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  1. Best Career

    No worries that's why I was confused you sounded like Ayersman no disrespect or anything just friendly debate banter
  2. Best Career

    So everything else is null and void? Yeah let's just not mention obvious facts and instead believe with our hearts! Vote who you want but like I said the answer is objectively clear.
  3. Best Career

    Wait why are wrestlebacks bad? Cause a deserving wrestler can compete for a title like he can in literally 49 other states
  4. Best Career

    It's easy to go with Lee Super 32 placer 2x UWW AA 2x beating a few college studs 3time state champ WNO winner Fargo Placer Mason won nhsca and flo I think comparing those statistics on top of everything Blee was objectively better in terms of career. Mason did great but I think numbers show pound for pound blee went out there and won in much more difficult scenarios
  5. B Lee class act

    And I'd rather the state championship not be decided by an officials controversial call but hey such is life
  6. Cathedral on FIRE

    I wanna say a buncha woulda couldas no one is gonna keep up with Cathedral the way they are wrestling right now. Columbus East is going to need a Great finals round and some luck to have a shot.
  7. Most losses

    Danny Abu-Shehab of Mish had 20 loses in 2010
  8. 2017-2018 Jr. Academic All-State

    trust me the stories of his coach are legends LOL
  9. Vote for Mason Parris!

    I mean Gables the right answer
  10. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    Texas Roadhouse is where it's at
  11. POTENTIAL ticket round matches

    when you have a coaches association who can't even agree on what they want, why would they change it. (Not a knock to any officials in IHSWCA, more the entire coaching base). Most those sports are lose and you're done everywhere at the high school and NCAA level. Wrestling though, full wrestle backs all through out. ESPECIALLY when the team tournament is dependent on that. The amount of top level college coaches who have flat out told me our system is broken is enouhu for me to want to try my damndest to fix it. I know it probably won't happen but if youre trying to tell me that it's not the right move regardless of what ihsaa says because you want one champ then I just can't get behind that.
  12. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Look at a team like wawasee or jimtown or prarie heights those kind of teams get parades and it's a huge deal when they win the team state. Classing wouldn't be an over night fix to anythive. If the kid from Crawford County gets to state even if it's 1a it would be huge deal for them. That success will bring more kids to the team. You say you cant be sure about that but from my experience I have seen it. When we took over at brownsburg we had hideous numbers for the size of school we were the season after we won team state the first time we had 20 kids come out just to be apart of the program. We got those kids in the room and now they are solid kids that will have a chance to start their senior year. My end goal is to keep the sport growing the only way we get mainstream is if there is a wide appeal. Call it watering down the competition call it whatever you want to. If you argue for the single class system you're beIng selfish. You as a fan want to see it that way nothing wrong with that but it's for your entertaonmet. Get those schools I have never heard of some time to shine and I'll promise you those smaller schools will get better community involvement, more kids will try it, and we will snag a few extra wrestlers. Those wrestlers could grow up to be great officials like Tom Clark. Or open an academy like Coach Red and Coach Parrish. Or make the next competitor to Flo and Track. Maybe I'm being too optimistic but I truly feel it would grow the sport. And my selfish comment I dont mean that as a dig. If you want that it's your perogative but I believe it's just to benefit our wants as fans. This might be all impossible to read I'm about half awake but that's Fabio's 2 cents Y'all do you i am more than happy to elaborate and have a discussion about my beliefs if you have any questions but I specifically don't wanna argue. I wanna pull the community together not separate it
  13. If wrestling was a class sport........

    I'm so embarresed
  14. If wrestling was a class sport........

    Hey shoot me those suggestions in a PM I'm not trying to stir the pot I just usally like to see certain ideas