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  1. Which state does it best?

    after listening to Short time podcast with Jason Byrant, it dif is NOT Virginia!! wow what a shame. They do not do those kids justice
  2. most impressive TODAY??

    i could not make it this year, so the fortunate those of you that are watching the greatest sport ever today, Who was the most impressive to this point NOT named Lee or Parris??
  3. radio broadcast or app?

    thanks Y2
  4. radio broadcast or app?

    im a little late to as about this, but is there a radio broadcast that i can listen to today? if there is im hoping to find it on tunein app. Thanks
  5. Live Bracket Reaction Thread

    What the he?????
  6. Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Dang what happened to Betourne with Brooks? i see he got stuck!
  7. Vote for Mason Parris!

    Here is the link for wrestler of the year https://polldaddy.com/poll/9936258/?view=results&msg=voted
  8. East Chicago weather report

    i would have been fired,,, looks like the ole the Dynasty on Calumet might be full,, about as close as your gonna get or shoot some craps at the shoe lol safe travels to all,,, 65 is a PITA when its DRY! i know do it everyday
  9. Darren Elkins this weekend

    AND did it AGAIN!!! What a savage!!!!
  10. WL Harrison @ Fairfield

    Thanks for the info!
  11. WL Harrison @ Fairfield

    Hey gents does/can anyone give some the info for Harrison from the tourney down in Ohio?
  12. whats up w scores/results

    ahhh ok thanks!
  13. i know it is a lot of work for everything else that a coach/coaches have going on, but for but some of us this place is the only place to get scores and info on matches,, come on don't keep us in the dark!! Keep up the good work to everyone and everyone have a Merrry Christmas and great holidays!!