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  1. Bash513

    Big Ten Tournament Contest

    125 Lee 5 133 Micic 4 141 Lee 2 149 Retherford 10 157 Kemerer 7 165 Marinelli 3 174 Hall 6 184 Nickal 8 197 Moore 1 285 Snyder 9 Team Champ Penn State Team Score 121
  2. Bash513

    Tournament of Champions! 135/138/140

    I mean I understand that but I see at least the following seeds that should likely be higher. 16, 17, 9, 12, 20, 14, 19, 11 ,22, 10, 7, 6
  3. Bash513

    Tournament of Champions! 135/138/140

    How in the world does Norton get the 5 seed here?
  4. 125 - #5 Conaway 133 - #1 Chris Dardanes 141 - #1 Logan Stieber 149 - #2 Jason Tsirtsis 157 - #3 James Green 165 - #3 Taylor Walsh 174 - #2 Matt Brown 184 - #5 Kenny Courts 197 - #4 Nathan Burak 285 - #4 Bobby Telford 1.) Iowa 2.) Penn State 3.) Ohio State
  5. I'll take a stab at Purdue's 125 Eppert 133 Cashe 141 Fleckenstein 149 Porras 157 One of the Welch's 165 Kyle Mosier 174 Pat Kissell 184 AJ Kissell 197 Atwood? 285 Vukobratovich
  6. Bash513

    Garry Burkhart @Hobart

    Thanks OTR, but does anyone have any more complete results? Local papers didn't have anything.
  7. Bash513

    coaching question.....

    Balash at Hobart.
  8. Bash513


    Don't fall into this trap...
  9. Bash513

    Deep thinking question...

    There are more opportunities to train with excellent coaches and partners available today than in the past. This has helped those who specialize in wrestling (where you ususally see the 2-4 xers) elevate themselves that much higher above the pack. When you focus on wrestling year round (even if you are involved in other sports) and have access to rooms with the best coaches and training partners, those people are going to inevitably pull further ahead.
  10. Bash513


    That's fine, I'll add him to the list too. The point wasn't that I needed to be educated it was just that the list was to show that top 20 in IN History probably only includes a few of the people on the list and is a VERY exclusive club.
  11. Bash513


    Sign Him Up! He Makes The Cut!
  12. Bash513


    Coach, You just wasted a whole lot of time, but to appease you, and others, Cashe has been officially added to the "list." I will need to see similar evidence and arguments for Nate Moore and Camden Eppert before I deem them worthy however.
  13. Bash513

    Al Smith Dates for Next Year...

    Thanks for the response coach. Hopefully it will work out in the next couple of years.
  14. Bash513


    Just to clarify, I am not creating some sort of an official "good wrestlers of Indiana" list that needs to be added to or subtracted from. I just, from the top of my head, listed individuals in the past decade or so that had similar acomplishments to the rankings guy who is again a very good wrestler and had a steller career. I was only trying to prove the point that Top 20 in Indiana History is a very exclusive club and that the term shouldn't be taken lightly. I apologize for hating on, offending, ommiting, and misrepresenting anyone in the creation of this list.

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