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  1. I seen the brackets and noticed that Reilly Peterson @285 has one loss. Who was it to? That kid is a monster and kind of reminds me of a younger Adam Chalfant (remember when Chalfant pulled his singlet off his shoulders at State in the finals and he had a 12 pack. Seems to me that Peterson would be a great pick up for a D1 school looking for a heavy (hard to find). Another one of them corn fed Hendricks Co. boys.
  2. Holiday Classic

    I will make the first pick. Mater Dei has the hottest gym in Indiana. Has to be 110 in there.
  3. Dual Matches

    Cathedral at Perry 1/10 Perry at Brownsburg 1/16
  4. #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    What time does this start. Avon schedule says 6:00 and BBurg says 7:00? Thanks.
  5. 11-13 through 11-19 events

    Southport at Perry 11/15 @5:30 Capital City Classic at Beech Grove on Saturday 11/18 Also, Mooresville has an 8 team invite on 11-18 at 9:00 as well.
  6. Mason Parris Committing

    Go Blue
  7. Yessssss! Michigan got them a great one. Congratulations Mason, you will love it up there and crush them buckeye nuts. Go Blue!
  8. Go Blue. Sounds like he will be able to play football and wrestle at Michigan.
  9. Cadet/Junior All-Americans by School

    I think that Kevin Simmons was at Mooresville in 1979 not Arlington. I lived two doors down from him and he played the organ and harmonica better than he wrestled.
  10. Mat for sale 10x10

    My nephew is trying to sell his wrestling mat. It is 10x10 two piece. He is wanting 400.00 obo. Good condition. Black and yellow (Avon colors). Located in Noblesville. Will supervise you loading it. Please pass this along. Thanks RD. Text if interested 317-286-8050
  11. Indiana vs Illinois all star duals

  12. Article: 2017 Mr. Gorilla Award

    Congratulations Mr. Davison and Go Blue!
  13. 2018 Mr Gorilla

    How could we possibly know that? Both of them are rarely on bottom and both of them don't ride though I'm pretty sure they can if they want to. They both take you down at will then cut you and do it again until they don't want to do it anymore.
  14. Upsets!

    Not sure how big of an upset this was. He beat Van Horn at Sectionals 3-1 SV-1 then lost to Van Horn at Regionals 3-1 SV-1 then beat him again at Semi State 3-1 SV-1. Not sure who his one other loss was to. Great finals though.
  15. 220 Finals - Parris vs. Maddox

    He reminds me of a younger Kyle Snyder. Also reminds me of Andrew Howe. When he puts his hands on you he doesn't stop until he does something.