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  1. Camp approaches 60 wrestlers with addition of OH State Champion and State Placers from St. Paris Graham If Sunday is shaping up to be open for you, there is still room in our camp featuring Coach Kevin Ward (HC at Army West Point). We would enjoy having you at camp. First session starts at 10:00am (EST). You can pay at the door. ======================================= State Champions Registered: - Brayden Curtis (IN), Brad Laughlin (IN), Mason Parris (IN), Cade Rooks (IN), Ryan Thomas (OH), State Runner-Ups Registered: - Austin Franco (MI), Christian Hunt (IN), Sandro Ramirez (OH), Corey Shie (OH), Noah Warren (IN) State Placers/Qualifiers Registered: - Brady Chrisman (OH), Ryan Franco (MI), Cody Klettheimer (IN), Luke LaVanway (MI), Jacob Rhoades (IN), Graham Rooks (IN), Colt Rutter (IN), Jordan Slivka (IN), Trevor Snipes (IN), Josh Stephenson (IN), Jeffrey Thomas (OH), Aiden Warren (IN), Mason Winner (IN)
  2. Just need a 170 and a 195 to round out the Renegade team for June 3. Coach McCormick
  3. Still have openings at 126, 132, 138, 170, 182, and 195
  4. Still have openings at 113, 126, 132, 138, 170, 182, 195. Wrestlers can be of JV and/or V skill level. This is a "community" based event where we strive to get kids some summer matches. See the above post for event details. Coach McCormick
  5. We have 13 teams competing at Yorktown HS on Saturday, June 3. - Yorktown, Brownsburg Purple, Brownsburg White, Hamilton Hts, Delta, Columbus East, Knightstown, FW Northrop, Carroll, Rochester, Jimtown, Bloomington South, and North Central We would like to make a 14th team to even out the pools, and offer action to more wrestlers. We are planning to make up a "Renegade" team (the 14th team) with any individual wrestlers who would like to come to Yorktown on June 3 and fill one of the weight classes on this team. (First come- First serve) Cost is $15/wrestler 8th grade - rising 12th graders are welcome to wrestle High school weight classes (+5 lbs) You will get 5 matches on the day Weigh-ins start at 8:30am; Wrestling begins at 9:30am. If you are interested in wrestling on June 3 at Yorktown in a dual meet format, shoot Coach McCormick an email. tmccormick@yorktown.k12.in.us
  6. A big congrats to David, his family, and the Elkhart Memorial wrestling program. Purdue is getting a fine young man! Congrats Coach Weaver!
  7. I would like to see a 3 pt takedown. I would rather give 1 additional point for a takedown; rather than 1 additional point for nearfall.
  8. Ben Harvey has been a mainstay in the Army West Point varsity line-up all season. Last weekend, Cael McCormick was called up to the big leagues for Army's two duals against Lehigh and Bucknell at 165. Both Harvey and McCormick fell short against a very tough Lehigh squad on Friday. They both bounced back strong on Sunday against Bucknell where they both picked up bonus points for the Black Knights. It was neat to see two IN boys -- back to back-- in the Army WP varsity line-up. HOW IT HAPPENED (Lehigh Dual) 125: #7 Darian Cruz tech. fall over Trey Chalifoux, 22-7 (Lehigh leads, 5-0) 133: #9 Scott Parker tech. fall over Austin Harry, 21-6 (Lehigh leads, 10-0) 141: #14 Randy Cruz dec. over #16 Logan Everett, 3-1 (Lehigh leads, 13-0) 149: #12 Laike Gardner tech. fall over Nick Noel, 19-1 (Lehigh leads, 18-0) 157: #16 Russ Parsons maj. dec. over Cortlandt Schuyler, 15-2 (Lehigh leads, 18-4) 165: #14 Mitch Minotti maj. dec. over Cael McCormick, 12-3 (Lehigh leads, 22-4) 174: #4 Ryan Preisch dec. over Ben Harvey, 3-1 (Lehigh leads, 25-4) 184: Jack Wedholm dec. over Andrew Price, 7-4 (Lehigh leads, 25-7) 197: Rocco Caywood dec. over Thomas Murray, 4-2 (Lehigh leads, 25-10) 285: #16 Doug Vollaro dec. over Trevor Smith, 8-3 (Lehigh leads, 28-10) HOW IT