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  1. MSU Close enough to hang out and able to both compete for 184/197 big ten titles
  2. Miron is also a former Findlay Roughneck and national champ on The 95 NAIA championship team
  3. Coaches don't have to qualify lol
  4. I wouldn't look past Carr One win doesn't guarantee anything at this level. Joe should win if he stays away from carrs leg attacks and can push the pace safely. Freestyle is so fickle both guys are legit threats to each other.
  5. great all the quality that is Flo Arena.....
  6. Those guys are good at communicating with the kids I know Willie reached out to Brayton to nail down weights I would Think Nomad does the same. I would say the article is just as advertised his top 8 schools it doesnt say they are ranked or what not. But hey content creation is hard.
  7. So I need to start getting my ducks in a row on the Semi State Rankings at least a general Who to watch list. Whos gonna make some noise in the Dirty South? Freshman? Jv kids moving up? Dark horses? lets get the names flowing!
  8. Ehh I was on the last big team! Thats when they took any sad sack apprently
  9. Yeah assummed he would be there. He is tough. Beat brayton at Fargo freshman year won on a nice leg lace series. Fast Foreward and brayton went through the WTT Tourney giving up 0 points outta Par Terre so we will see
  10. Alex Mosconi was on the initial List at 138 so he is right on the bubble it would seem
  11. I know Braytons planning on going not sure if he's going 45 or 52
  12. While playing video games with Xavior woods (it's weird I like this :P) aka Austin Creed for the first 9 min or so he and Xavior discuss their amature careers.
  13. I guess ill say I'm just surprised he's behind Joe. Might be taking the whole breadth of the resume but in the last tournament they were in the same weight in Brayt majored the kid Joe lost to and finished 3rd to his 6th.grand scheme it is what it is just curious to the flo guys reasoning which no one here will know
  14. I'm surprised Blee is so low on that board after his WTT showing...
  15. Im confused where I "bashed" a kid saying that there are objectively better kids out there? Last I checked those kids didn't win a state title this year so they aren't the best of the best. I even said those kids will.get better. But in the sense of us wanting to be competive at the tournament as coach P alluded too we need to send our better wrestlers
  16. The Junior Duals is not a "Qualified" team, its picked. I'm sorry if you took it as a slight against your son, but objectively there are better wrestlers out there at the time of this tournament. Its good he got to go compete because yes it will improve his high school skills so good on him, but if our state goal is to compete we need guys like the lees and mason to particapate. I have talked to a few parents and there concerns were that the line up initially posted as commitments is way off from who we got out there. Here is the initial Team who we took in Red Now we are told this lineup is subject to change but what happened to cause so many verbal commits to drop out that's a solid team even with holes. I know some injuries happen and what not but only 2 kids on that line up were actually in OK what happened with the other 13. Matt I like those Ideas, I think having certain RTC's focus on the international styles is a good compromise to requiring all of them too. It would fix the dumb qualifier issue we have had the past few years. If we have the studs we could I dont think seeding points would be an issue but that's not a bad suggestion.
  17. I know from a coaching standput I think getting guys like Angel and Kendrick involved would do wonders not only are they best of the best but Are really good at communicating with the kids and relating to them. Not to mention they are pretty good at wrestling.
  18. I would imagine Cael would be Okay with them doing a 2 day tournament with some of the nations best its not like they need to be released to wrestle in the Browsnburg Open Esoecially since Nick wasnt able to Wrestle at the Trials another Fargo Title or Junior Duals Competition would be good. That being said if they were to go and the team is relegated to the red/Blue pool I can see why they wouldn't
  19. Like i said peoples reasons for not going are theirs and it may have absolutly 0% to do with wrestling and what not. I think we just have to make it as attractive as possible to entice the kids/families to want to participate.
  20. Blake mulkey doesnt wrestle a lot of freestyle (hardly any) he would do well. Good Wrestlers are Good Wrestlers would he go undefeated and win a Fargo title probably not but he would win 75% of his matches
  21. With that line up that isn't in a specific order those kids could all be shuffled it was just off the top of my head
  22. A lot of it comes down to the core things people have an issue with. Cost being the main one. I think we could do a better job of promoting the actual team. I know we got a list of the selected jrs but I don't think we ever got a solid look at the actual team we sent until they were there and put in. I have actually came around to Freestyle in the last couple of years but I think we need to do whatever we can to make it easier for our HAMMERS the Lees, (Brayton, Joe, and Nick), Mason etc to wrestle this was a possible line up 100: Tolin 106: Morin 113: Vidaya, Watts, Curtis 120 Rooks, Triana, Poynter 126 Either Rooks Brother 132 Mulkey or Rooks 138 Nick Lee 145 Sellmer or MacinTosh 152 B Lee 160 J Lee 170 Webster 182 Lucas Davison , Dull 195 A Davioson, L Davison 220 Parris, Pokorney 285 Pokorney , Parris Thats a real solid line up. And Id be curious to hear why some of these studs didnt go (even though its 100% a personal decision.) As for the cost aspect there needs to be some compromises some of these parents spend thousands a year and need any help they can get to make it financially feasible. for example a cheaper price if the wrestler foregoes the camp and gets their own travel/board no need they should have to pay 1100 bucks for that. (The argument of its always been that way is null and void). Im venting a little but its disappointing to see the state of our duals team. I also want to say this isnt a "shot" at anyone or even the ISWA This is an offer of an olive branch at least from me to try and figure out what we can do to improve our kids chances in the international styles. I really became enamored with it watching my boy B Lee take the world by Storm at the Jr. Trials
  23. we need to find a Team Creed...and you guys just break on ADRIAN
  24. Brownsburg finished 3rd I'll tell ya I was real impressed with Silas Allred def will be a multiple time winner. Hes a fun kid to hang with too