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  1. Illegal equipment

    Did they give a reason for making them illegal? If you watch any college dual you’ll see at least a couple of them.
  2. Garry Burkhart @ Hobart HS

    Maybe Moreno bumps up and wrestles Triana. Moreno wrestled 120 at the county but Triana did not wrestle. Hopefully Triana is still not injured?
  3. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I think the majority of the time the best wrestlers usually get out of sectionals but this is a great point. Depending on if a wrestler ends up on the top or bottom bracket could determine if he’s a semi state qualifier.
  4. Seeding Meeting Change???

    How will this be enforced? Broadcast sports among others mentioned a few weeks back that many schools are forgeting, to busy or for whatever the reason not inputting results here or let alone track wrestling.
  5. Merrillville wins 31-26. Always a good dual with close competitive matches. 3 went into OT with Merrillville winning 2 and CP 1.
  6. I have two questions regarding the locking hands. Is there any reaction time when you’re on top and return someone to the mat? and how could that ref make that call from his angle? It didn’t look like he could’ve conclusively seen the locked hands from where he was standing.
  7. Team State

    I think the pros definitely out weigh the cons. Especially for the college coaches, families and just general fans of the sport.
  8. Remember that one time....

    Rumor is they may add a couple more transfers to their current twisters.
  9. Team State Video

    I think they should also make sure if possible that they show the entire mat. In the Brownsburg Portage match you could not see the right side.
  10. Tom Cameron Duals

    If you click on a teams page you can go to their trackwrestling account and most teams have their whole season updated
  11. Tom Cameron Duals

    I just copy and pasted from track wrestling from my phone hopefully you can read this
  12. Tom Cameron Duals

    106 Sam Hein (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Dominic Smith (Plymouth) (Fall 1:49) 0 6 113 Mathew Bailey (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Max Howard (Plymouth) (Fall 0:36) 0 6 120 Josh Wade (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Michael Stauffer (Plymouth) (Fall 0:42) 0 6 126 Trey McCartney (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Zane DeVault (Plymouth) (Dec 5-1) 0 3 132 Cody Betairne (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Jordan Howard (Plymouth) (Fall 0:55) 0 6 138 AJ Poindexter (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Cei Bowen (Plymouth) (Fall 3:02) 0 6 145 Brock Merkel (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Nathan Craft (Plymouth) (Fall 1:23) 0 6 152 Gavin Banks (Plymouth) over Erik Ruiz (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (TF 16-1 0:00) 5 0 160 Graham Calhoun (Plymouth) over Owen Conklin (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (Fall 1:13) 6 0 170 Myles Krintz (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Trystan VanderAa (Plymouth) (Fall 2:54) 0 6 182 Seth Yonker (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Blake Davis (Plymouth) (Dec 10-8) 0 3 195 Brayden Oakley (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Unknown (For.) 0 6 220 Nate LaFree (Plymouth) over Will Crider(Harrison (West Lafayette)) (Fall 4:33) 6 0 285 Donnie Crider (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Kendall Himes (Plymouth) (Fall 0:33)
  13. Tom Cameron Duals

    106 Martin Cruz (Merrillville) over Sam Hein(Harrison (West Lafayette)) (MD 17-7) 4 0 113 Mathew Bailey (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Juan Maldonado (Merrillville) (Fall 4:55) 0 6 120 Aleksandar Pejovski (Merrillville) over Josh Wade (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (Dec 15-13) 3 0 126 Trey McCartney (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Jacob Maldonado (Merrillville) (Dec 3-0) 0 3 132 Cody Betairne (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Ahzsur Ursery (Merrillville) (Dec 6-5) 0 3 138 Devin Pope (Merrillville) over AJ Poindexter (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (Fall 1:56) 6 0 145 Malik Hoover (Merrillville) over Brock Merkel(Harrison (West Lafayette)) (MD 18-5) 4 0 152 Aaron Griggs (Merrillville) over Erik Ruiz (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (Fall 3:33) 6 0 160 Owen Conklin (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Jason Streck (Merrillville) (Fall 2:55) 0 6 170 Myles Krintz (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Seyi Akinwumi (Merrillville) (Fall 1:13) 0 6 182 Tyjonn Lockett (Merrillville) over Seth Yonker (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (Dec 18-11) 3 0 195 Dennis Weston (Merrillville) over Brayden Oakley (Harrison (West Lafayette)) (MD 12-3) 4 0 220 Brandon Streck (Merrillville) over Will Crider(Harrison (West Lafayette)) (TF 16-1 5:44) 5 0 285 Donnie Crider (Harrison (West Lafayette)) over Anthony Atria (Merrillville) (Fall 1:44) 0 6
  14. Tom Cameron Duals

    Final score: Merrillville 35 Harrison 30 It was a good dual Merrillville won 8 matches. Also some good matches throughout the day.
  15. Merrillville@Portage 12/6

    Mcintosh beat Hoover Washington beat Griggs 6-5 in a very close match. Washington looked like he was cramping up.