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  1. Thoughts on a rule change proposal for 2018

    I'm in favor of adopting both rules. Having reffed a few post-season tournaments that utilized the college out of bounds rule, it was GREAT for continual wrestling! There are obviously a few mats/situations that would require adjustments to out of bounds calls, but we already work with that currently.
  2. Indianapolis Cathedral vs Triton Central

  3. Indianapolis Cathedral vs Fort Wayne Wayne

  4. Warren Central vs Fort Wayne Wayne

  5. Warren Central vs Triton Central

  6. Warren Central vs Indianapolis Cathedral

  7. Preview: November 23-November 28

    @Knightstown HS Sat 11/28 9am Start: Knightstown Union County Randolph Southern Monroe Central Eastern Hancock Connersville
  8. Skin Lesion Form

    The correct form is now linked at the IHSAA website.
  9. Skin Lesion Form

    Yes. This is the correct form. The old link has been brought to the IHSAA's attention.
  10. Flo National Results

    Rypel advanced to the finals too.
  11. The real star of this weekend-The Giant

    Oh, I don't think it had to be brought to their attention...it was tough to miss!! Hence, the round of applause from all around him!
  12. The real star of this weekend-The Giant

    To add to the story about his short-lived noisemaker use at the Mooresville Regional, after about 2 minutes the PA announcer came on and (correctly) stated that noisemakers are not permitted at any IHSAA tournament event...and the WHOLE crowd erupted in immediate applause!
  13. Female head coaches

    Randolph Southern had three wrestlers at Union County this past Saturday and I was told they had two other wrestlers on the team but unavailable for the weekend. Coach Hosbrook was in attendance as well.
  14. Pics?

    Poke through here for New Castle SS photos: http://www.inhsphoto.com/ I know he was also shooting at the IU/Purdue dual Sunday too.
  15. Purdue vs Indiana w/ live blog

    Really enjoyed watching my first Big 10 dual in person (have watched the Big 10 network religiously since they started showing wrestling)...I echo the previous comments that I hope at least one of these two teams can arrange to schedule a dual meet each season in Indy. It would be nice to see Wisconsin or Ohio State here with their local/state flavor. Iowa sure would be nice too. I sat in the lower section and the only issues I saw with the IU asst coaches were their irritation with the clock in the second half of the meet. Seen much worse on Indiana HS sidelines (Marion County coaches/assistants...I'm looking at you!) My eight year old got a real kick out of the match, in fact expressed a real interest in getting involved for the very first time!