HAPPENED (Bucknell Dual) (Army had 6 freshmen in the line-up) 125: Trey Chalifoux dec. over Jordan Gessner, 9-3 (Army leads, 3-0) 133: Austin Harry dec. over Joey Gould, 10-5 (Army leads, 6-0) 141: #19 Tyler Smith dec. over #16 Logan Everett, SV-1, 14-10 (Army leads, 6-3) 149: Seth Hogue dec. over Nick Noel, 15-11 (Tied, 6-6) 157: #14 Victor Lopez pins Lucas Weiland at 4:52 (Bucknell leads, 12-6) 165: Cael McCormick pins Logan Kerin at 6:38 (Tied, 12-12) 174: Ben Harvey maj. dec. over D.J. Hollingshead, 9-0 (Army leads, 16-12) 184: Garrett Hoffman dec. over Jack Wedholm, 5-4 (Army leads, 16-15) 197: #15 Tom Sleigh maj. dec. over C.J. Morgan, 14-4 (Bucknell leads, 19-16) 285: Tyler Greene dec. over Trevor Smith, 5-2 (Bucknell leads, 22-16) http://www.goarmywestpoint.com/news/2017/2/12/wrestling-black-knights-drop-hard-fought-match-to-bucknell.aspx?path=wrestling
  9. Congrats Riley!
  10. I would highly disagree that all of the states that have class wrestling have a greater wrestling tradition than Indiana. I don't need statistical data to support every situation/decision that presents itself to me. I highly doubt that the people, and societies, in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, etc. are too much different than the people in Indiana. Class football works in Ohio AND it works in Indiana. The same would absolutely apply and work with Indiana wrestling.
  11. I remember when I was a freshman at Delta HS. We had a full freshman team and we only wrestled against other freshman teams. That was in the early 80's and as we all know, times have changed with respect to students participating in high school athletics (especially wrestling). 1. JV, Varsity 2, Varsity B, Split Squad -- call them what you would like. If a program/coach feels that his 2nd string needs to compete at a higher level then so be it. People (i.e. - fans, some school administrators) get too hung up on what we call our 2nd string teams. Yes, one school's 2nd string may be better than another school's 1st string. Get past the labels and let them compete. 2. Common JV tournaments -- It is becoming very, very difficult to find JV tournaments that offer quality and quantity. Some schools don't have a large coaching staff, so they cannot afford to schedule a bunch of JV/2nd string events throughout the season. It is also becoming difficult to even find good JV events throughout the entire season (within a reasonable driving distance). Too much emphasis has been put on varsity in recent years; and not enough on JV wrestling. If kids have an opportunity to compete at the JV level, they will see value in their efforts and your numbers will grow. What if.... This is completely hypothetical and would likely never go in our current school environments... but... what if we went back to "all freshmen teams?" Freshmen wrestling teams that practiced together, competed together, and only competed against other all-freshmen teams? I am not insinuating that this would fix all of our sport's ailments, but I do think it would help in building numbers in programs. I do think we lose many average/new freshmen because they and/or their parents don't like the thought of them practicing with upperclassmen. Class Wrestling... Class wrestling would most definitely help build and grow wrestling in Indiana. It works in Ohio, Oklahoma, Illinois, and and just about every other state across the country. It would work in Indiana AND the 'middle class' would start to thrive again. Coach McCormick
  12. I would have to do further research, but off the top of my head... I think Delta had 4 state champs in 1981. Campbell, Heintzelman, Gadbury and Palmer. I would guess they likely had some other teammates place that year as well. That was one tough squad!
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