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  1. Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    Had a kid asking if they can have a beard for Hyway or ISWA events can anyone clarify oneway or the other.
  2. Dream Team Opener Duals

    I guess the fact that the NECC would surely win the Northeast Indiana challenge has slowed the debate on that topic... what about the academies? I think it would be awesome to see them dual. Is there too much crossover (kids wrestling for multiple academies) to do something like that, or do most kids work with just one group?
  3. Dream Team Opener Duals

    I thought about throwing a Carroll/ Homestead all-star team in there. They would pry hold their own pretty well.
  4. Dream Team Opener Duals

    I was thinking about the all star classic and what other all star Duals I would like to see. Curious other Duals you’d be interested in, also who you would take in those presented. Anyhow here are mine. Get a little Fort Wayne flavor with a mini tourney of Conferences in Northeast Indiana. Dual between champs from each conference. NECC vs ACAC NE8 vs SAC Winners face off. Academy Championship. A tourney that has- RWA vs Mauer/Couphlin(sp) Red Cobra vs Contenders Finally a county faceoff. Hendricks vs Delaware Marion vs Lake
  5. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I don't get why you guys get so mad about this? The only thing these ratings are used for is to try to make the qualification process more accurate for smaller schools. Do you feel that the wrong teams are being invited to team state? If not then this really isn't as big of an issue as your making it out to be. Also it seems like the Jay County regional has had really good representation over the years at team state, that is all these are used for so I don't understand why this is brought up all the time on here.
  6. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Fort Wayne has really been dominant in the smaller classes. Wawasee is the first team not from the FW Semi-state to win either class 1A or 2A.
  7. Mason Parris at 11

    I thought this was pretty cool. My students were asking me about state and I was telling them about Mason, so I looked up "Mason Parris" on youtube and this came up. Pretty cool.
  8. http://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/22532373/marjory-stoneman-douglas-wrestlers-remember-chris-hixon-competing-memory
  9. Which state does it best?

    I always thought this video showed that Ohio does a nice job with the pageantry.
  10. #thefort state predictions pre-sectionals

    Looks like superduck is the winner. Now I’ve got to find him.
  11. 1 pound allowance @ state **Confirmed**

    This is what came from the IHSAA.
  12. 1 pound allowance @ state **Confirmed**

    I recieved this email as well. For those of you wondering, the one pound allowance will not carry over to Saturday. The 106 weigh-in will be 109 on Saturday as well.
  13. #thefort state predictions pre-sectionals

    Ok so we have Manchester, Superduck, and X-Rated all with a tie. Here is the tie breaker. 1. Will you be at state? 2. Number of placers from <Pound Sign>HendricksCountySmellsFunnyfort x-card went with 25. Waiting for Manchester and Superduck to respond.
  14. Shaved ICE

    How about total number of placers from Fort Wayne... first with a responce gets locked in on the number.
  15. Shaved ICE

    Thats a good question lol... How about first criteria- Will you be attending the state finals...