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  1. In no particular order but all very influential Jim Humphrey - Has coached kids at all levels in Indiana (and beyond) for decades. Wealth of knowledge. Bob Kopnisky - Has coached at several colleges around the country before settling in IN. Then was willing to share his knowledge after coming here. Also contributed to ISWA in coaching development. Mike and Sharon Dowden - Have guided the ISWA for many, many years. In doing so, they have provided opportunities for many wrestlers, coaches, officials and others in our sport. Jan and Sue Hesser - Ambassadors from IN in the area of mat officiating and pairings. Have shared their knowledge from the grass roots level to the Olympic level. Dave and Jenny Errett - Same credentials as Hesser's. Phil Strader - Coach and visionary with respect to program, athlete and coaches' development. John Smith - I believe the only man in IN to win a state title himself (2), coach a high school team to a state title (Muncie Southside-1990) and then go on to work the state finals as a mat official.
  2. I received my copy of "The Ultimate Guide to Wrestling Camps" this past week. I was quite excited to find that Mr. Krumrie had indeed incorporated our interview on "youth camps" into his recently published book. What excites me the most is that his book answers the very questions that numerous people have asked me over the years.... 1. Is my son old enough to go to camp? 2. Which camp should I choose? 3. Where do I look to research youth wrestling camps? 4. How much should I spend to send my son/daughter to wrestling camp? Our interview is called a Case Study and covers such questions as the ones mentioned above and a number of other topics surrounding wrestling camps and what young wrestlers should expect to gain from their experience. Mr. Krumrie is the former editor of TheWrestlingMall.com and has contributed work to W.I.N. Magazine, The Guillotine and Intermatwrestle.com. He has been a guest on Takedownradio.com and has also covered numerous NCAA Division I wrestling championships. His book covers a variety of topics and issues surrounding youth wrestling camps. He has included in his book interviews with college coaches, high school coaches and a number of other individuals from the sport of wrestling who weigh in on this topic. The book is very well put together and is a quick read at just over 100 pages. For further information on his book, go to wrestlingcampguide.com I do want to point out for the record that I have not nor will not receive any proceeds from Mr. Krumrie's book. I am simply impressed that someone has put together what I think is a quality book that answers many questions and offers philosophy on the various aspects of wrestling camps for kids. Okay, I will admit that I am a little bit proud that he mentions the Prime Time wrestling camp in his book! Coach McCormick
  3. It will take a few days for wrestlers and coaches to review their paper work and check their calendars, but I want to go ahead and begin plugging in the names of wrestlers who have indeed committed to the 2010 IN-IL event so far. The top 2 seniors in each weight class earned the privilege to wrestle in this annual event. These wrestlers and/or their coaches received the information packet for this event during the finals on Saturday evening. Acceptance forms and wrestler profile sheets need to be faxed/e-mailed back to Trent McCormick at Yorktown High School. If you would like to e-mail me with a verbal commitment, that would be fine, so we can start to get an idea of what our teams will look like. If a wrestler is going to decline their position for this event, then I need time to contact the next highest placing senior(s) to fill the team. Thank you, Coach McCormick tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us * = indicates wrestler has faxed his information sheet to solidify his position 103 - Dylan Hall (Evansville Harrison)*, Zac Stevens (Merrillville)* 112 - Paul Beck (Mishawaka)*, Logan Randle (Huntington North)* 119 - Brandon Nelsen (Lawrence N.)* , Danny Bradley (Knox)* 125 - Derek Bevans (Yorktown)*, Anthony Napules (Merrillville) 130 - Nick Schrader (Mishawaka)*, Shawn Miracle (Bloomington North)* 135 - Brock Norton (FW Carroll)*, Trey Grayson (Lafayette Jeff)* 140 - Francisco Porras (Hobart)*, Justin Beck (Leo)* 145 - Patrick Robinson (Hamilton SE)*, Dalton Sparks (Peru)* 152 - Sammie Bennett (Anderson Highland)* , Zach Corpe (Elkhart Mem.)* 160 - Zac McCray (Garrett)*, Cameron Vlahos (Harrison-WL)* 171 - Michael Duckworth (Union County)*, Jacob Howenstein (Zionsville)* 189 - Michael Johnson-Jones (Warren Central)*, Braden Atwood (Delphi)* 215 - Dylan Froehlich (Tell City)*, Evan Wooding (Mooresville)* 285 - Ross Janney (Yorktown)*, James Travis (Merrillville)*
  4. A couple of opportunities have arisen with regard to the IN-IL dual this week-end. Our #1 135 pounder is most likely out with an injury. Also, Illinois contacted me today and they have 2 additional 130 pounders who they would like to get matches for. SO... I do not have time to follow proper protocol in filling the 135 lb position at this point in time. If any coach out there knows of a semi-state or state caliber senior that could wrestle 130 and/or 135 this Sunday, please put me in contact with them OR them in contact with me --- ASAP! There is a 7 lb. allowance for all weight classes, and it is a very "loosely" run weigh-in. We have a light practice at 3pm (Central time) on Saturday along with weigh-ins. We face off and wrestle at Hinsdale South HS on Sunday at 1pm (Central time). If a wrestler cannot make the practice Saturday, but they can make it on Sunday for the meet... that would be okay too. We need to at least fill the 135 lb. position, and it would be nice to have a couple of extra 130 pounders to wrestle as well. My e-mail is tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us My cell phone is 765-282-9136. Thank you for any assistance you might be able to give me on filling these positions. Trent McCormick
  5. Coach McCormick

