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  1. Fabio Jr.

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Your only evidence has been to challenge the character of the accusers.Right or wrong the that's a dangerous line to play. I think the best thing for everyone is to just let the investigation take place and see what happens.
  2. Super 32 is the next big time thing after IHPO. Im already planning the trip and pretty excited ill buy a coaches pass but will go as a fan. Watch these boys compete
  3. Fabio Jr.

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Here is a Synopsis of the episode The short synopsis is that LaDonna, the main character of this episode, used to work as an airport tarmac guard. She experienced racial and sexual discrimination, as well as harassment like being forced to work 10+ hours without a bathroom break. Once she was promoted, she witnessed the discrimination first-hand and tried to change the culture from the inside out as the trainer for new hires. Ultimately, she was fired for failing to comply with her supervisor duties... although they never told her she was fired or what the failure was. At one point in the episode, she talks about going to HR with a four-page complaint that referenced policies about discrimination and harassment. They basically told her, "If you can't handle the job, let us know and we'll make you a guard again." Much of the episode was heartbreaking, and she learned along the way that there had been several previously-settled claims against the company. LaDonna has filed a lawsuit now and works for a different company at the same airport. The highlighted part is where my point came in. When she was trying to find more people to join the case against her company she found about the settled claims and signed NDAs.
  4. Hes on the bubble with littell
  5. This is what i am seeing at 182
  6. I only see 5. 113 6 Moran, 17 Seltzer, 132 13 Garcia, 138 11 Bryant, 195 9 Silas, 285 5 Pokorney
  7. Fabio Jr.

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Great Subjective I guess. Is your distaste the source of the show or just not a fan of the format? Ehh A suicide prediction seems a tad harsh. Your love for Jordan is more than fine but I won't fall either way until an investigation is concluded.
  8. Fabio Jr.

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Hey Idiots Im a Doctor is not a valid defense against a sexual misconduct accusations. Google it, there is a PLETHORA of stories like this and there are avenues to deal with the situation. Can result in lost of licensure among the myriad of legal issues. The problem is these guys can settle civilly out of court and have the patient sign a non disclosure and then that person cant make a case so the guys who do get called out get away with it scotch free because they have money and they paid their victims off and made their victims testimony null and void....welcome to America where you can pay to be a crook. There is a great This American Life episode about this same kind of problem. (Victims being silenced with money) and i dunno it makes me sick but maybe its just me. You can listen here: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/647/ladonna
  9. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    Good showing 7 returning AAs and a good crop on the fringe
  10. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    I think it was a Default I had it on and the Mi kid went down and was holding his knee
  11. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    Davison RAN through Cooley... 2 for 2 to the finals
  12. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    Mason will be up on 10
  13. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    Davison up next on 10
  14. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    B lee to the finals with a 10-0 tech looked solid wrestled a smart match
  15. Fabio Jr.

    Fargo List

    B Lee coming up on 10 Late as per usual LOL

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