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  1. Kyle Ayersman-Warren RTC

    Just when I think I have Kyle under control there he is spreading himself out. Just remember Co-Head Coach Kyle Ayersman if you ever leave, it’s your puppy Jet who pays the price. Jet is a cute puppy. I don’t want to hurt him, but I will. I want you to be my BFF. It’s on you if Jet goes down. Everyone go to Warren for this. Ayersman is modest, but the dude is hammer - even with a screwed up knee. You will get elite technique. Snyder
  2. The #PainTrain is back on the rails. 3X Returning Dual State Champions and 2nd, 1st, and 2nd at IHSAA State will be hosting our RWO every THURSDAY from 6PM-7:30PM - Enter Door 7 Great technique and then lots of live. Thursday, March 1st - Technique from: Brayton Lee 3X State Champion 164-1 Ranked #1 in the Country Full Ride to Minnesota BLee is absolutely outstanding at showing technique. Don't miss out on a great opportunity to get ahead of your future opponents! #PainTrain Snyder
  3. Melloh and Mulkey

    1.) Congrats to Cathedral. I’m not sure anyone who hasn’t been through it truly understands how hard it is to win an Individual State Title let alone a Team State Championship. 2.) I didn’t cuss or anything like that. I was booted and deserved to be because I left the mat and came back screaming again. I was told that by Mr. Faulkens. 3.) I know I shouldn’t have come back on the mat. Thanks to him for allowing me to stay in back of venue. I lost it and would hope I could keep my compusure in the future. I’ve never been tossed out before that I remember. I deserved it. I’ve already told my assistants to pull me from the mat. I don’t see this situation repeating itself, though 4.) I am not ever going to sacrifice a kid’s dream of a state title. Brayton Lee is the ONLY kid I have ever coached that I told I must have bonus points from at Individual State. Probably the first and last. He’s special. I never worried about my actions causing a team title. We are a family here. I was able to meet with my team since Mr. Faulkens allowed me To stay in the venue. I told them I was sorry I was unable to corner them. (FYI I don’t corner BLee. Ayersman negotiated that.) Lol. Immediately, Nathan Walton said, “Coach you have prepared us and we would want you to do the same thing for each of us.” 5.) I was out of control and returned to the mat after waking off. That equals getting tossed. I have no issue with it. Most people hate me. That fuels me and our program. I have enough friends and I’m not looking to win a popularity contest. As long as the Mishawaka And Brownsburg Wrestlers and fans love me that’s what I care about. Talk to them. I have 100% administrative support here, which I have never had before. 6.) Why did I lose it even though i shouldn’t have? It is NOT an opinion or judgement call. In the casebook - look it up - it literally says the front-headlock position is a stalemate. It’s cut and dry. Not debatable. It was the wrong call. Period. Doesn’t matter if we were snapping or trying to score. Makes no difference. Says stalemate. Watch the film. Blake is my guy. He is facing me in 30 second OT. Im snapping to mat. He does exactly what I tell him to do. I know the rules. Then, it costs him a chance for his state title. I care about my wrestlers. Our system is messed up. I could not care less about a team title then. I care about Blake and his goal. If he and they win, we win. 7.) It is what it is. Cathedral was freaking impressive. Blake’s opponent is a stud and seems like an outstanding young man. Just like Blake. I probably shouldn’t post, but I will. Discussing wrestling I think is good for our sport and my thoughts are always open for anyone. Snyder
  4. If wrestling was a class sport........

    I am thankful every single day to be a Bulldog. This is not a knock on any other school system. For what I want for myself, my wrestlers, my students, and my family Brownsburg is perfect.
  5. If wrestling was a class sport........

    The academy training is a huge advantage here. We have club and our off-season, but many of our younger guys and high school guys supplement it with Red Cobra and Contenders. We did not have this option at Mishawaka. It makes life much easier. Here is somethint that has not been said yet: Administrative Support. I loved my AD, Assistant AD, and Principal at Mishawaka. I barely knew any of my Superintendents. I don’t even remember their names or how many there were. At any of our competitions, you will see multiple Brownsburg Administrators- Principal, Asst Prinicipals, AD, Assistant AD, and my superintendent has missed one tournament since I’ve been here. It was for a wedding and he made me promise to send updates. This week he text me to tell him when brackets came out on trackwrestling for semistate. 30 minutes later he sent me a list of questions about how we match up with everyone. I have never even heard of anything like this from the top. The way they courting me during my hardest time was insane. I was planning to go coach in another state. Looking at houses. He won me over in 10 minutes. I don’t think people realize how much of an impact he has on Brownsburg in general, especially wrestling. His name is Dr. Jim Snapp. I tried calling him Dr. Snapp for months. Finally, he pulled me off to the side and said, “My name is Jim and you are my friend Darrick.” How did we land a Kyle Ayersman? Jim met with him and I for over an hour. I called him and asked him to meet with Kyle. We were in his office the next morning. I’m very lucky. Snyder
  6. Wrestlebacks Poll