    Indiana -Illinois Final Roster and other Event Information

    Wrestlers, coaches and parents making the trip to the IN-IL All Star Classic should be reminded that Illinois is on Central Std. time, so they are 1 hour behind us. Our teams are set. Please refer to your information letter as to when you are supposed to report on Saturday, March 13. If you need further information, or you have misplaced your paperwork, please e-mail me, and I will get you some more paperwork. Thank you, Coach McCormick tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us
  6. Coach McCormick

    What happens when sports get classed- Indianapolis Star article

    My thoughts and feelings on this article will mirror some of the other people's posts on this topic, but I will go ahead and share my opinions anyway. 1. Class basketball didn't ruin Indiana basketball. Times have changed. As KarlHungus already stated (and I agree), many people hold onto the ideal of the days of Milan and the movie "Hoosiers." Although an exciting time in Indiana athletic history, those days and community dynamics are gone. As Galagore put it nicely, there are many more "things" for kids and families to take part in these days rather than high school sports. Coaches call these "things" distractions, but never the less, it is becoming ever more difficult to entice a group of kids to come out for any sport and work hard towards an end goal for a long period of time (years). 2. The newspaper article that started this discussion didn't do itself any favors when it interviewed coaches from Lawrence North (large school), Pike (large school) and referenced Warren Central (large school). Why didn't they interview some small school coaches? Y2 is correct in that large schools were accustom to beating up on the small guys along the basketball tournament trail for decades and decades. Now, they are putting each other out in the first round of the sectionals, and they don't like it very much. I would simply advise the author of this article to be more diverse in selecting coaches from a broader spectrum of schools of various sizes before establishing viewpoints based solely from the large school's vantage point. 3. I know there have been numerous threads and comments regarding class wrestling in Indiana. One needs to look no further than football, basketball, baseball, etc. to see that classed sports are the fair and reasonable way to go for high school age athletes. Until you have been a coach at a mid to small size school, you have absolutely no idea what those programs go through in their efforts to stay competitive throughout the state. It goes further than just having a kid (or kids) that weighs a certain amount. It encompasses many more issues and resources such as number of coaches, sustaining good equipment, gymnasium/facility time, sickness/injury on the team, community socio-economics and many other factors. If one class is the way to go, then it should be one class for all sports. We should then expect the little 1A school to compete year in and year out in football with the big boys like Warren Central, Ben Davis and Center Grove. After all, all football fields are the same size; there are only 11 players on the field for each team; and so on and so on. I am obviously playing the devil's advocate here, but almost everyone would agree that there should be classes for high school football for obvious, glaring reasons, yet for these very same reasons, there should be a classed system for wrestling's team tournament series. It is obvious that our mid to small size public schools across our state are unable to compete with the larger schools in wrestling on a sustained basis. This data is not hard to find. Over the past 10 years, what is the size of the schools who have won the Traicoff, the Al Smith, Connersville and our team state tournament? Not a very convincing article for single class sports in my opinion. More like tainted, skewed authorship from someone stuck in the 60's, 70's and 80's. After this author coaches basketball (or wrestling) at a small to mid size school for a few seasons, then he will have earned the right to write about this topic. Coach McCormick
  7. Coach McCormick

