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  1. lewdwar

    Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board

    You are right. Blair is $62,000 a year that includes room and board.
  2. lewdwar

    Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board

    No difference then any P/Ps that have sponsors, boosters, financial aid, and vouchers paying for kids tuition. I’m just suprised it took them so long. If they did it right they could be a Blair.
  3. lewdwar

    Disney Duals 2018

    Lol. That was funny
  4. lewdwar

    Disney Duals 2018

    Fun dual. But the best thing was when Alexander walked up to Cottey and asked for the pin chain after pinning Clayton. Then Warren said if you can pin me you can have it. Of course he walked away and didn’t say another word. 
  5. lewdwar


    What an awesome camp today. Thanks to Nick Hull and Pride for putting it together. Some of the best clinicians/coaches around. AJ Schopp, Stephen Abas, and Mike “Mal” Malinconico. They kept the wrestlers working and entertained. If you get a chance to get any of them in the room I strongly recommend it. 90+ wrestlers from around the state from elementary to college. PM and WC combined with at least 50 wrestlers. It’s fun watching kids from MD, Warren, Cathedral, Perry, and many more hanging out and working hard.
  6. lewdwar

    Warren RTC 4-18

    My son wrestled today and got 1st. Not even scored on. He came home upset and distraught. When I asked him what’s wrong. He said that he didn't even get a medal. All I could do is say I love you and gave him a hug.
  7. lewdwar

    Awesome job

    Great job by Joe Caprino and Indianamat. It’s fun watching all the Indiana fans come together. Big shoutout to the heckler in the Camouflage. Great job by the referees. That is how stalemates and stalling is supposed to be called. I hope other officials watched and learned.
  8. lewdwar

    Possible ISWA matchups

    Just FYI this is real time not slow motion.
  9. lewdwar

    Possible ISWA matchups

  10. lewdwar

    1 pound allowance @ state **Confirmed**

    Should be 110 Saturday. Per rules you always get an extra pound on the second day on two day tournament.
  11. lewdwar

    Columbus East

    I would add Coach Trapp as well. He has been with those Kids since they were Peewee’s.
  12. lewdwar

    Freshman/Sophomore State

  13. lewdwar

    NC SS Sneak Peek

    Look at the date when this was started. You’re four months late.
  14. lewdwar


    Noah Warren

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