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  1. Iowa/Va Beach

    VA Beach -- IN Entrants Freshmen Division 106 COTTER ANTHONY Perry Meridian High School IN NP FAIR SAMMY Perry Meridian High School IN 5 GARCIA ASA Avon High School IN 1 120 HARPER JEFFREY Penn High School IN 7 132 CONLEY NATHAN Avon High School IN NP 138 GRAVES ANTWAUN Warren Central High School IN NP 170 ACEVEDO DANNY WCHS IN NP 220 CORNWELL KYLE Elwood High School IN NP Sophomore Division 106 MILLS TY Brownsburg High School IN 2-3 113 PEETZ ISAIAH Columbus North High School IN NP-NP 126 LOWERY BLAZE Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP SERVIES JACK Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP VARNER RYAN Penn High School IN NP-NP 132 MELLOH ZACH Cathedral High School IN 4-NP 152 KLEINHENZ BRIGHAM Columbus North High School IN NP-NP WARREN NOAH Perry Meridian High School IN NP-7 160 CHAPMAN ANDREW Columbus North High School IN NP-NP STEWARD BEAU Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP 220 BOWSHER TRENT Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP BURFORD III JOSEPH Mishawaka High School IN NP-NP MCCLAINE JACOB Lebanon High school IN NP-NP 285 STONE MARCUS Elwood High School IN NP-NP Junior Division 106 CAVANAUGH KORY Penn High School IN NP-NP-4 126 CRAIG CALEB FJ Reitz High School IN NP-NP-NP 132 BAILEY BREYDEN Cathedral High School IN 3-3-3 138 RUST KAIN Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP-NP 152 CLARK JACOB Avon High School IN NP-NP-7 LAUGHLIN BRAD Yorktown High School IN NP-5-3 160 AMOS CAMERON Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP-NP BANE ALSTON Richmond High School IN NP-3-5 SWANK JAROD Penn High School IN NP-NP-NP WARREN CHRISTIAN Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP-NP 182 RUHANA ANTHONY Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP-NP 195 MILLER RILEE Perry Meridian High School IN NP-NP-NP Senior Division 152 MCCORMICK CAEL Yorktown High School IN 4-6-NP-5
  2. 2016 Pittsburgh Wrestling Classic Team Indiana Roster

    I echo everything that Joe said about the event. Our wrestlers were treated like royalty leading up to the dual. Lots of great wrestling and fan fair, BUT it was clear that we were wrestling a PA team, in a PA gym, with PA officials. Jordan Vaughn had the takedown with about 1 second on the clock and they waived it off. In another match the PA coach (with his wrestler holding onto a 1 point lead and on the run right in front of the coaches) screamed as loud as he could to his wrestler (with the ref right in front of him)... "get to the edge and stay there... get to the edge and stay there!!!" They didn't even put it in code. That seemed to be the strategy in a number of the matches in the Team IN vs PA undercard dual. All-in-all a great event, but there would have likely been some different outcomes had that dual been wrestled on neutral ground. The Indiana boys wrestled hard in a hostile environment. It was a pleasure watching them in this showcase event.
  3. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Northwood accepts. Southmont declines. Lebanon next on list... and they accept their bid. Initial 30 slots are filled for the event.
  4. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Crown Point accepts (3-17-16)
  5. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Warren Central accepts in 3A. "Word on the Street": Another school is highly considering it, but they are in the process of hiring a new coach (so they will ultimately leave it up to the new coach's discretion) Still haven't heard from Southmont or Northwood in 2A
  6. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Portage accepts (3-16-16)
  7. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Penn accepts their bid.
  8. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Teams/Schools have until March 25 to accept/decline their bid and then we will act accordingly.
  9. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    All 10 1A schools have accepted their bids. Still waiting to hear from 4 of the 3A schools and 2 of the 2A schools. Coach McCormick
  10. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    via email to the head coach and AD for each of the schools.
  11. IHSWCA Team State Duals - Initial Invitations Sent Out

    Updated Thursday at 10:30am
  12. Any change of hearts?