    Indiana -Illinois Final Roster and other Event Information

    17th Annual IN-IL All-Star Duel Place: Hinsdale South HS (Darien, IL --- southwest suberb of Chicago) Date: Saturday, March 13 --- 3:00pm -wrestlers report for a light practice and weigh-ins (7 lb. allowance) Sunday, March 14 --- 10:00am - brunch for athletes 12:00pm - pictures and warm-up 1:00pm - wrestle (2 mats side-by-side) Wrestlers will wear their high school singlet for their match. Wrestlers should try to bring a "give-a-way" t-shirt from their hs's wrestling team. Wrestlers will receive an event t-shirt upon arrival.
  8. Coach McCormick

    Indiana -Illinois Final Roster and other Event Information

    We still need to complete our final rosters for this event. Please find below a list of seniors who I have not heard back from yet. Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 2), I will begin moving on to other seniors to fill these weight classes for this event. 130 - Next wrestler in line for this position is Tucker Smith (Homestead) 145 - Next wrestler in line for this position is Josh Sampson (New Washington) 215 - Next wrestler in line for these positions are Dylan Green (Kokomo) and Dylan Froehlich (Tell City) HOTEL INFORMATION The Illinois coordinator for this event has blocked a group of rooms for this event. This offer is only good until March 8. Holiday Inn Willowbrook --- Willowbrook, IL -- (630) 325-6400 -- block under "IL-IN Wrestling Duels" Those wrestlers who have verbally committed to this trip still need to fax in your wrestling information page. I will need to forward this information on to the IL coordinator, so he can make up the program for this event. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us or by cell at 765-282-9136. ** Not sure why hotel phone # and my cell phone # aren't displaying on this post??? Thank you, Coach McCormick
  9. Coach McCormick

    Mishawaka v. Yorktown - Team State Championship

    Personally, I feel they should wrestle out for 1st - 8th place at Team State. The mats are already down. The officials are there. It would keep more fans there throughout the entire event, and lastly, I think the teams who make it there deserve to wrestle more than just one match. Although I was proud we (Yorktown) made it to Team State in 2000 and 2001, we bowed out in the first round and had nothing to show for it. We had worked so hard to get there, and the wrestlers left Center Grove without so much as even a ribbon to recognize their efforts. Especially since the event is not seeded, it would be neat to allow the final 8 teams to compete for 1st - 8th place. I think the fans would enjoy it as well. Coach McCormick
  10. Coach McCormick

    Mishawaka v. Yorktown - Team State Championship

    I share Coach Harmon and "BlueBolt's" sentiment that yesterday's dual between Yorktown and Castle was incredible. For the past two seasons I, and my team, have been a part of the Mooresville Holiday Classic along with Castle. We very much appreciate and respect Castle's style of wrestling and their sportsmanship. They are well conditioned and technically sound all the way around. I believe that is why our dual yesterday was so exciting. Each of the 28 wrestlers that stepped on the mat during that dual brought their "A" game, and it was fun to watch! The Castle wrestlers are spirited and well coached. I want to congratulate Coach Harmon and his team on a great season. Coach McCormick
  11. In response to CMorgan's numbers and data, I believe Delta scored 99 points at the state tournament back in the early 1980's. I would have to double check that though. I believe it was the year they had 4 state champions. Coach McCormick
  12. This will be the 17th time that the top 2 senior wrestlers in each weight class from Indiana and Illinois will lock horns for the Indiana-Illinois All-Star Duals. In 2008 Illinois won two close duals over the Indiana teams. In 2009 the Hoosiers struck back in Crawfordsville, IN by sweeping the Illinois teams in both dual matches. This year's event will be hosted by Illinois and will be held at Hinsdale South High School in Darien, IL. This is a suburb of Chicago on the southwest side. The event will take place on Sunday, March 14 beginning at 1pm. Wrestlers are asked to report to Hinsdale South HS on Saturday, March 13 for a team practice and weigh-ins. Further details will be included in the packet of information that will be passed out this week-end. I will be passing out envelopes to the top two highest placing seniors in each weight class this Saturday evening. I will also provide the third highest placing senior in each weight class with an alternate packet of information. We would like to put together our two best senior all-star teams to do battle in Illinois in this historic annual event. Thank you, Coach McCormick Yorktown High School
  13. I would like to congratulate all of the Coach of the Year recipients. To be recognized by your peers means a great deal as these are the people who are in the trenches with you on a daily basis. It is both humbling and flattering to have my peers say "job well done this year." Every season brings new challenges and hurdles, and sometimes as coaches, managing your team's affairs can become very difficult. It is nice sometimes to have someone outside of your program take notice of the tough job we all have as coaches and recognize you for your efforts. I did not know that I had been named State Coach of the Year until I logged onto Indianamat a few moments ago. Honestly, I am speechless. This means a great deal to me. Most everyone associated with a high school wrestling team knows that it takes more than the head coach to move a team in a positive direction. I want to thank Coach Dulaney, Coach Brawner, Coach Warner, Coach Mantel and Coach Norris for everything they have done for our program and me. I also want to thank my wrestlers and their parents for all of the support they have given to our team this season. We have traveled to southern Indiana, St. Louis (MO), northwest Indiana, northeast Indiana and beyond this season. It has been a grueling season, but one of the most rewarding seasons that I have been a part of in my 22 years at the helm of this program. Lastly, I want to thank the IHSWCA regional representatives, Coach Hoover and Coach Minch for everything they have done this season to improve Indiana High School wrestling. Many of these gentlemen drove from the far reaches of our state to meet and put their minds together for the benefit of wrestlers from all over our state. Thank you for all of your efforts, and I am proud to be a part of such a hard working group of people. Thank you again. Coach McCormick
  14. Coach McCormick

