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  1. 1gold

    andres moreno

    Boarman is very impressive .. He probably has the best shot from our Evansville Regional . Just calling it like I see it .
  2. I agree with Bluebolt .. on picks and I also thought Dalton would be bigger . Good Luck and Bring it !!!!!
  3. 106 Evansville SS . SSHH is scrappy , Ross escaped a loss. Not saying he will make ticket round , but pack your lunch bucket ,he has no quit.
  4. Not bad for first time . Viewing was a little tough with the coaches standing and blocking mat 3.. Tough day for the officials , a lot of close calls , and the heavy weight match should have went to OT , not quite sure what was said . Good Luck to all the wrestlers next week .
  5. 1gold

    Evansville North Regional

    Castle Regional was second to none . Good food and great hospitality. The Ford Center would be hard to beat as far as Semi-States go .. Plenty of room , great seating , parking , food , hotels , restaurants. And night life . Maybe we can move it to Bloomington.. The Ford Center that is.. just glad we have it here locally..
  6. Nice place but need Janitors at the event.. One guy who I will not mention had 3 sheets and had to ask the guy in the next stall to hand him some paper.. The man replies " You got to be joking ".. No joke need paper .. And he obliged..
  7. Good Luck Matt you are the true Champ
  8. 1gold

    Article: Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Great job tonight . Breaking up the SS was a great idea. It gave you more time to break down all the matchups. I know u got a little chuckle before the show. You may not be chuck chuckling on Saturday. 50/50
  9. 1gold

    Referees at State ..

    Just want to give a shout out to all the refs at State this past week ... Fantastic job .. Even the young officials were spot on and kept the action rolling in stale mate situations.. Being only 1 minute periods that makes a huge difference..
  10. My top pick after Olympics would be Jordan Burroughs . Great draw for any school and he Would draw a lot of talent . Also like Mark Perry and a few of Minnesotas asst..
  11. Everyone knows Alton is batteling thru some Injuries . Could be the reason .
  12. Hopefully the new recruits and a few of the old Vets can turn things around next year !
  13. 1gold


    The Evansville officials did a fantastic job . I didnt see any bad calls all day.
  14. 1gold

    Mater Dei Holiday Classic

    Ervin Amazing at 103... I seen him in Illinois as a 6th grader and he flat out dominated a tough tournament.. One of the best Ive seen around this area , along with Mark Hall and a handfull of Indiana kids. Good luck at KY State Tournament.
  15. 1gold

    Freshman Phenom

    Would that make him a junior?

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