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  1. With the addition of freshman coming in, they have a strong possibility to repeat!!!
  2. Cathedral on FIRE

    What is his projected weight I have heard 106 or 113?
  3. Blake Boarman

  4. Melloh and Mulkey

    Ok, well Frankie is STILL a COOL DUDE!!!! lol
  5. Melloh and Mulkey

    I am assuming that everyone is talking about Frankie, I am sure of one thing he is an Irish Alum and as far as having a bias towards Cathedral I will beg to differ. I know that ALL my encounters against Cathedral and Frankie went in the school I was coaching at favor for the most part.; some of my kids were out wrestled, early in my coaching career at Howe. Not to mention my athletes' were trained to "break the Cathedral mode" and wrestling a high paced style and keep them off the edge of the mat. This was before the new rules with scoring out of bounds. I can say that I have known Frankie my entire wrestling career as a wrestler and a coach and he is one of the BEST officials around.
  6. Melloh and Mulkey

    Anyone have the video?
  7. Team Scores

    What is the record for team points? It's going to interesting to say the least. Going into the Finals Brownsburg has two finalist, two going for 5/6th and three going for 3/4th. (7 total) Cathedral has four finalist, two going for 3/4th, and one going for 7/8th. (7 total) Columbus East has three finalist, two going for 3/4th, and one going for 7/8th. (6 total)
  8. Team Scores

    Columbus East is making their presence known, they have 5 in the semi finals.
  9. Team Scores

    I was looking at that as well. We shall see, I am waiting for them to get started.
  10. Team Scores

    I am assuming so, I guess we shall see how things will pan out today. I think that it is going to be a tight team race with Cathedral, Brownsburg, and possibly Columbus East.
  11. Team Scores

    Are the team scores correct on Trackwrestling? Brownsburg and Cathedral with 21?

    With brackets being released tomorrow, who are you going with to take the title???
  13. All semi states deserve credit

    i know specifically for the New Castle Semi State there is going to be some VERY ticket round matches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As well as, the other semi state sites.
  14. Legal or Not??

    Just sent it Nic.
  15. Indianapolis Manual, I am sure of two of their wrestlers, 152-Jericho Grahman, Sr, 195-Risque Earls, Fr. Earls was in my class last year at Marshall.