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  1. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    I have no issue paying for content I like 200 a year is cheap compared to any cable package. That being said, its BS i pay that money and get ads before everything. web content makes their money of ads, if I give them a direct payment to support thier content it should be an ad free experience.../rant
  2. Adding wrestler info help

    It exists still it's just on the admin side now as we revamp the front end for you guys. Yellowbelly are you saying you have suggestions your wording is strange
  3. Congratulations to Ty Mills from Brownsburg for signing with Duke. He is projected to wrestle 125. View full signing
  4. Jacob Hall

  5. Best graduating class from one school ever

    Oh weird you pick emd coaches...... Nah your right and I don't think I'm an anybody but darrick is up there with the best of them
  6. Best graduating class from one school ever

    Oof a simple no would suffice
  7. State will go up in a week or two probably that allows us to get some results in.
  8. The weights are probably all jacked up but i based them on some hear say and pure speculation. Be nice. 106 1 Ray Rioux Avon 2 Ben Dalton Monrovia 3 Morgan Smith Columbus North 4 Cameron Allen Plainfield 5 Wyatt Romines Flloyd Central 6 Robbie Johnson Brownsburg 113 1 Kyson Mongomery Brownsburg 2 Logan Boe Danville 3 Devon Casebolt Castle 4 Alex Petro Center Grove 5 Noah Gardner Edgewood 6 Tyler Conley Avon 120 1 Ty Mills Brownsburg 2 Brayden Litell Center Grove 3 Blake Boarman Evansville Mater Dei 4 Camden Rose Greensburg 5 Seth Rohrbach West Vigo 6 Jay Orman Edgewood 126 1 Asa Garcia Avon 2 Cayden Rooks Columbus East 3 Zane Sullivan Edgewood 4 Justice Cash Bloomington North 5 Brycen Denny Monrovia 6 Evan Lawhead/Drake Campbelll Brownsburg 132 1 Graham Rooks Columbus East 2 Eli Dickens Evansville Mater Dei 3 Noah Hunt Bloomington South 4 Drew Kreitzer Brownsburg 5 Carson Willis Castle 6 Owen Sego Indian Creek 138 1 Blake Mulkey Brownsburg 2 Dawson Combest Columbus East 3 Matt Lee Evansville Mater Dei 4 Donald Campbell Ben Davis 5 Bret Smith Bloomington North 6 Brady McKivits Avon 145 1 Tristan Sellmer Floyd Central 2 Mason Miranda Avon 3 Jake Schoenegge Columbus East 4 Levi Miller North Posey 5 Robert Deters Castle 6 Derek Blubaugh Bloomington South \ 152 1 Brayton Lee Brownsburg 2 Nathan Conley Avon 3 Corban Pollit Columbus East 4 Logan Coyle Center Grove 5 Brooks Wathen Jennings County 6 Austen Heckman Edgewood 160 1 Tucker Schank Southridge 2 Wyatt Dalton Bloomington North 3 Sam Osho Avon 4 Trace Thomas Greencastle 5 Timmy Burton Paoli 6 Andy Davison Columbus East 170 1 Gleason Mappes Center Grove 2 Chase Wilson Princeton 3 Carson Brewer Avon 4 Triztan Carson Danville 5 Zane Beineke Jennings County 6 Devon Stikes Floyd Central 182 1 Nathan Walton Brownsburg 2 Kameron Fuller Jeffersonville 3 Aaron Mosely New Albany 4 Andrew Chapman Columbus North 5 Johnah Hays Center Grove 6 Tyler Schlegel Bloomington South 195 1 Jaden Sonner New Albany 2 Kiave Guerrier Evansville Central 3 Ryan Hammond Whiteland 4 Brigham Kleinhenz Columbus North 5 Grant Goforth Indian Creek 6 Jack Biddle Plainfield 220 1 Michael Boots Evansville Mater Dei 2 Aaron Hollen Salem 3 Dalton Pinaire Eastern (Pekin) 4 Jake Sisk Pike Central 5 Eric Leach Madison 6 285 1 Riley Peterson Brownsburg 2 Cory Heinrichs Center Grove 3 Alex Lichlyter Evansville Memorial 4 Harley Hillenburg Bloomington South
  9. Prediction Time

    Yeah cause it was really difficult to find out
  10. Prediction Time

    Trust me I know he might gas me out tho he actually still wrestles most live gos
  11. Prediction Time

    all I know is I was at the iswa University state finals when I was competing and you know who didn't show....his name rhymes with Mile layersman
  12. Best graduating class from one school ever

    2010 Mishawaka Paul Beck 2nd Nick Schrader 4th Matt Guerra 4th Ryan Stahl 4th Danny Abu-Shahab Q Richard Morin 6th Christian Lentz 2nd Thomas Thomas 3rd
  13. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Not the whole show. here is what the School Recorded
  14. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    I think it came down to a lot of things both programs offered so much. I know him and Pat Mckee hit it off at super 32 and that might have had a lot to do with it. But really I am just speculating
  15. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Yeah I got that he actually spoke normal
  16. Congratulations to Brayton Lee from Brownsburg for signing with Minnesota. He is projected to wrestle 149, 157. View full signing
  17. Brayton Lee of Brownsburg

  18. Brayton Lee 8pm TONIGHT

    Hey guys I just wanna apologize. Sometime technology just doesn't cooperate.
  19. WHO You got?

    A world with an out of character rat is a world I dont want to be apart of
  20. WHO You got?

    Maybe odds are small I just think Gable is a at such a higher level and he will continue to improve Mason is gonna have to jump up 2 or 3 times in terms of talent. We will get to see either next year or the year after when they go after at and please talk normal I'm really confused regionrat
  21. WHO You got?

    No Mason is 220
  22. WHO You got?

    Gable by major or better would be my guess dudes on a different level
  23. Flow \ Intermat Rankings

    Most Likely because Super 32 didnt have as much depth at that weight at least according to Willie. Penola didn't beat any ranked guys and lost to the only one did wrestle. Could probably justify it if he beat some one in the high teens. That is what helped Asa break in was being in the meat grinder that was 126 as well as his win over a ranked opponent. That being said those last 5 spots are always the hardest to rank because a lot of kids could battle for them. Penola's time will come in there if he keeps it up kid was everywhere this year i could see him and Davison having a battle at Bankers Life unless they meet earlier.
  24. Chad Red looked good winning the DakTronics Open beating the Number 6th ranked kid in the country in the final. Indiana Native Gable Stevenson also looked dominating winning the HWT bracket with ease....Man im pumped college wrestling is back At Clarion Nick Lee Made the Finals but lost to a tough #13 Brock Zacherl from Clarion. Definetly a winnable match. Look for him to improve throughout the year.
  25. Just get out on bottom....it gets rough