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  1. Paul Konrath Interview

    Westfolkwhite,,, GRRReat pic... Happy Trees!!!
  2. Indiana Dream Matches

    Lance Ellis vs the field
  3. Play What If

    would have made for some great matches!!! does anyone have any other What Ifs?
  4. Play What If

    Gable Stevenson was still in Indiana,,,,, Stevenson vs Parris
  5. Favorite wrestling moment ever!

    yip that '91 103 was epic...... there are solo many, but mine is in '91 watching my best friend after winning 4 sec, 4 reg, 4 conf, and 4 of every other tournament we were in, finally making in to MSA and making the walk,, a close second was when my little brother snapped him forearm in half at Lowell, i almost tackled the ref to stop the match, sounded like someone shot a 12 gauge in the gym.
  6. Elkins!

    He's my 597 Pipefitter brother, he is a great guy and the quote The Rat, he is one bad mofo!!!
  7. Best matches

    thanks i will check them out!
  8. Best matches

    Welp i had to miss the weekend, what was a couple of the best matches of the weekend? just got off this morning and Im going to watch some on Trackcast. Thanks
  9. How many straight state finals ?

    i was at 20,, gonna miss this one. working in NJ, but I'm going to try to make it to their finals 3/3-3/5,, does that count???
  10. Who's out?

    does anyone know what happened with Coon?
  11. Hoosier Conference ?

    Could someone post some results from Saturday please
  12. Washington v Hoopeston tonight in WL?

    LOL i didn't even have the heart to bring it up,,, lol I did see that Warner is #1 in the country and going to Iowa. Would have been a good dual with Brownsburg. Does anyone have the results. (blow out I'm sure)
  13. Washington v Hoopeston tonight in WL?

    Ok thanks for the inside skinny, i should have known the ole IHSAA would have a finger in stirring the soup. Man that would have been a Great dual to see in WL, so much for promoting our great sport even more. Maybe they are looking at this kid 1 Jacob Warner Sr, Washington, 4th at Iron Man, State 1-182 (16); 1-170 (15); 2-160 (14) 1-CGR (15); 1-CFS (15); 5-CGR (14); 5-CFS (14)
  14. So i see on Twitter that tonight at Purduev IU at Mackey Madness that these 2 Illinois schools are wrestling. I see on Illinois Mat Men's web site that Washington is #1 in 2A with quite a few high ranked wrestlers, Hoopeston has 1 high ranked and few on the board. Gezzhhh Washington is almost 3 hours away. So my question is, wouldn't it create ALOT more buzz if there were 2 IN highly ranked teams competing in WL inside of Mackey Arena? Or does anyone have incite about schedule conflict? OR is PU recruiting someone? Im going to try to make it, but I would dif make a better attempt if it were say Brownsburg/Washington, BB any top 20 IN team.
  15. Pin KIngs

    yip all caught to the latest episode,, great stuff. I've listened to a few of them a couple times. Kinda sad that the big schools in the SEC like GA does not have wrestling anymore. it is dif a crazy story, sounds like a movie to me