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  1. Carmel USA Wrestling Club is very excited about welcoming the newest member of our coaching staff: Coach Cody LeCount. We are thrilled to add one of the best high school wresters ever in the state of Indiana to coach on our staff! Coach LeCount’s record as a wrestler is well documented. IHSAA State Runner up 2012 IHSAA State Champion 2013 IHSAA State Champion 2014 High Schol Career Recond: 183-2 USA Cadet Freestyle National Runner Up 2013 The talent Coach LeCount demonstrated so frequently on the mat as a competitor has translated well to the room as a coach. In just a few sessions in our club practices, it is evident he has a gift for teaching the sport he mastered as a competitor. He has already already made an impact on our footwork! Please join me in welcoming Coach LeCount to our family! Coach LeCount has starting doing individual drill times and has a summer planned of mini camps! Here is the information on his skill specific mini camps for the summer of 2018 CARMEL WRESTLING CLUB SUMMER MINI CAMPS Who: Intermediate to High School wrestlers When: Wed. / Thurs. from 12:00 - 2:00 June 6th & 7th: Front Headlocks June 13th & 14th: Single Legs June 20th & 21st: Near Wrist from Top June 27th & 28th: High-Crotches / Double legs July 11th & 12th: Stand-Ups and Short Sits July 18th & 19th: Throws July 25th & 26th: Shot Defense / Scrambling Where: CHS Wrestling Room, enter door 21 Cost: $30 per session (checks payable to CUSAWC) Questions: Please contact: Coach Cody LeCount cody.lecount@carmelusawrestling.org Coach Pendoski: ed.pendoski@carmelusawrestling.org
  2. Ed Pendoski

    RTC's Still Running?

    Carmel is still running! 6:45-8:15 on Wednesday nights!
  3. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights

    The Carmel RTC will continue through the summer. While we might be have the least traffic on instagram (I'm still waiting for this fad called the internet to go away, but apparently it isnt). We will continue to go on Wednesdays from 6:45-8:15 and now the college guys are starting to come in the room. Hatch, Timmerman and Doster will be driving over and we will be warming up, drilling and wrestling 3 min goes with 4 min breaks! Come battle with us if you're looking to get some matches.
  4. Our room has been tough as nails and will get tougher now that the college guys are finishing up school! All with a USA Card are welcome 6:45-8:15
  5. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    Blue Room will be back at it again tonight! 6:45:8:15!
  6. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    We'll be back in the Blue Room tonight! 6:45-8:15 We've had over 40 in the room the past three weeks! Coach Adam Donehue will be our clinician tonight! Coach Donehue was an All State football player and wrestler in Ohio before wrestling for tOSU. Reminder that we will not have our RTC on April 4th, but we will be back at it again on April 11th!
  7. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    Door 21 It's by the swimming pool, but the swimmers now call it the wrestling room door. Blue Room is upstairs behind the freshman gym.
  8. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    We had a great room last week and expect even better tonight! We will have guest clinician Jake O'Neil in our room hoping to teach us his "Eastside Strangler" Headlock! We 40+ guys last week and we counted 17 of them were wrestlers that were Semi State or farther! The bigger question of the night will be if Chad Welch takes revenge on Cressel for the rear naked choke from Middle School State!
  9. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    We are expecting a good group in The Blue Room will be at it tonight! 6:45-8:15
  10. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    True, but he's training for NCAA's.
  11. Ed Pendoski

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    (now you can see why we want Chad as our bench press representative)
  12. Ed Pendoski

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Day 2 they were in the Blue Room.... Chad showing gut wrench defense. Doug-"no Chad, you're doing it wrong" Chad-"no Doug, this is how you do it" Doug (two weeks after ankle surgery, kicks off his boot)-"get out of the way, this is how you do it"
  13. Ed Pendoski

    Carmel RTC Wednesday Nights 6:45-8:15

    Ok, we will back on our regular RTC this Wednesday from 6:45-8:15. Our room was nuts last year at times and it’s looking to be the same this year! Can someone take down Welch?
  14. Ed Pendoski

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    No way! Geter finally got Clownbaby locked in a cage in some basement in Homeplace.
  15. Ed Pendoski

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Is the committee looking name recognition? Don't make me call Clownbaby to 'make some noise' on the board! Hooper placed 2nd at 95 and Gunn finished 5th at 117 at middle school state. We also have 8 returning semi state qualifiers. Our only JV loss was to Warren and no one else on in our duals was within 35 points.

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