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  1. Fabio Jr.

    Major Off Season Events Left

    So safe to say...."Avon"
  2. The Off Season is still in full force! The list of Major Tournaments left is bountiful! Who is going where? Feel free to discuss or just help fill out the big participants or suggest other Tournaments Indiana teams will represent at. April 26-28, 2018 - UWW Junior Nationals / US-Open/ Las Vegas Participants: Brayton Lee -Red Cobra/Minnesota UWWJR Brandon Wright - IUWC/ Titan Mercury? ? May 11-13, 2018 - Women’s National Championships: UWW Cadet & Junior World Team Trials - Irving, TX Participants: ? May 18-19, 2018 - UWW Junior Freestyle World Team Trials/SR team Trials - Rochester, MN Participants Brayton Lee -Red Cobra/Minnesota UWW Brandon Wright - IUWC / Titan Mercury May 25-27, 2018 - Central Regional Championships - Ada, OH Participants: ? May 25-28, 2018 - NHSCA National Duals - Virginia Beach, VA Teams: June 1-3, 2018 - UWW Cadet & U23 World Team Trial Qualifier - Akron, OH Participants ? June 6-10, 2018 - Schoolboy National Duals - Indianapolis, IN Participants ? June 8, 2018 - UWW Junior Greco-Roman World Team Trials - Indianapolis, IN Participants ? June 12-16, 2018 - Cadet National Duals - Spokane, WA Participants ? June 19-23, 2018 - Junior National Duals/ Senior Greco-Roman World Team Trials - Tulsa, OK Participants ? June 23 – 28, 2018 - Disney Duals - Orlando, FL Teams Going Brownsburg DeadMouse Mafia (Avon?) June 29 - July 1, 2018 - Kids Freestyle & Greco-Roman National Championships - Atlanta, GA Participants ? July 12-20, 2018 - US Marine Corps/USAW Junior & Cadet National Championships Participants ? September 9, 2018 IHPO - Ft. Wayne, IN Participants ? October 27-28, 2018 - Super 32 - Greensboro, NC Participants ?
  3. Fabio Jr.

    Final Flo Rankings

    lol see above
  4. Fabio Jr.

    P4P king of ‘19

    but we kept em off the mat..and then rigourously scrubbed it clean lol
  5. Fabio Jr.

    Team State Vote-In Results

    ehh frustrations make us act out...diff is you were respectful and you sign your name no one can be upset at that sometimes we let our frustrations show a little bit I dont think anyone took what you said as a shot to any of those programs.
  6. Fabio Jr.

    P4P king of ‘19

    Off topic....cant believe we are tainting the new room on thursday
  7. Fabio Jr.

    Team State Vote-In Results

    I hear ya Nick...Unfortunately this is the issue with our system.There is no perfect or purely objective solution. I know its frustrating as you guys have done great despite having to deal with poppe...keep doing what your doing good things will happen i am sure of it.
  8. Fabio Jr.

    Final Flo Rankings

    Didnt see this anywhere I could also be blind. Here are the IN reps P4P Brayton Lee - 5 (behind teemer who is 3) would go up Mason Parris - 8 113 Brayden Curtis - 14 126 Asa Garcia - 17 Ty Mills - NR - pinned #1 ranked Malik Johnson at Dream team would probably jump in to the top 20 but I would put him behind Asa based on results 138 Rumph - NR -would break the list easy if they did one more 152 Blee - 2 - Over teemer. there is some discussion of this difference on the latest FRL. Carr Number 1 160 Joe lee - 2 - Behind Shane Griffith from BC 195 Lucas Davison - 5 220 Mason Parris - 1 HWT Eli Pokorney - 18
  9. Fabio Jr.

    P4P king of ‘19

    I think pound 4 pound and Mr gorilla favorite has to be Asa...that's kid has wrestled everywhere and had good showings I think all he is missing is a Fargo AA
  10. Fabio Jr.

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    For those who didn't see here is Braytons Post meet interview Ty's post meet interview Connor grabers post match
  11. Fabio Jr.

    Awesome job

    Thanks guys glad we were able to put on a fun show and let Indiana show the country we ain't all about basketball.
  12. Ha id have to see what everyone is doing im in the room right now where jake sinkovics is giving a great clinic
  13. We set that up with some of the USA guys before the workout yesterday lol
  14. Fabio Jr.

    2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    First off I challenged no one.....lets clear that up right now.... Being the world champ puts a target on your back....but just so ya know
  15. Fabio Jr.

    Brownsburg RWO - Thursdays at 6:01PM

    Going to be a blast in the BRAND NEW ROOM! come train and learn from a slightly mediocre Kyle Ayersman who won 3 state titles in indiana and placed 3rd once(to be fair though he wrestled babies) Real talk one of the best Indiana wrestlers in recent history. Train in WORLD CLASS facilities Ill tell ya this would qualify us for a Senior Level RTC between the rooms and high quality fo partners. Plus ill be there so we can hang out