    I guess the first thing that comes to mind as I sift through these posts is "perspective." Just who are you in relation to the issue? Are you a coach, a grandfather of a wrestler, an ex-wrestler, a current high school wrestler? If you are a coach, you will likely understand the dynamics of a small school better than most, as compared to a large school. (i.e. - lesser resources to work with, smaller coaching staff, fewer drill partners in the practice room, smaller gene pool of athletes to pull from, etc) I would also caution that the vantage point of a "teacher-coach" is much, much different than that of a "lay coach." I have been both. I was a lay coach for 18 years before becoming a teacher for the past 10 years. Even as a lay coach, I had no idea about the dynamics and inter-workings surrounding the students and their available resources during the school day and on the athletic field. If we want to grow actual wrestling in our state, class wrestling is the way to go. It offers fair and equitable opportunities to all who participate across the state. We should class Indiana wrestling for the very same reasons we now class Indiana football, Indiana baseball, etc... The days of Hickory HS and the movie Hoosiers is long gone. Community and school dynamics have changed drastically in recent decades. Class wrestling works in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois to name just a few, and it would work tremendously in Indiana. I don't think anyone can say that the class system has hurt wrestling in any of these other states that surround us. So back to perspective... just who should have the final say on this topic, since so many people are divided on the issue? The fan in the stands who doesn't have a singlet on? The IHSAA who only seems to care about money and self-preservation? Or should the schools/teams who are the ones in the trenches have the final say-so? I think this point has been made before, but I will mention it again. If there is no use for "class anything", then let's do away with class football in Indiana. It's 11 vs 11 right? Them there small schools should be able to hang with Warren Central and Ben Davis on the gridiron. While we are at it, let's do away with DI, DII and DIII classifications at the collegiate level! Those DIII wrestlers need to quit making excuses and man up against Penn State, Oklahoma State and Iowa! That's a fair assessment isn't it? There are classifications of all kinds in our society's infrastructure in the name of "fair play." It is time Indiana class its high school wrestling season to offer more equitable opportunities to kids from varying communities and school districts across the state and to grow the sport as a whole. Mark my words... if we implement class wrestling, our numbers and overall strength of the sport will sky rocket across the state! Coach McCormick
  13. The 5th Annual IHSWCA Classed Team State Duals will return to the Ft Wayne Coliseum in 2016-17. Date: Friday, December 23, 2016 (event set-up will take place the night before... Dec. 22) Additional space: We have secured the adjoining expo hall which will give the event an additional 35,000 sq. ft. to work with next season. This will also open up additional bleachers and restroom areas. We will be able to spread the mats out which will allow us to put the team benches between the mats; thereby improving the spectators' view to the mats. After evaluating this season's event, and listening to feedback and suggestions, we felt like the Ft Wayne Coliseum offered enough positive aspects that it is worth returning for a second year. We feel like the event's short-comings can be positively addressed and the "learning curve" smoothed out in year two at this facility. Mr. Brown, and his staff at the Coliseum, have been extremely responsive to our requests and have been wonderful to work with. The tournament planning committee will also be addressing teams' concerns about having to wrestle "the same teams from their area of the state" in the initial rounds of the event. The selection and seeding committees feel like equitable provisions can be put in place to meet the teams' needs in this area without compromising the integrity of the event. I would like to give a special thanks to JD Minch, Adrian Troyer, Dane Fuelling, Mark Durham, Pat Culp, Patt VanHorn, Nicole Moss, Tom Clark and Jim Russell for their efforts in heading up the various committees and areas for this event. Respectfully Submitted, Trent McCormick
  14. As mentioned in an earlier post, the available Saturday's during next season's holiday break are not optimal for wrestling tournaments of any kind. The first Saturday is Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve) and the second Saturday will be Dec. 31 (New Year's Eve). We believe that most long-standing holiday tournaments will likely host their events during the second week (Dec. 27-30); but this has not been completely verified or confirmed. It is very, very likely that the IHSWCA will have to run the 2016-17 Classed Team State Duals event on a week day. Currently, the Ft. Wayne Coliseum is available on Friday, Dec. 23. Q#1: When will long-standing holiday tournaments (Al Smith, Mooresville HC, Connersville, North Montgomery, etc) be holding their tournaments next season? Q#2: When will most school corporations "start" their holiday breaks next season? (i.e.-Dec. 21, 22 or right up to Xmas Eve on Dec. 23) Any feedback we can get on these matters will be very helpful as we move forward.
  15. IHSWCA Team State Duals in Evansville

    Hook and Half -- Thank you for looking into Evansville facilities. My email is tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us
  16. Team State Duals 2016-17 -- Date Survey

    Mooresville Holiday Classic -- Dec. 27 and 28, 2016
  17. The IHSAA was right.

    The IHSAA gave the IHSWCA their blessing for us to run the Classed Team State Duals four years ago. Actually, anyone could run a "classed", local tournament if they wanted to, but we, the IHSWCA, felt like it was better to ask the IHSAA permission since running a championship type event could have been perceived as stepping on their toes (since the dropping of the IHSAA single class team state duals event was such a hot topic at that time). Having said all of that, the IHSWCA would not have the authority to run a "post season" classed tournament. That is the IHSAA's territory. Despite some scheduling and facility challenges, we have the best situation that we could have right now in hosting a mid-season classed team state duals event.
  18. The IHSAA was right.

    Well said... and nicely supported with documentation and solid rationale. I second this motion. With respect to KarlHungus's question to me... I said "doubtful" simply because the IHSAA has traditionally and steadfastly said they will not class any "individual" sports. The IHSWCA doesn't have any type of hidden agenda to "keep" the Team State Duals or "let go" of the team state duals to the IHSAA. We simply feel that it feels an important niche in Indiana's wrestling community AND it's the right thing to do. In my dealing with the IHSAA over the years they have made it very clear that their individually classified sports will not be classed. (** you never know though... strange things sometimes happen... maybe 2016 will bring signs of change.)
  19. The IHSAA was right.

