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  1. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    Start time for this event is 1:00pm at Chadwick Court on Wabash College's campus. Illinois' wrestlers bio sheets are trickling in at this point. I will have a better idea of their line-up by the end of the work week. I can only work with what is sent to me. As explained to me, admission for the event will be around $3. Thank you, Coach McCormick
  2. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    I have 6 volunteers lined up to work the score tables at the IN/IL event. Thank you to Chuck Barnett for taking charge in getting this accomplished. We are set for table workers at this point. Thank you, Trent McCormick
  3. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    Those wrestlers listed in parentheses as alternates should wait to hear from me in the next few days. I am waiting to hear back from the Illinois coordinator with regard to their extra wrestlers they will be bringing. I will notify you one way or another if you do or do not have a match at the event. Thank you, Coach McCormick
  4. I have either not heard from or haven't heard back from the wrestlers (and their coaches) listed below. Given the fact that Team State just occurred this past week-end, I want to give one last chance to those wrestlers who qualified to participate in the IN/IL All-Star Classic to come forward. If I do not hear from these wrestlers by midnight (tonight-March 2) by phone, fax or e-mail, I will begin filling these spots with the wrestlers also listed below. Have not heard from: 130 Harper (Mishawaka) 135 Richey (Brown County) 140 Sandefer (Mishawaka) 145 Young (Culver Academies) 152 Estrada (Munster) 215 Baker (Bellmont) Wrestlers who are next in line are: 130 Egolf (Columbia City) 135 Mascaro (Carmel) 140 Armand (Jennings Co.) 145 Jones (Merrillville) 152 Sullivan (Cathedral) 160 Myers (Crown Point) 215 Allen (Fort Wayne Northside) * I have heard from Egolf, Mascaro, Armand and Jones * Sullivan, Myers and Allen please contact me if you are interested in participating. I can e-mail you all of the paperwork Thank you, Coach McCormick tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us
  5. Indiana-Illinois All Star Classic Final Notice

    Young and Sandefer contacted tonight and are a go for duals. Harper will be unavailable, so Egolf is in at 130.
  6. Lawrence North Open Room

    Is this only high school age group that attends? Any younger wrestlers?
  7. IN/IL Dual

    The deadline to secure a position is today, Friday, Feb. 27. Although we want our top contenders in the line-up against Illinois, I will not drag my feet in lining up our roster as the meet will take place in 16 days. I will begin Monday calling other seniors who placed at state to fill our team. To secure your position, you need to fax in your senior's information page that was included in your envelope. Thank you, Coach McCormick
  8. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    The deadline to secure a position is today, Friday, Feb. 27. Although we want our top contenders in the line-up against Illinois, I will not drag my feet in lining up our roster as the meet will take place in 16 days. I will begin Monday calling other seniors who placed at state to fill our team. To secure your position, you need to fax in your senior's information page that was included in your envelope. Thank you, Coach McCormick
  9. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    Competitors will wear their home high school singlet.
  10. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    7 lb weight allowance
  11. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    The following Indiana mat officials have agreed to make the trip to Crawfordsville to officiate these great matches: 1. Chris Conlisk 2. Jeff McClane 3. Andrew Willmann 4. Randal Hayes Thank you gentlemen for supporting this event. Trent McCormick
  12. Indiana-Illinois All-Star Classic - TEAMS ARE SET!

    Illinois did have 3 classes this year. This is my first year to coordinate this event, and it is the first year for the Illinois gentleman as well. Illinois said they could fill 3 teams, but past Indiana coordinators said we usually do good to fill 2 Indiana teams. The Illinois coordinator, and myself, mutually agreed to keep it at 2 teams this year and explore expanding to 3 teams next year. For me, it will be an easy decision after I see how easy, or difficult, it is to fill our positions with our top talent. If Indiana wrestlers, and coaches, commit to supporting this event by entering their invited wrestlers, then expanding to a 3 team event will be an easy transition. The jury is still out on this one. Coach McCormick
  13. IHSWCA Proposal?

