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  1. Adidas High School Wrestler of the Week – September 10th, 2018 https://news.theopenmat.com/high-school-wrestling/high-school-wrestler-of-the-week/adidas-high-school-wrestler-of-the-week-september-10th-2018/69344
  2. leggin89

    Fargo List

    DJ bought his card in August when he still lived in Illinois, moved to Portage in October. USA Wrestling is forcing him to wrestle for Illinois since that’s where his card was from.
  3. leggin89

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Hanover Central is looking for a new Head Coach. Hanover Central (Cedar Lake, IN) is a school that is growing considerably (https://www.nwitimes.com/business/local/south-lake-county-porter-county-growing-fast/article_a7a47396-7030-5bf2-8b0d-0d15400d8a3a.html). Hanover Central has a pretty good pedigree of wrestling. People like Andrew Howe, Stevan Micic, the Petrovs, and most recently Alex Bautista. Hanover Central also just hired Portage's ex-AD, Kelly Bermes, whom truly enjoys and supports the sport of wrestling. She is looking to get as quality of coaches in her program as possible as she just left a pretty good program at Portage. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Kelly @ kbermes@hanover.k12.in.us To apply: https://www.applitrack.com/hanover/onlineapp/default.aspx?all=1
  4. leggin89

    Wrestlers at the Track State Finals

    Portage's Senior Jacob Bondon is competing in Pole Vault.
  5. leggin89


    Finally you understand.
  6. leggin89


    Again, look at the rule. If the ‘back bow’ does not go toward the head it is not illegal. The head official of the tournament agreed that it was not illegal. The kid was fine. Walked to the center. Turned and looked at his coach, then all of a sudden grabbed his back. Reminder, this is a match he was losing 5-1 with a minute to go in the semis of what could be described as the toughest tournament in the country. If he wrestles in the finals, it proves that his back was good enough to wrestle.
  7. leggin89


    Watch the match. Period. Have you ever had a back injury? You definitely wouldn’t be adjusting your knee pad if you had a back injury bad enough to no longer continue.
  8. leggin89


    So based on all information that I have at my disposal. Rumph did not take the ankle to the head. He took it over Bryant’s hip. That is the rule book below. Now here is the issue. As a coach and obviously a prior wrestler it is an unwritten rule not to take a DQ win if you are losing that bad and you know the kid did not try to hurt you. But the worse part here is it is quite obvious that Bryant was coming back to wrestle. He jumped off the mat, walked to the middle of the mat just fine and adjusted his knee pad. He then looks to his coach in the corner, his coach says something and then Bryant starts holding his back. That is beyond unethical for a coach to allow an athlete to take that win. This was the National Semi-Finals. Not just some random wrestling match. I can tell you that if Behling is a team leader for Indiana-Illinois duals, Portage will not have a representative. We will not have a kid wrestling under someone who would do something like that.
  9. leggin89

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    I was trying to thank for trying to correct me and make me seem less dumb. No malice in my statement. I get that it was worded a bit weird, and I apologize for confusing you.
  10. leggin89

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    No, I truly mean Portage’s lineup. I was saying the Portage lineup with those wrestlers put in would give any County a run. Thanks for trying though. 106- Moran 113- Hegedus 120- Peele 126- Poynter 132- Luna 138- Rumph 145- McIntosh 152- Washington Jr 160- Lemley 170- Guerrero 182- Girgenti 195- Davison 220- Swopes 285- Pokorney
  11. leggin89

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Porter County (Chesterton and Portage) may be the better choice for NWI dual strength. 4 Individual State Champs from Porter County. Honestly Portage’s lineup with Lemley, Girgenti, Pokorney, and Davison would be pretty tough to beat.
  12. leggin89

    Freshman/Sophomore Stream

    I just want to point out to anyone who might want to see the awards podium that they can go to the event and choose the podium brackets (below the Frosh/Soph brackets) and you can watch those awards ceremonies as well! Thought this was pretty cool and figured someone would have some interest in it! All of the matches from Sunday were also archived and also free to view!
  13. leggin89

    Freshman/Sophomore Stream

    Live Streams are up!!! And FREE!!!!
  14. leggin89

    Freshman/Sophomore Stream

    The firewall at Southport would not allow for any stream capabilities today. We are hoping the IT guys will allow for us to have a clean line to run the streams for free tomorrow.
  15. leggin89

    2017 vs. 2018

    As did Rumph the last two weeks of the season!

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