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  1. We have a meet on Monday so I want to clarify the weigh-in rules as for as allowances go. So Both teams have a meet Saturday and are not allow to practice on Sundays. Are we able to get an additional 2 pounds or stick to the original 2 pounds. I just want to clarify before we agree to either way.
  2. Richmond invite

    Any results anywhere?
  3. What if the old coach forward is the login and I was able to change the screen name a email to mine?
  4. Greensburg is no longer in this semi-state they were moved to New castle... Rose at 120 is from Greensburg.
  5. 4 OVER 1'S

    I believe Williams and Obrien both did it in 2002. In 2004 Larimore made the finals from 4th getting his first 2 losses of the season at semi-state. I believe he wrestled it out and didn't inj default.
  6. Big 10 Championships Roll Call

    When do tickets go on sale if they haven't already?
  7. Where can we see the enrollment numbers? i looked on IHSAA and they just had the announcement but not the numbers itself.
  8. IHSWCA Academic All-State

    I also believe that the coach has to be a member of the IHSWCA in order to make the nomination if I'm not mistaken.
  9. IHSWCA Academic All-State

    Did his coach nominate him?
  10. Since we're on the topic which weight should go last this year? I bet it's not as easy of a pick as last year. I'm thinking maybe 138.
  11. Even if its the same weight for the entire series I wouldn't mind seeing a different weight for first and last each year. I know some of the lighter kids might not like it but I think it would be refreshing and help keep fans all the way through especially in the State championship matches.
  12. Frosh-Soph State Championships

    This is also up to interpretation as well. An AD once told me that the IHSAA contested season isn't over until the IHSAA state tournament is over even if an individuals season is over. Thats where it can get confusing. Does IHSAA have clarification on when the season is considered officially over for individuals that get eliminated? But like i said earlier our main concern was the traveling.
  13. Frosh-Soph State Championships

    I agree with changing the south location. We're roughly 4 hours from evansville and 3 from FW. Its hard to get commitment for 6-8 hours of traveling during the school year. Also I too would like to know the ruling on in season high school coaches coaching this event.
  14. My State Thoughts

    I believe he means since that match since that was Lees last match his freshman year.
  15. Richmond regional predictions

    Minges goes EC