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  1. clip of a new wrestling movie

    Takedown was pretty good!!!
  2. Flo-Nationals Registartion IN guys.

    Where is this taking place?
  3. Life after senior year

    OMG Good luck!!! There is noway I could go thru all that again!! LOL I spoil the grandson and send him home!!!!
  4. We will try to make it there, Dylan is very excited about it!!!
  5. Life after senior year

    I also coached my son since he was 4 and he just wrestled at state his last year!!!!!!!! He was the youngest, now I have to get my grandson in there but he is only 1 :'(
  6. Indiana Wrestling Look Alikes

    LOL!!! You guys crack me up!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Hey Seniors?!?!

    Dylan Hall
  8. Hey Seniors?!?!

    Nut will be at those too!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Nutsdad

    Maybe he should have left his hair alone the last 2 years when he went up there!!!LOL
  10. What Wrestling Means to Many Of Us

    Great post Bolt!!! We are praying for your dad and family!!!
  11. Friday Night State Qualifiers

    Vanhook from Evansville Reitz
  12. TEAM STATE!!

    Sorry I won't make it!! Hope some body will have updates on here!!!
  13. TEAM STATE!!

    GO CASTLE!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Congrats!!

    Congrats to all Champions, Placers, and Qualifiers at State!!! Great season to all!!!!