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  1. 2018 NCAA Tournament Contest

    Cruz 2 Micic 3 Eierman 5 Retherford 10 Nolf 7 Martinez 6 Hall 8 Nickal 9 Rasheed 4 Coon 1 Penn St. 135
  2. Mason Miranda of Avon commits to

    Congratulations Mason. You will do great.
  3. most impressive TODAY??

    Didn't Mitch Sliga pin a guy under the lights the same way Parris did tonight?
  4. Melloh and Mulkey

    Surprised that he didn't get tossed. Frankie is too nice.
  5. Parris is brutal even when he is cutting you. Go Blue.
  6. Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    Is anyone going to wear pink socks this year?
  7. Worst draw

    120 Peele/Mattingly is really interesting. 138 Harrington/Lee, Combest/Moore both stick out. 152 Warren/Washington then get B Lee?
  8. East Chicago semi-state bracket

    Since I see that you are a kind of a rookie on here I personally would suggest that you would refrain from trying to degrade a kid on here. Calling any wrestler a quitter is pretty childish. However, welcome to Indiana Mat. I wish you the best and hope that you don't get ran out of town. Could be the new Caliboy.
  9. I bet that New Castle still has the best hot dogs though.
  10. andres moreno

    I don't know for sure but that young man from Roncalli looked awfully good today.
  11. Dark Horse - Under the Lights

    Bratcher at 160
  12. I seen the brackets and noticed that Reilly Peterson @285 has one loss. Who was it to? That kid is a monster and kind of reminds me of a younger Adam Chalfant (remember when Chalfant pulled his singlet off his shoulders at State in the finals and he had a 12 pack. Seems to me that Peterson would be a great pick up for a D1 school looking for a heavy (hard to find). Another one of them corn fed Hendricks Co. boys.
  13. Holiday Classic

    I will make the first pick. Mater Dei has the hottest gym in Indiana. Has to be 110 in there.
  14. Dual Matches

    Cathedral at Perry 1/10 Perry at Brownsburg 1/16
  15. #3 Brownsburg vs. #4 Avon

    What time does this start. Avon schedule says 6:00 and BBurg says 7:00? Thanks.