    Although a long time member of the IHSWCA, I cannot say that I have been privy to results of past votes within the organization and the resulting proposals made to the IHSAA by our coach's association. I have wondered why we don't have a larger membership in our state. There are many fine coaches at all age levels across Indiana. I believe the number that was given to me recently was between 300-400 members currently belong to the IHSWCA. This number was shared with me during a casual conversation, so I am not sure how accurate it is. I certainly respect Coach Spray's opinion on only allowing coaches to vote in the "coaches" association. Personally, I can go either way on that issue. I do see on the IHSWCA membership application that there are categories for "officials" and "other" in addition to the high school and middle school coaching classifications. I don't know what the current break down is of coaches vs non-coaches who belong to the organization (and if "other" members' votes are counted the same as "coaches'" votes). I see value though in being able to gather viewpoints/votes from the various ranks throughout the Indiana wrestling community. At the very least, it would be interesting data and could prove to be useful in formulating future plans and proposals. After all, even though our coaches work hard at guiding our sport in Indiana, we wouldn't have a job without our wrestlers and their parents (and their viewpoints). Again, it seems to me that gathering opinions from all facets within our wrestling community would prove useful and could strengthen our position. As one of the four candidates for the office of vice-president of our coaches' organization, I do appreciate hearing others' feelings about our organization, so I can gain a better understanding of how our group is percieved throughout the wrestling community.
  14. IHSWCA Proposal?

    It is my understanding that the IHSAA does frown a bit on our coaches' association's relatively low membership numbers. By that I mean that the IHSAA may not be so quick to change policy or practice for our sport based on such a low number of voting members in our state. GrecoCoach makes a good point in stating, "it would be interesting to see what everyone feels is important - coaches, parents, wrestlers, fans, etc. We're all in this sport together!" As an IHSWCA member myself (and a candidate for office), I would like to explore other avenues to increase our organization's membership numbers. There are certainly many people across our state who are well educated in the sport of wrestling and have strong opinions on a variety of wrestling topics. I believe that by increasing our organization's numbers, it would in turn strengthen our voice and position with the IHSAA. No matter what the topic may be, I fear we will continue to struggle to win over the IHSAA on key points when we only have 100-200 people across our state voting on critical issues. There is certainly some truth to the old adage, "there is strength in numbers."
  15. The Hoosier Heritage Conference (HHC) will be hosted by Yorktown this year. It is scheduled to take place this Saturday, January 17. HHC schools include Delta, Greenfield Central, Mount Vernon, New Palestine, Pendleton Hts., Rushville, Shelbyville and Yorktown. The schedule for the day is as follows: 7:00am Doors open 7:30am Weigh-ins 8:30am Round 1 10:15am Round 2 (loser's bracket) 10:45am Round 3 (winner's semi's) 12:00pm Lunch break 12:30pm Round 4 (loser's bracket) 1:30pm Round 5 (championship matches 1st - 6th on 3 mats)
  16. Hoosier Heritage Conf. - New Pal, Yorktown, Pendleton, etc.

    INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 103 ? 1.Mason Todd (PH) 2. Brock Bevans (Y) 3. Cody Morgan (MV) 4. Daniel Wright (NP) 5. Sarah Schlechtweg ® 6. Nick Bukea (SH) 112 ? 1. Devon Jackson (Y) 2. Cody Stewart ® 3. Andrew Wilson (PH) 4. Stevie Gonzales (D) 5. Lucas Ruff (GC) 6. Cody Clark (SH) 119 ? 1. Derek Bevans (Y) 2. Justin Eshelman (PH) 3. Thein Tran (NP) 4. Zach Sterling (D) 5. Riley Anspaugh (SH) 6. Coy Estes ® 125 ? 1. Andrew Hiestand (Y) 2. Connor Robinson (NP) 3. Jake Williams (SH) 4. Brooks Manning (GC) 5. Eric Jarrett (PH) 6. Logan Howard (MV) 130 ? 1. Joal Mogollan (MV) 2. Joe Hunter ® 3. Caleb Smith (Y) 4. Tyson Quick (SH) 5. Josh Jester (GC) 6. Colton Brendle (NP) 135 ? 1. Collin Hillen ® 2. Josh Williams (MV) 3. Tommy Pearson (NP) 4. Josh Rench (Y) 5. Alex Ray (PH) 6. Jeremiah Branson (SH) 140 ? 1. Keith Duncan ® 2. Cody Harper (Y) 3. Travis Varga (GC) 4. JR Corman (NP) 5. Cody Stephenson (PH) 6. Christian Jones (MV) 145 ? 1. Jordan Dulaney (Y) 2. David Waldroup (NP) 3. Zach Held (GC) 4. Max Newkirk (MV) 5. Clint Nicholson (PH) 6. Cody Allen (D) 152 ? 1. Kyle Mosier (Y) 2. Jake Jennings (NP) 3. Nick Holt (PH) 4. Brian Larner (SH) 5. Dylan Tackett (MV) 6. Drew Murray (D) 160 ? 1. Matt Todd (PH) 2. Nick Holloway (GC) 3. Trent Castner (Y) 4. Brett Simmons (NP) 5. Steven Geer (MV) 6. Michael Pirtle (SH) 171 ? 1. Mike Phelps (NP) 2. Brennon Burke (Y) 3. Dakota Gruell (GC) 4. Jon Flanary (RU) 5. Jasper Moffitt (PH) 6. Brock Stratman (MV) 189 ? 1. Evan Dely (D) 2. Jacob Poynter (NP) 3. Grant Brown (Y) 4. Elijah McClurg ® 5. Henry Nicholson (PH) 6. Ian Early (GC) 215 ? 1. Sam Balbach (MV) 2. Gage Byrne (SH) 3. Kyle Smitherman (PH) 4. Scott Neff (Y) 5. Austin Gearlds (GC) 6. Austin Fuatavai (D) 285 ? 1. Ross Janney (Y) 2. Blaec Gray ® 3. Brandon Howe (GC) 4. Brian Catellier (PH) 5. Aaron Anderson (MV) 6. Ross Harrison (SH)
  17. The Yorktown -Whiteland dual to be hosted by Yorktown will be moved up one day from the previously scheduled date. Due to a facility scheduling conflict with the Delaware County basketball tournament, the meet will be moved from Wednesday, Jan. 14 to Tuesday, Jan. 13. The meet is scheduled to begin at 6:00pm. This is senior night for the Tiger wrestlers, so there will be a brief ceremony before the dual meet begins.
  18. Yorktown vs Winchester

    Yorktown 57 Winchester 13 103 B. Bevans (Y) pin D. Phenis (W) (5:21) 112 R. Aguirre (Y) md J. James (W) (9-1) 119 J. Anderson (Y) dec B. Terhaar (W) (10-4) 125 D. Bevans (Y) pin T. Baker (W) (:29) 130 A. Hiestand (Y) pin J. Simmons (W) (3:55) 135 C. Smith (Y) md K. Dines (W) (10-1) 140 A. Dent (Y) md Z. Boyd (W) (14-1) 145 M. Hummel (W) md M. Pittsford (Y) (14-6) 152 J. Dulaney (Y) pin E. Jones (W) (1:39) 160 K. Mosier (Y) pin D. Holcomb (W) (1:16) 171 T. Castner (Y) pin D. Bosler (W) (3:25) 189 B. Rosson (W) dec. G. Brown (Y) (6-4) 215 A. Fodrea (W) pin M. Hart (Y) (1:29) 285 R. Janney (Y) pin C. White (W) (1:31) Yorktown dual meet record (16-0)
  19. Moorseville Holiday Classic **Brackets Posted**

    The Yorktown wrestling team would like to thank the tournament staff at Mooresville HS for hosting such a great event. The tournament ran smoothly, the hospitality was great and the competition was awesome. Congratulations to Castle for a job well done, and good luck to all of the teams who were there as we head into the second half of the season. With regard to AJ's post, Yorktown does plan to return to the Mooresville Holiday Classic if there is still a spot for us. Coach McCormick
  20. Yorktown JV Holiday Classic

