and went up north to KV.
  9. East Chicago semi state thoughts?

    I know they had some issues with the spotlight last year, but I wish they would have given it another shot.
  10. Logansport Regional Over/Under

    Thank you. It was a fun day for us.
  11. Logansport Regional Over/Under

    Little guys from Logan are doing well
  12. Logansport Regional Over/Under

    Betourne is a tough match for almost everyone. Strong but just a slight bit less flexible than Gumby.
  13. Logansport Regional Over/Under

    Thinking this as well, but damn that 120 class is scary deep.
  14. Most to Semi State & Where

    Track shows Crown Point with 11
  15. What if, wrestlers

    The year is young so not sure how much of a compliment that really is. But it was a damn good post.