    Financial CUTS for schools, WRESTLING or other sports being cut?

    I have found this topic interesting to follow. There have been some very good points made from people from all walks of life. Before I add my thoughts and opinions to this dialogue, I think it is important to share my perspective. I, too, am a teacher (science) at a public school. My wife is an assistant superintendent, and I have a son in the 6th grade. All of the cost cutting and revenue generating ideas that have been brought up on this thread are definite possibilities from the daily discussions that I have been a part of. Here are a few items that I would like to address as I follow this topic: 1. Every school system is different depending on location, socio-economics, tax base, etc. Times are very difficult for many people in this day and age, but I take offense to those who criticise school administrators without walking in their shoes. Not every school system provides a vehicle to their superintendent; or free gas; or a personal business account to work with. People think school administrators sit in their office and do little for their pay, but this is just not the case. As I type this response, my wife is at her office putting together documents for an upcoming RTI meeting. I would tell those who are critical of school administrators to go ahead and earn your EDS or PhD, and then you will have earned the right to pass judgement on the thankless job they have. What I take offense to, and find appauling, is that our society will support men who get paid millions of dollars to throw a football and dunk a basket- ball! I find it hard to stomach when yet another superdome is built on the backs of taxpayers, while "free and reduced" numbers climb in our school systems! These are the true financial tragedies in our society today. 2. I do think that dialogue of this nature is very helpful. I do think that these issues should be discussed at future IHSWCA meetings. I agree with Y2 on small schools. Although not necessarily being targeted, I fear that small school wrestling programs are going to be dropped during the budgetary cross fire that is starting to happen. What will also be interesting to me is when they drop a wrestling program... will they also drop a female program, so that Title IX guidelines are met? I do not want to see this happen, but so much emphasis has been put on equality and rights in recent years that if impending cuts do occur, I wonder if the same amount of emphasis placed on equality will be reciprocated to the male programs if the equation becomes slanted the other direction? 3. Obviously tax dollars are being stretched very thin, but one area of promise seems to be corporate sponsors. Times are getting tough for corporations, but I am seeing more corporate funds being donated to subsidize school ECA's than ever before. Some don't like this idea and say that relying on corporate sponsorships is taking the "amateur" out of amateur sports. I very much disagree with this viewpoint. I don't mind at all putting a corporate logo on my new wrestling mat if they are going to donate the $9000 for the mat! Well, I have many more opinions on this topic, but I will stop here. I want to thank those teachers, coaches and administrators who are on the front lines facing and dealing with these tough issues on a daily basis. Trent McCormick
  15. 1. Yorktown 296 2. New Palestine 206.5 3. Pendleton Hts. 168.5 4. Mt. Vernon 166.5 5. Greenfield 117.5 6. Rushville 110 7. Shelbyville 79 8. Delta 37
  16. Yorktown 60 Prairie Hts. 3 Yorktown 62 Leo 9 Yorktown 69 Southern Wells 6 Yorktown 65 Elkhart Mem. 6 Yorktown 66 New Haven 9
  17. Coach McCormick