    Here’s my opinion: If we want wrestlebacks from the IHSAA, do NOT argue a kid gets caught or has a bad match. They say we aren’t valuing the effort and performance of the kid had who pulled the upset. Focus on the ridiculous draws that puts two placers against each other. At Mishawaka Joey Smith beats Trace Hall of SB Riley in triple OT I believe to win the Regional. We had lost to him like 3 times that year. Our reward is we draw into Galka of Hobart who had been injured precious week. Hall places at state and we lose in ticket round 3-2. Even better one: Trent Reinoehl beats Young of CMA in OT to win regional. Churchard of Valpo and Roach of Crown Point are In same regional. Our reward? We draw roach in ticket round and lose 3-2. Chrurchard gets first, roach 2nd and young 3rd at state while we sit in the stands. If we are ever going to get wrestlebacks, it’s my opinion that these situations must be focus. Don’t even bring up someone getting caught. IHSAA will use that against us. Snyder
  7. Master of the Move 2018??

    No One Famous, He is joking. Guys go to a knee all the time against Brayton. It does not go well for them. He likes it and blasts through them. I would not recommend it. We just joke around in practice and tell guys to go to a knee to slow him down. They all know better and refuse the advice. Lol
  8. Rest In Peace Anthony Eddy

    It’s with a broken heart I share that Anthony Eddy died this morning at 10am in a car accident. Eddy as we always called him was a member of the 2010 Mishawaka State Championship Team. Worked his butt off to become a starter as a senior. He did not waste the opportunity. Eddy had the greatest smile and a laugh that filled the room. Love and Prayers to everyone who knew him. We lost a very special person.
  9. Brownsburg is honored to host Perry Meridian this Tuesday at 6:30pm. We will put on a show and have some incredible wrestling! Come watch the party! Snyder
  10. Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

    I am a fan of rankings because I believe it can get your community talking about your team and ultimately grow the sport. This being said you will hear no complaint from Brownsburg regarding our ranking or seed at anything. Seeds and rankings generate discussion of our sport which is good for our growth. We care nothing but the end result. Yorktown brought what they could and beat us at Mooresville. They were not at full strength either. Congrats to them on getting the job done. Snyder
  11. Notable wins and upsets for 12/27-12/30

    We did not purposely keep anyone out of Mooresville. It’s an awesome tournament. I wish all my starters could have wrestled this year and last year, but we have been banged up and sick. I wouldn’t enter our varsity in a great tournament like Mooresville and then send half of them. We have had 1 starter out all year as he got hurt in football. Another starter is 1-0 and we hope to get back soon. We had every intention of wrestling Mills and Walton Day 2, but they both got sick night of Day one. Lee, Krietzer, and Mulkey are sick. Peterson and Campbell banged up. We got a few back today and more tomorrow and hopefully even more next week. Yes, they would have all wrestled if it was Team State or Sectional time. However, we are not intentionally sitting them at Mooresville. Trust me that they, my coaching staff, and I are very frustrated. I wish we were 100% healthy, but I’ve never had that miracle in my coaching career. Congrats to Yorktown on their well deserved win. They have some studs and it was fun watching them do their thing. Snyder
  12. Who's had a better In state day than Garcia?

    He was medically cleared to wrestle, but not feeling like himself. Glad to know for the future that no other team will ever wrestle a sick kid at Team State. Is this just for Team State or does it include once we hit Sectional time? Teams are going to sit sick guys then too? Just FYI we will wrestle them if they are medically cleared.
  13. Team State Possible Matchups

    Fabio/Nick, Hack the mainframe. Go around the firewall. Just don’t tell anyone our lineup or results. It’s a secret! Shhhhshshshhh Blee is moving up to HWT.
  14. Nathan Walton of Brownsburg commits to

    Congrats to Nathan and the Walton family! I know he had several great offers in football and wrestling. I'm excited to follow his college career and enjoy this last year. He's an incredible young man with tremendous talent. Snyder
  15. Pre-season Mag...

    Yes, Wiesjahn has explained to our entire team how he is mathematically better than David Taylor. It is undeniable. He explained it to the Nebraska staff recently. They had no argument. In between their laughs, I could tell they agreed with the logic. Snyder