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  1. Teaching Openings: Biology Special Education Asst. Principal Coaching Openings: Head Coach - Varsity Head Coach - Middle School Asst. Coach - Football Contact AD Marty Brown at mdbrown@nvc.k12.in.us if interested.
  2. Crawfordsville Invite 1/8

    Seeger will have Hicks at 25 and Hanthorne at 12. Fountain Central is pretty strong through the middle weight classes. Not sure who's at each weight class for them.
  3. Mooresville Holiday Tournament

    What teams are in this tournament?
  4. New Castle Semi-State Rankings

    Junior Eli Moore of fountain central. 2x reg. Champion. Lost in ticket rd at semi state freshman and sophomore years
  5. 2010 Coaching Changes

    In addition to Crawfordsville and NM from the Crawfordsville sectional, I've heard many people say Shoaf has stepped down from Fountain Central and an ex-wrestler from Purdue has been named head coach. Anyone have any true information about this?
  6. New Castle Semi State Picm's

    He was beat first round of regionals by Chandler Burkhart(sp?) of Southmont. Crawfordsville had all 4 heavys advance again.
  7. Bracket Changes

    Coach Stateler of South Vermillion has been informed. Thanks for the post.
  8. Brothers who are 2010 Sectional Champions.

    Yep, they're brothers
  9. Good Matches 1st Round of Regionals

    285 @ North Montgomery Wallace vs. Melby Miller vs. Boley
  10. New Castle semi state rankings

    Heavyweight at the North Montgomery Reg. should be stacked. McBride, Miller, and Wallace from Crawfordsville, and Hollander, Boley, and Melby from Zionsville. 6 Semi-State level Heavys and only 4 of them are gonna make it out.
  11. Crawfordsville Sectional

    Hopefully someone will post the brackets soon. If no one posts tonight, I will type in the top 4 seeds in each weight class.
  12. Best Hospitality Rooms Ever

    South Vermillion's 8 Way. The best I've ever been too.
  13. Crawfordsville Sectional

    I have also heard of some other weight class changes that would change my champion predictions...I guess we will see tomorrrow @ the seed meeting.