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  1. Markio, Were you able to secure the separate line for fans with tickets?
  2. Jon H

    Article: Evansville Semi-State Preview

    Great article as always. I like to print it out and follow along to compare to actual results. Markio, I also like the idea of a separate line for those who have tickets................make it happen - please!
  3. Possibly, but they mentioned the kids by name that were lost to graduation last year. So, I doubt if that was the case.
  4. The Posey County News Winter Sports preview came out today - North vs. South. I thought it was interesting that in the Mt. Vernon wrestling article there was no mention of Konrath.
  5. It does seem that he's had a lot of injuries so this makes sense if a College career is the goal. I respect it and wish him well.
  6. I respect the decision but I think it's a shame to end his high school career with such a promising future. Also (As Smooth 34 pointed out) if high school is hard on your body - I assume college would be worse? Selfishly, I just hate losing a Southern Indiana guy that I can follow and cheer for on the road to State. Good luck!
  7. I would always cheer for MD to go to State in Football.......................anything to keep them out of the wrestling room as long as possible Very impressed with their fan base and army of volunteers that continue to develop talent. Year after Year MD's ability to keep reserves motivated when they know they could start for most any other school is incredible.
  8. http://www.teamusa.org/USA-Wrestling/Features/2015/January/08/Northwestern-sophomore-Jason-Tsirtsis-primed-for-run-at-2nd-NCAA-title
  9. Jon H

    NCAA DII Bama Bound

    Great stuff! We had a great time cheering on the U of Indy guys. Did you or UofI send anything to the Evansville courier? AJ deserves a nice write up being 1st Team Academic All American and with a 5th place All American finish.
  10. Jon H

    Big 8 Conference Seeds

    Heohn majored Kelley and apparently Kelley beat Chambers.
  11. Jon H

    Big 8 Conference Seeds

    Was Kelly (Central) not a common opponent? or did all 3 wrestlers have to have a common opponent?
  12. I agree with the toughness of 135 at the Evansville Central Sectional - WOW: Konrath (Mt.Vernon) Schroeder (Mater Dei) Dowdy (Reitz)
  13. Jon H

    Castle 6-way Jan 15th

    Hoehn (Mt. Vernon) is clearly the top dog in the 130 lb. class.
  14. Jon H

    Castle 6-way Jan 15th

    Reitz 48 - Castle 23 Reitz 60 - Central 18
  15. Jon H

    Castle 6-way Jan 15th

    Anyone have the schedule? Throw me a bone here!!!!!!

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