    Yorktown 68 Muncie South 9

    103 B. Bevans (Y) md Rigney (MS) 8-0 112 Ja. Armantrout (MS) pin Aguirre (Y) 1:52 119 Phillips (Y) md Douthitt (MS) 9-1 125 Bradley (MS) dec. Anderson (Y) 4-3 130 D. Bevans (Y) fft 135 Jackson (Y) pin Jo. Armantrout (MS) 3:46 140 Hiestand (Y) fft 145 Rench (Y) pin Drummer (MS) 1:19 152 Harper (Y) pin Reed (MS) 4:27 160 Smith (Y) pin Daugherty (MS) 1:49 171 Castner (Y) fft 189 Brown (Y) pin Crabtree (MS) 4:14 215 Neff (Y) pin Vance (MS) 5:30 HWT Janney (Y) fft Yorktown 68 Muncie South 9 Yorktown improves to 14-0.
  18. Coach McCormick

    Merrillville v. Yorktown?

    Yorktown will indeed be making its first trip to Merrillville this week-end. We look forward to good competition and we want to thank Merrillville for allowing us to be a part of this great event. Coach McCormick
  19. Coach McCormick

    Yorktown Wins Fox HS "Ron Sauer" Tournament

    Semi-Final Scores Fort Zumwalt West 41 Edwardsville (IL) 29 Yorktown 50 Wentzeville-Holt (MO) 19 Finals Yorktown 48 Fort Zumwalt West (MO) 21 Yorktown goes 7-0. 103 Brock Bevans 5-2 112 Schuyler Phillips 6-1 119 Gordon Corner 3-4 125 Jake Anderson 6-1 130 Derek Bevans 7-0 135 Devon Jackson 7-0 140 Andrew Hiestand 7-0 145 Josh Rench 3-1 Austin Dent 3-0 152 Cody Harper 5-2 (lost to same kid twice from Zumwalt - Wiest) 160 Caleb Smith 5-1 Andie Higgins 2-0 171 Trent Castner 7-0 189 Grant Brown 3-1 Mick Hart 2-1 215 Scott Neff 3-4 285 Ross Janney 6-0 Dylon Ervin 1-0
  20. There was some great wrestling tonight at Fox HS. The Tigers finished pool wrestling 3-0 and will be one of the 1 seeds in the bracketed tournament tomorrow. Round 1 ---- Yorktown 71 DeSmet 6 Round 2 ---- Yorktown 70 Hillsboro 3 Round 3 ---- Yorktown 48 Fort Zumwalt West 22 Wrestling begins at 9am tomorrow morning. Yorktown will wrestle 4 duals tomorrow.
  21. Coach McCormick

    Yorktown Wins Fox HS "Ron Sauer" Tournament

    In the 16 team bracketed tournament Yorktown is 2-0. Saturday Morning Yorktown 71 Kirkwood (MO) 6 Yorktown 69 Bellevill East (MO) 6 Semi-Final Match-ups Edwardsville (IL) vs Fort Zumwalt West (MO) Yorktown (IN) vs Wentzville-Holt (MO) Next round begins at 1:00pm.
  22. Coach McCormick

    Yorktown 53 Lebanon 15

    Individual results: 103 Bevans (Y) ff 112 Campbell (L) dec. Phillips (Y) 5-3 119 Julien (L) pin Aguirre (Y) 1:23 125 Colin Campbell (L) dec. Anderson (Y) 3-1 130 D. Bevans (Y) pin Hale (L) :48 135 Jackson (Y) tf Showalter (L) 17-0 140 Hiestand (Y) md VanCamp (L) 14-5 145 Dent (Y) tf Sanders (L) 18-3 152 Harper (Y) dec. Young (L) 8-2 160 Smith (Y) pin Western (L) 1:08 171 Wright (L) dec. Castner (Y) 8-4 189 Brown (Y) pin Fruits (L) 3:47 215 Neff (Y) pin Weeks (L) :48 285 Janney (Y) pin Boley (L) 1:13 Yorktown 53 Lebanon 15
  23. Coach McCormick


    Andrew wrestled 2 matches at 145 and 1 match at 140. Don't believe everything you read in the Muncie Star Press these days AGoul149. Unless it involves something round that goes through a hoop, they will misspell it, misreport it and in general, not care about it. The Star Press was bought out in recent years by Gannett (national company). There seems to be a revolving door of sports reporters in Muncie. I miss the days when we had reporters at the StarPress who understood the sport of wrestling and could write a good article about our sport. I thank those reporters across our state who do indeed understand and cover our sport properly. Coach McCormick
  24. Coach McCormick

