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  1. I am a first year official looking to fill my schedule for the year. I currently have 12/6, 12/19, 1/17, 1/19 assigned. All other weekends are free and I can be available for weeknight matches in the Indianapolis and surrounding area. Available to officiate at all levels, though I am looking to do more varsity to get more experience and to be eligible to officiate at sectionals. 4 Year Varsity Wrestler at Arsenal Technical High School 1993-1997 Indiana State University Wrestling Club Founder/President 15 Year Head Wrestling Coach at various Indianapolis Public High Schools I can be reach via email: james.t.brown1906@outlook.com or james.t.brown1906@gmail.com Official Number # 133001201 Member of the Indiana Officials Association
  2. Coach Brown

    Pike Freshman ONLY November 24th

    Coach Spenser, Do you need a official for this date. I recently obtained my officials license.
  3. Coach Brown

    Middle School State changes

    How are the refs to apply to work this event?
  4. Coach Brown

    Needing officials

    Are you still looking for officials?
  5. Coach Brown

    Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    Anyone need a newly licensed official this year?!?!
  6. Coach Brown

    Logansport Indy 6 year old son wants to try Wrestling

    If he is in the Indy area.
  7. Coach Brown

    Bishop Chatard Wrestling Program

    I applied for this position, today!!
  8. Coach Brown

    Moves and Transfers

    There may be a pretty good Regional Qualifer, headed to the Hive at Beech Grove!!
  9. Coach Brown

    An Idea to Think About.

    I agree, Jay was a beast!!!
  10. Coach Brown

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Have they filled this position yet?
  11. Coach Brown

    An Idea to Think About.

    To add a little light on the situation as it pertains to the inner- city programs, particular in IPS. This past year the school board decided to close four IPS schools: Arlington, Broad Ripple, Northwest, and John Marshall. All of the above mentioned schools for the past ten NEVER filled an entire team, at best they maybe had a total of 30 participants. The remaining teams: Tech, Washington, Attucks and Shortridge are the only IPS teams that may offer wrestling for the students that are enrolled in the district. The latter two teams aren't sure if they are going to have the interest to field at program at all. I have coached in this district for over 16 years and the participation has declined every year for various reasons. Ultimately, I chose to somewhat "retire" from coaching in IPS and concentrate on my sons that wrestle club at Beech Grove. The transfer rule is a very touchy subject, you can look at the top tier teams in the state and some of them have benefited from state placers from other schools and they have won team state titles from a smaller school transfer. As far as the City is concerned namely, the Indianapolis City Wrestling Championships there will be a total of about 9 or so with maybe 3 teams with at full lineup. So, do we penalize the kid for wanting to transfer?
  12. Coach Brown

    Becoming a licensed IHSAA Referee

    Coming to a mat near You!!!!
  13. Coach Brown

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    I can list several reason why this site is terrible, if I list multiple reason that just goes to show why it should be SHUT DOWN!!!!! 1. They keep the wrestling community informed about rule changes and open dates, etc.... 2. They provide rankings that are often referenced by the local newspaper, i.e. Indystar and the commentators that broadcast various tournaments including the IHSAA STATE FINALS!!! 3. College coaches frequently visit the board to view wrestlers profiles. 4. It keeps you up to date concerning youth tournaments results and mentions The Who's Who of Indiana wrestling. 5. It lists coaches accomplishments and records team records, individual records, etc...... 6. The moderator's are to busy coaching their own teams really to put a lot of work into this site. 7. They are REALLY COOL DUDES THAT HAVE SHOWN DEDICATION TO THE SPORT TO KEEP THE COACHES, FANS, AND OFFICIALS ABREAST TO WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WRESTLING COMMUNITY IN INDIANA!!! DISCLAMIER, I AM JUST A RETIRED COACH THAT COACH'S HIS SON AT HIS CLUB, BEECH GROVE, AND WHAT TO SEE THE SPORT GROW AND ANY EXPOSURE IS GOOD EXPOSURE IMO!!!
  14. Interesting, very interesting!!!
  15. Coach Brown

    2017 Head Coaching Changes

    Nothing is posted on their website yet.

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