  20. The IHSAA was right.

    I certainly don't mean to open up a can of worms on this topic, or hi-jack the original intent of this thread, but I feel compelled to offer my opinion on this topic. I have long been a proponent of class wrestling. It works beautifully in many other states across our nation and offers magnificent opportunities for kids and teams from all size schools and communities (that they likely may not have the opportunity to experience in a single class system). The notion and need for some form of class wrestling in Indiana becomes glaringly evident if you were in attendance at the Classed Team State Duals event. Teams/Schools of all sizes afforded the opportunity to compete within divisions with schools their own size with similar enrollments, similar size coaching staffs, and similar school resources to name a few "pro-class" characteristics. I don't know that we can put our finger on hard statistics, but I have enjoyed a number of conversations that I have had with coaches and fans from primarily the middle and small classes regarding the Classed Team State Duals. One coach I spoke with said, "our team numbers are up because our kids want to come back each year and shoot to win the Team State Duals. They are actually out recruiting friends to come and join the program on our quest to compete and win at the Team State Duals." Another coach noted that the Classed Team State Duals was THE pinnacle event of the season for their team. It's neat to see the teams (from all of the classes) who bought event-specific gear just for the Classed Team State Duals tournament. As noted in another thread, the fan base for this event is growing. I couldn't help but notice Prairie Heights' fan section when they sealed their championship yesterday. The roar from their large fan base made everyone's head turn. I realize many people have their varying opinion on the need for classed wrestling in Indiana, but I think the Classed Team State Duals event is a pretty good indication of what is right and best for ALL wrestling programs in the state. Thank you to all of the schools who participated in yesterday's event and thank you to the fans who made the trip to Ft. Wayne to support your teams. Coach McCormick
  21. Team State Debacle

    navy80 - I am not familiar with this venue in Terre Haute. How many mats do you think the floor would hold (along with team seating)? Could 12 mats be put down in your opinion?
  22. Team State Debacle

    All very good concerns and suggestions. This event offers some unique hurdles that large "individual" type tournaments don't. Some of the items below are certainly pointing out the obvious while other constraints have to be negotiated by the event organizers. As one person pointed out, the event is dealing with "growing pains" which, from the event organizers' perspective, is a good thing (as opposed to hosting an event that no one cares about), but we do know this causes inconveniences for teams and fans along the way. Do know that we make every attempt each year to address issues/concerns; plan for growth; and meet the teams' needs. * This event is unique because a balance has to be struck between fan seating and floor space for mats. Most arenas are good for fan seating but can't hold the required number of mats. As already noted in an earlier post, we know we could put down 12 mats in some form and fashion in a large high school (but seating is limited) We have tossed around in previous years going to a "multiple gym/site" format (which spreads the teams and fans out). Most feedback we get though is that fans, in general, want to be able to watch all 3 classes in one venue versus having to walk to another gym or drive a mile to another building. The Indy Convention Center was way out of our price range when we checked into it last year. We will certainly check again, but it is doubtful we could afford it. * I think most people recognize that we try to schedule around current holiday tournaments to the best of our ability, but it is challenging to say the least. We are tip toeing around 1)current holiday tournaments 2)Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's and 3) facility availability. The Ft. Wayne Coliseum hosts many, many events of all kinds year round. It is next to impossible to simply say "we want THIS date" because it is likely that the facility has already been booked. We were lucky this year that it was available on the date we were looking at. Next year will be quite tricky. Christmas Eve is on Saturday, Dec. 24 and New Year's Eve will be on the next Saturday (Dec. 31). * I, like others, am disappointed in how Ball State and the Coliseum handles their restroom and concessions. On multiple occasions, I specifically pointed out these areas to both institutions. They grin, nod and say "we will have all of that covered." Then when our event and crowd hits, they seem to be overwhelmed and ill-prepared. The IHSWCA makes no revenue off of their concessions, but we feel that these facilities should be prepared to service our crowd (but they don't seem to be). * We modeled this year's mat arrangement off of the Mat Mayhem from last year. If we would go back to Ft. Wayne next year, we would certainly attempt to make adjustments. We, and the Coliseum, think we could pull it off. To my understanding, they didn't "pull out the bleachers more" this year because the Coliseum has many codes and public safety features/distances that they must adhere to. But again, we think positive changes would be possible in that area. We will certainly evaluate this year's event, take feedback and begin the planning process for next year's event. We think people do want to see this event happen. The IHSWCA will do its best to research appropriate facilities, make adjustments and plan for a 5th annual event next season. Coach McCormick
  23. Event e-program may be accessed with the below link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2Ei3OwDm-lGS3RUVHlGTUdHY1E/view?usp=sharing A big thank you to Jenni Smoker (Bremen HS) for producing this document.
  24. Yorktown and Bloomington South will meet half way tomorrow night (Tuesday) at the University of Indianapolis for a dual meet. Action is set to begin at 5:30pm.
  25. How good is Prairie Heights?

    Prairie Heights is an outstanding team. They are well-coached and their kids wrestle hard. Although we don't like being on the losing end of a dual meet score, it was a great dual that we were proud to be a part of. Congratulations Prairie Heights wrestlers, coaches and fans and best of luck to you the rest of this season. Coach McCormick