    Yorktown Super 8 Results

    Round 1 103 B. Bevans (Y) md T. Kuzdas (L) 9-1 112 S. Phillips (Y) pin A. Kuzdas (L) 3:57 119 Anderson (Y) pin Farlie (L) 3:56 125 D. Bevans (Y) pin Mancuso (L) 1:39 130 Jackson (Y) pin Woodrick (L) :36 135 Stachowski (L) dec. Baysinger (Y) 9-2 140 Santana (L) pin Rench (Y) 4:56 145 Harper (Y) pin Johnson (L) 1:59 152 Smith (Y) pin Haverstuhl (L) 3:08 160 Dent (Y) pin Stewart (L) 3:28 171 Castner (Y) dec. Smith (L) 6-5 189 Pape (L) dec. Brown (Y) 3-2 215 Neff (Y) pin Wegiel (L) 2:42 HWT Janney (Y) dec. Wedow (L) 11-5 Team score: Yorktown 58 LaPorte 12 Round 2 103 B. Bevans (Y) pin Paschel (D) :35 112 Gonzales (D) pin Aguirre (Y) 1:17 119 Anderson (Y) pin Gordon (D) 4:35 125 D. Bevans (Y) by fft 130 Jackson (Y) pin Sterling (D) 3:56 135 Baysinger (Y) dec. Anderson (D) 7-2 140 Rench (Y) by fft 145 Harper (Y) pin Tayler (D) 1:46 152 Smith (Y) pin Allen (D) :39 160 Higgins (Y) pin Radtke (D) :28 171 Castner (Y) by fft 189 Brown (Y) pin Schafer (D) 3:37 215 Neff (Y) pin Hagen (D) :46 HWT Janney (Y) pin Foster (D) 3:01 Team Score: Yorktown 75 Delta 6 Round 3 103 B. Bevans (Y) dec. Nelson (CE) 6-0 112 S. Reiker (CE) pin Aguirre (Y) :59 119 B. Baker (CE) pin Phillips (Y) 1:37 125 D. Bevans (Y) pin Z. Reiker (CE) 3:58 130 Jackson (Y) by fft 135 Shuler (CE) pin Baysinger (Y) 1:59 140 Rench (Y) pin Crabtree (CE) :50 145 Hiestand (Y) pin Ogle (CE) 1:16 152 Dent (Y) pin Stillinger (CE) :45 160 Smith (Y) pin Leckron (CE) 3:40 171 Castner (Y) pin Ferguson (CE) 1:03 189 Brown (Y) dec. Huddleston (CE) 10-3 215 Neff (Y) pin Elsbury (CE) 1:04 HWT Janney (Y) pin McKee (CE) :44 Team Score: Yorktown 60 Columbus East 18 Round 4 103 B. Bevans (Y) dec. Novy (G) 7-1 112 Phillips (Y) pin Lanning (G) 3:22 119 Anderson (Y) pin McCray (G) :40 125 D. Bevans (Y) pin Fogt (G) :31 130 Jackson (Y) by inj. def. over Lee (G) 135 Moreau (G) pin Baysinger (Y) 1:00 140 S. Novy (G) dec. Rench (Y) 5-4 145 Hiestand (Y) dec. Schendel (G) 3-0 152 Harper (Y) md Brett Schendel (G) 9-0 160 Higgins (Y) pin Wiggington (G) 1:17 171 McCray (G) dec. Castner (Y) 10-4 189 Brown (Y) dec. Gibson (G) 5-2 215 Neff (Y) pin McCrumb (G) :57 HWT Janney (Y) pin Getts (G) 1:28 Team Score: Yorktown 55 Garrett 12 Round 5 103 B. Bevans (Y) pin J. Poling ( 2:45 112 Phillips (Y) tf Girod ( 17-2 119 Anderson (Y) md Adams ( 13-2 125 D. Bevans (Y) pin Keuneke ( 2:55 130 Jackson (Y) pin Amacker ( 1:28 135 Hormann ( dec. Baysinger (Y) 7-0 140 Hiestand (Y) md Faurote ( 11-1 145 Harper (Y) pin Busse ( 1:17 152 Smith (Y) pin Mahlan ( 1:28 160 Hankenson ( pin Higgins (Y) 1:14 171 Castner (Y) pin Baker ( 1:54 189 Thatcher ( md Brown (Y) 11-1 215 Meyer ( pin Neff (Y) 1:06 HWT Janney (Y) dec. Birch ( 9-3 Team Score: Yorktown 52 Bellmont 19

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