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  1. Coyte Cooper TEDx Talk

    From coytecooper.com... Dr. Cooper got his Ph.D. from Indiana University in Sport Marketing and was a college professor for 9 years where he established a line of research in the area of branding and social media marketing.
  2. I think he went to Lassen JC, then went to Central Oklahoma (DII). Placed 2nd and 7th at DII Nationals.
  3. Tristen Tonte for being named Indy Star Marion County Male Athlete of the year and Ben Stewart for being named Indy Star Male City Athlete of the year. Much deserved for both.
  4. Hudkins beat McGhee 2-1 tb to advance to the 3/4 match. NCAA qualifier as a true freshman.
  5. Evansville Semi State Picks

    Unless the rule has been changed, it isn't considered fleeing if you leave the mat while giving up nearfall.
  6. 4x Semi State Champs

    Forte, I think won 4. I don't believe LeCount did. Didn't he lose round to go as a freshman? (I could be way wrong on that). Hudkins won 4.
  7. Cradle

    Rob Pavletic from Hobart in the late 80s
  8. Alternates

    He got FF on Friday night because "Hudkins had medical issues from Diabetes". In the future, if you have no idea as to what you are talking about, please don't post it on the message board. Especially if you're commenting on a kid's medical issue. It's irresponsible and you're incorrect in your diagnosis.
  9. Alternates

    1982...became state runner-up in 1983. Placed 4th in 1981.
  10. State Championship Trivia #1

    Who were the 4xers from 2007 to 2016 (besides Red and Rypel)?
  11. State Championship Trivia #1

    2005--Angel Escobedo 2004--Alex Tsirtsis 2002--Randy Baker I know these are right, but mine was simply a guess.
  12. Lafayette Jefferson vs Danville

  13. Danville vs Eastern Hancock