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  1. looking for last min JV meet...

    West Noble is probably a bit of a drive. They have one this weekend, not sure if they are still taking teams or not...
  2. 11-13 through 11-19 events

    I’m pretty sure this is the first week for wrestling... so what events are going on this week. Busco will be at the West Noble JV invite Saturday.
  3. IHSWCA Business Meeting Minutes- Fall Clinic 2017

    The discussion of the date pretty much consisted of either moving the event to the first competition weekend or keeping it at the same time frame as it is now. The location discussion was mainly over the pro’s and con’s of Fort Wayne vs a more centralized location. A lot comes down to logistics and the number of teams, number of mats, etc.
  4. IHSWCA Business Meeting Minutes- Fall Clinic 2017

    Meeting minutes fall clinic 2017.docx
  5. Meeting Minutes: Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 Ben Davis HS I. Call Meeting to Order II. Minutes from Spring Clinic Business Meeting (SAM) i. Sam Riesen read the meeting minutes from the Hall of Fame business meeting and the spring clinic. III. Financial Update/Status of Association (JD) i. JD Minch ii. $9,500 in our account iii. Explained that we would make a good amount at the clinic iv. JD stated that the association was doing “O.K” in terms of finances. v. Membership was roughly over 200 vi. Membership cards would be mailed IV. New Business a. IHSWCA Team State Duals Update (JD) i. 36 teams ii. Fort Wayne Coliseum will be the location iii. 2 years ago the event made a lot of $ iv. Last year was down due to the date v. Discussion took place about possible changes to a permanent date vi. Discussion took place about possible change to location vii. Greg Ratliff mentioned that he sent a questionnaire out to all teams who had participated in the Duals in the past about changing the date b. M.S. State i. Discussion took place about adding a qualifier ii. Discussion took place about a probable change in location for the event next year c. Regional Rep update – (Greg) i. Logansport Regional needed a representative- Tom Miller Lafayette Jeff Volunteered ii. Nick Kraus will replace Sam Riesen as Carroll Regional Representative (took place after the meeting) iii. Pendleton Heights regional needed a representative- Courtney Duncan of Frankton was named as a possible replacement (took place after the meeting) d. Committees i. Greg Ratliff mentioned the need for volunteers for the IHSWCA Committees ii. Jr. Academic All-State coordinator is needed V. NWCA Update (Dave Cloud) i. Discussed NWCA Duals ii. Discussed Indiana having a CEO leadership academy 1. Free NWCA CEO Leadership academy 2. Looking for 40-50 coaches 3. Looking for location 4. Best practices for your program 5. Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Pennsylvania have had one 6. Contact Dave Cloud at dcloud@smcsc.com VI. Old Business a. Membership Update (JD) 1. Covered during financial business VII. Other Business i. Dave Cloud asked about the feasibility of doing a Sophomore Academic All-state ii. Greg Ratliff said it would be on the next survey VIII. Any ideas or “items of concern”? IX. Good of the Order and Adjourn
  6. Preseason Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings

    Noah Cressel of Wabash is missing from the rankings...
  7. Welcome to CP Wrestling Coach Vince Sessa

    I just happened to see that there is a Vinny Sessa wrestling out of Florida at the Michigan Grappler Fall Classic. Anyone know if it’s a coincidence or if they are related?
  8. First off they are legal at the college level, right? If so have any programs released what their new uniforms will look like? It will be cool to see how Iowa, Minnesota, Penn State, etc. take their classic looking uniforms and incorporate them into the two piece options. Any word on how they are being received at the college level, are a lot of teams using them? Same questions/ discussion for the international level if anyone has any information.
  9. Triton Wrestler Killed

    Prayers from the Busco program.
  10. Jason Tsirtsis

    I have been looking at some rankings and have seen him ranked at both 149 and 157. He is usually past 15 in the current rankings. Anyhow any word on what he will go? Any opinions on what weight he would be a better fit at? As far as rankings they seem low to me for what he has accomplished, anyone see him AA again, or even getting back to the top of the podium?
  11. Middle schoolers who could place

    Curious what high school would Mendez attend if he stayed in his current district?
  12. New rules?

  13. Mayweather vs McGregor

    Not a wrestling topic at all but I think we all enjoy combat sports so what's your prediction?
  14. 2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Manchester will have a new coach with Maggart going to Jimtown. I have heard that Byron Sweet is the new head coach, nothing to substantiate that claim though.
  15. Top 5 #thecounties in the state

    I was trying to think of the "modern era"... so I went 1980's on. Obviously if we go all time it is Monroe County. If we do 90's or 2000's on it would change as well. The original post was meant to be 1980 on, but it would be interesting to see what people think it is today as well.