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  1. Best Career

    I vote Parris, for many of the reasons others did. I also prefer pins to tech falls, so I like Parris' style better. Lee is fantastic with his style, it's just that the take 'em down, let 'em up style doesn't appeal to me. Not saying one is a better style than the other, just my preference.
  2. Best Career

    You are hardly objective, but you make a good case.
  3. No disrespect to Lee, but Nolf dominates him at this point. Maybe after some time in the Minnesota room it wouldn't be. But that wasn't the question. If they wrestled this year, Nolf by pin. And Snyder would do the same to Parris.
  4. Best Career

    Let the debate begin. I would have included Joe Lee, but since he didn't wrestle this year I left him off.
  5. The next Kris Rumph???

    How about Jason Woodson from FW Snider? I thought I remembered him not starting until HS.
  6. B Lee class act

    Congrats to Brayton on a great career. Fun wrestler to watch. Looking forward to seeing him at the next level.
  7. Melloh and Mulkey

    Sounds like#paintrain went off the rails today with Lee the only one getting it done and their leader getting the boot.
  8. Not surprising to see 126 with the lowest winning %.
  9. Snyder by first period pin. Brayton Lee would suffer the same fate vs a guy like Nolf. Joe Lee has been pinned this year wrestling college opens. Just a huge jump to make without taking some lumps.
  10. Multi sport vs wrestling only

    MD - Boots and Boarman play football. Boarman got some varsity action as a frosh. Boots does track as well.
  11. On this day 1985-Big Match

    That was just meaningless dual meet. I'm confident Schute ripped his head off on his run to another state title.
  12. State predictions?

    Cathedral has the potential for a ton of points. They may win it. I say Brownsburg gets 2 titles (152 and 182). I like Rooks at 126 and 138 is wide open. I think any one of 5 kids can win at 138, maybe more. the possible Melloh/Mulkey semi final will have some impact on the team race.
  13. Can you show what Indiana teams wrestled these schools and what their records were against out of state competition?
  14. Worst draw

    Most of MD's team looked bad. First round they went 11-1, then 6-5 in the ticket round, 3-3 in the semi's and 1-5 in the 3rd place/championship matches. Granted, both Egli's had rough ticket round matches with Rioux and Garcia, Parkinson had Blubaugh, Weidner and Helfrich had close matches from what I remember but couldn't get it done. Ross looked great until the finals, but Montgomery had a lot to do with that. Boarman was wrecking people and was up on Casebolt when the knee injury happened. Lee was looking good. Mulkey got the lead on him and the played defense. Dickens gave up a 5 pt move against Kreitzer and couldn't come back. Not sure what happened in his 3rd place match, but he looked bad. Fitts lost a close one against conley in the semis, but didn't really feel like he was going to win that one. As a team, they struggled on the mat, which was a surprise. Consequently, they did themselves no favors with their draws this weekend.