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  1. bsisson

    Weird and sad story about former IU wrestler

    As someone that wrestled on the team with him, while this this type of behavior is pretty crazy its really not that surprising unfortunately. I read another article that stated he had been previously arrested this year for trespassing at Disney World and also for stealing food off of people's trays at McDonald's then threatening to rob them. And honestly unfortunately if the article hadn't called him a former IU wrestler it probably wouldn't have been circulated as much.
  2. bsisson

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    I will admit out of curiosity I looked around but could not find where it listed all the members of that group!
  3. bsisson

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Is @dogsEAT's group a new addition? "Douches" ?
  4. bsisson

    Good Gear Company

    I've had great experiences with Rudis and Compound.
  5. I've actually heard the same thing and 1 year at IU we had a couple guys walk on the football team and were told similar things. It has to do with an older program using scholarship incorrectly and recruiting a ton of Heavyweight wrestlers, that by chance also played football. So my understanding is that a scholarship wrestler can walk on to a team but if the scholarship wrestler steps on the field in a varsity game the scholarship has to be changed from wrestling to football. I tried finding some sources but it was hard to comb through the scholarship websites.
  6. bsisson

    NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    I totally agree I didn't feel like most of the questions dealt with any real concerns most wrestling coaches have.
  7. bsisson

    NFHS Survey--Please get this in ASAP

    Couldn't doing this in week night duals wreak havoc on the weigh management system? If your 106 is your best kid between 106 and 113 and the dual starts at 113 if he doesn't weigh in at 106 (or with in 1.5lb) for a dual during the week there is a good chance his weight for the weekend will not count as a qualifying weigh-in. I know the simple solution is to just stay on weight but if you were a 106 wrestling 113 during the week what would you want to weigh?
  8. bsisson

    Favorite Excuses

    2 Good ones from my wrestling days. 1. A kid drank 10 20oz Surges at lunch. (It was the launch of Surge and they gave them out for free). He passes out and feel down some stairs. (He was alright) 2. A kid didn't make the tournament because we actually left the school without him. He was upstairs running and nobody got him. He said he ran for quite a while before coming down and realized we had left.
  9. bsisson

    Stealing from rage on the stage

    Great Job! I am glad you enjoyed it! It does really make it special for the kids especially for some of those kids on your team that may never get the ability to wrestle at state or under the lights.
  10. bsisson

    Hoosier Hills Conference

    With the great Drizzle Storm of 2017 causing it to get canceled last year it is not looking good.
  11. bsisson

    Stealing from rage on the stage

    That is awesome! We have tinkered with it the last 2 years and I think we have some changes for next year. If you have a team Facebook page you can live stream from there as well but there just won't be any commentary. The one thing we have struggled with is getting the media to our event. We invite every newspaper in the area and even try some television stations and can't get anyone out. It's pretty frustrating. Good luck with your event and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
  12. bsisson

    Holiday Classic

    Being a coach and on the floor and in the locker rooms all day, I didn't know those restrooms existed for a number of years. The first time I walked in I honestly thought I had been transported to a different universe.
  13. bsisson


    Gavin Alstott
  14. bsisson


    Gavin Alstott
  15. bsisson


    Bloomington South

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