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  1. Freshman/sophomore state placer who qualified

    You will pay onsite. The entries have been input into the event. If you do not see your kid as entered on TW, contact markdurham@mac.com
  2. Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    Any participant that was in the blood round (the round before placement) will automatically qualify. This round is called the round of 12.
  3. Frosh/Soph State questions

  4. Frosh/Soph State questions

    WEIGH ins for both is 8-930 CST with wrestling starting at 10. You will be able to move up matside.
  5. East Chicago weather report

    They have changed the schedule for Semi-State: The new schedule is as follows: 8:00am (CST)- Doors open for wrestlers/coaches (Please enter through Door A as instructed before) 9-9:30a (CST)- Weigh-Ins (Coaches Meeting following Weigh-Ins) 10:00am (CST)- Doors open to general public 11:00am (CST)- Wrestling begin on 4 mats
  6. And now you can drive down the road and watch one of the qualifiers so that you can get excited for the state tournament that will be streamed! Also for anyone who wants to know! Bring lawn chairs to the tournament at Portage. There is limited seating, and it is expected to be a pretty long day of GREAT wrestling. Hope to see you at Portage (or Evansville) for anyone who wants to hang out with the guy that runs the Red Cobra IndianaMat handle. Rumor is that TrackGopher may make an appearance at Portage.
  7. 01/20/2018

    Donnell Washington
  8. 01/20/2018

    Kris Rumph
  9. Duneland Athletic Conference

  10. 12/23/2017

    Kris Rumph
  11. 12/23/2017

    Kris Rumph
  12. 12/23/2017

    Blake Mulkey
  13. 01/13/2018

    Brandon Streck
  14. 01/10/2018

    Chester Swopes
  15. 01/13/2018

    Chester Swopes