    Team Results Gold Division (large teams) 1. Carmel 170 2. FW Carroll 148 3. Southport 95 Blue Division (small teams) 1. McCutcheon 88 2. North Central 82 3. Yorktown 79 4. Hagerstown 44 5. Leo 44 6. Beech Grove 29 7. Guerin Cath. 14 Individual Results 103 1. Aguirre (York) 2. Meyer (NC) 3. Craft (Leo) 4. Simmons (Carm) 112 1. Rudisill (SP) 2. Rokop (Carm) 3. Gengler (Leo) 4. Budden (Leo) 119 1. Kistner (SP) 2. Knafel (FWC) 3. Hawthorne (Carm) 4. Dillon (Leo) 125 1. Flores (Carm) 2. Lande (Carm) 3. Corner (Y) 4. Wray (FWC) 130 1. Rivas (Carm) 2. Graham (NC) 3. Johnson (FWC) 4. Klingensmith (BG) 135 1. Cholula (McC) 2. Boucher (SP) 3. Clark (FWC) 4. Gregory (FWC) 140 1. Dale (McC) 2. Payonk (FWC) 3. Barroquillo (FWC) 4. Leeds (Carm) 145 1. Walcutt (FWC) 2. Dent (Y) 3. Duncan (Carm) 4. Kuhn (FWC) 152 1. Ziems (Carm) 2. Dillman (FWC) 3. Chaney (McC) 4. O'Connor (GC) 160 1. Siddons (FWC) 2. Chance (Carm) 3. Stogsdill (BG) 4. C. Edwards (Y) 171 1. Chapman (McC) 2. Fisher (Carm) 3. Land (SP) 4. McClure (FWC) 189 1. Andis (FWC) 2. Hallett (Carm) 3. Kult (McC) 4. Dellinger (H) 215 1. Wilson (NC) 2. Hobbs (Carm) 3. Cleary (SP) 4. Dean (SP) 285 1. Henson (NC) 2. Wysong (H) 3. Parmer (SP) 4. Wissman (FWC)
  21. Moorseville Holiday Classic **Brackets Posted**

    Information sent to coaches from Mooresville Athletic Department: Day 1 - Tuesday - December 30 Weigh ins are at 8:30. Wrestling starts at 10am. The doors will open at 9am. Session 1 is the first round and the first round wrestlebacks. Session 2 will start 1 hour after session 1 is completed. Session 2 will be quarterfinals followed by second round of wrestlebacks. Day 2 - Wednesday - December 31 Weigh ins are at 8am. Wrestling starts at 9am. We will start the day with Semifinals on two mats and wrestlebacks on two mats. Then we will come back with consolation semifinals and during that we will wrestle for 7th & 8th. Lastly we will wrestle the finals, 3rd place, and 5th place on three mats. We usually do the finals by themselves but we want to get done earlier than normal so people that have drives can get home sooner to enjoy the new year. Next year, the finals will be wrestled by themselves. Cost is $6 per day or a $10 season pass for both days.
  22. Moorseville Holiday Classic **Brackets Posted**

    The Yorktown wrestling team is looking forward to competing at the Mooresville Holiday Classic. For me, it is deja vous, as I competed at the Mooresville HC as a student-athlete at Delta HS in 1984 and 85. I have not been back to Mooresville HS since that time, and I look forward to returning to Mooresville (now as a coach). I would like to thank Coach Errett for inviting us into this event. There are many fine programs entered in this tournament. I think there will be some great competition for all those in attendance to watch. Coach McCormick
  23. Moorseville Holiday Classic **Brackets Posted**

    This is Yorktown's first year to compete at this event. My paperwork is at school, but I believe the school's represented are as follows: Beech Grove Monrovia Charlestown Homestead Northview Jennings Co. Plainfield Mooresville Evansville Central Whiteland Bloomington North Yorktown Brownsburg Castle Edgewood Madison I hope I have gotten these right. If not, hopefully someone will correct them. Coach McCormick
  24. Yorktown Triple Dual

    Round 1 Yorktown 84 Manchester 0 New Haven 48 Southern Wells 19 Round 2 Yorktown 71 Southern Wells 6 New Haven 84 Manchester 0 Round 3 Yorktown 58 New Haven 9 Southern Wells 75 Manchester 4