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  1. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    They had some long delays and exhibitions between All Star matches
  2. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Comer Lost by Fall
  3. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Davison Won by MD Parris Won by Fall Team score tied at 22
  4. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Rader Loss by Dec Graber Loss by Maj Dec IL 22-12
  5. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Graham Rooks Loss by Dec Lamore Win by Dec Mappes Loss by Dec Score IL 15-12
  6. 2018 IN vs IL All Star Classic Dual Team

    Team Blue Results Flores Lost by Dec Diaz Lost by Fall McCartney Won by Dec Mejia Won by Dec Hunt Won by Dec 9-12 IL after 132
  7. Remember that one time....

    I agree with Montymo that unfortunately some of the better Harrison kids didn't get a chance to prove their worthiness to be in FW. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Crider or Betourne wrestled anybody ranked and I know Betourne wrestled one or two backups. McCartney wrestled one state placer and lost 5-3, but then the next state placer he was scheduled to wrestle was replaced with a backup. I'm guessing those kids would've liked to prove themselves, after all the negative (but accurate) chatter about Harrison.
  8. Who's had a better In state day than Garcia?

    Portage’s Peele also had a great day. 5-3 over McCartney 4-3 over #9 Rioux 3-1 over #5 Campbell 7-1 over #7 Egli
  9. Purdue Wrestle-offs

    Why wasn't Streck in the Wrestle-offs?
  10. # 49 recruit nationally Anthony Falbo. Third Top 100 commit for the Boilers in class of '17. This year's incoming class ('16) was ranked #6 in the country. Looks like the program is on the rise big time. Does this mean Berge and Warner are not going to Purdue?
  11. lafayette jefferson sectional

    That makes sense!
  12. lafayette jefferson sectional

    Why is there so little info on this sectional? There are some pretty good wrestling schools in this sectional. Delphi, Jefferson, Harrison, Seeger and this years favorite, McCutcheon! Why won't any of the coaches provide Joe with the brackets? Are they completed?
  13. Mikey Witous

    Wow!! Im praying for you Witous' family!! Unbelievably sad. God must be going to use the timing of this in an extraordinary way! Look for that opportunity Mikey.
  14. Hoosier Conference Seeds

    What's the start time at Delphi tomorrow please?
  15. Mishawaka beats Lakeshore, Mich.

    I just looked at the individual matches between Mishawaka and Lakeshore and I see what you mean by close. Mishawaka didn't even have a pin all night. Great dual!