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  1. Favorite Excuses

    one 64 oz bottle of gatorade weighs approx 4lbs... sounds like legit excuse...
  2. Notable wins 1/13

    not sure why mentioning the no pin call would matter but sounded like a good match
  3. Depth of 126

    too bad all the divisions dont wrestle each other...would be even better ! : )
  4. Qualified Weigh-ins

    so, if you are near a time zone you could get 2 fairly easily in one morning ?
  5. Favorite Excuses

    my dad said to tell you of course he is going to weigh more with a backpack full of cokes !
  6. Favorite Excuses

    "my mom made me eat"
  7. Hoosier Conference Brackets

    Good Luck Numchuck ! ...and your mom !!!
  8. Seeding Meeting Change???

    after all this controversy, do you still think this was the best decision ?
  9. Depth of 126

    thanks for clarifying but still was changed because of all the complaining for length of some semi states because of those wrestlebacks if I recall correctly and I will admit the recalling gets hazier as the grey hairs get whiter...: (
  10. Seeding Meeting Change???

    I agree....some coaches are &$%?,(@;;0$;.^%%>ers ff
  11. Depth of 126

    I belive it wasnt that long ago that IN did have wrestlebacks and alot of good for nuthings complained that some semi states didnt get finished till wee hours of the morn and "poof"....they were gone....
  12. Seeding Meeting Change???

    glad she sayed hi and I sure is glad she missed Kevins purty face(its still purty aint it ?)
  13. Seeding Meeting Change???

    tell your mom hi for me.... also tell your mom to smack her son...
  14. IHSGW.net

    how did this go? entries are missing now from your website but south regional was looking thin as of Fridays numbers....