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Everything posted by ontherise219

  1. ontherise219

    P4P king of ‘19

    Where can we get Crown point and jimtown before the state finals? CP to the al Smith? Mendez vs watts or Yorktown and Cp to see him and Curtis. Or seltzer and Curtis
  2. ontherise219

    Awesome job

    The officials did a great job. 2 of the best in Indiana.
  3. ontherise219

    Up next

    Yea I was thinking the juniors are tough this year. Going off weights this year and moving them up one 113- moran champ 120-Curtis 2x champ 126-Watts champ 132- Garcia 2x champ 138-mosconi Runner up 145-gimson 5th 152-slivka champ 160- Washington 5th 170-south champ 182/195 Brewer(sq) and mahan(5th) 220-Cornwall 5th 285-pokorney champ
  4. ontherise219

    Blake Mulkey

  5. ontherise219

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Really? 64th received a 100 dollars
  6. ontherise219

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    You posted my ihswca hall of fame acceptance speech
  7. ontherise219

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    I don’t think they do
  8. ontherise219

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Juniors and under region vs the county
  9. ontherise219

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Losing 52,60,70 and 82 they are irreplaceable right now. I heard a couple possible rumors in the mix plus hollendoner will move to 52/60. 95 returns and back up 285 was solid.
  10. ontherise219

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I think Crown point will be one of the better teams next year. CP vs cathedral at Traicoff will be really good. Especially if things fall in to place at CP like it sounds like they might
  11. ontherise219


    My sources say cosgrove shaved his Saturday night.
  12. ontherise219


    Hopefully coach Myers closes with a seminar on how to grow a great mustache
  13. ontherise219


    Ayersman grinds one out.
  14. ontherise219

    Frosh/Soph State

    132 was a deep weight class lots of talent
  15. ontherise219


    I will come by and broadcast the practice keeps my skills sharp
  16. ontherise219


    Sounds like a couple great weeks.
  17. ontherise219

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Kris Rumph looked amazing all weekend even more impressive was in his interview he said he only started during his freshman year(also saying to keep working hard. Great speech) his career went 4 losing to red in the semis, 2nd losing to black and champ. My question is there another Kris Rumph out there? A kid who hasn’t been wrestling very long who can be a champ?
  18. ontherise219

    NAIA National Qualifiers from Indiana

    http://www.nwitimes.com/sports/columnists/jim-peters/jim-peters-cal-college-striving-to-gain-traction-as-landing/article_3898901b-86f6-5e08-83fa-361796eb832c.html a great article about calumet college
  19. I will be doing a state finals recap today at 6:30
  20. I think the freshman/sophomore state is a great idea. Here is a list of placers from last year who will be in Indy for at least Friday night. 106 lBailey cathedral Hegedus portage sturgill peru 113 Mosser Adams central oliver cathedral 120 waldenzak cathedral 126 kreitzer brownburg Betourne Harrison(Lafayette) blackburn delta 132 burton Plainfield douglas Attica wilkerson my Vernon lohrey shendoah Rowlett warren central 138 Goudy western 145 graves warren central blubaugh Bloomington south ruble bellmont 160 brewer avon Lone northwood 170 allred shendoah 182 morgan Elwood 195 Fowler calumet Bynum Pendleton heights 220 cornwell Elwood 285 jamichael watts north central
  21. ontherise219


    I am down for it.
  22. ontherise219

    B Lee class act

    What is the difference of a coach saying he is quitting or he is broke?
  23. ontherise219

    Sig40 Freshman watchlist

    Top 25Rank/ Name/ Grade/ Projected High School/ Current Weight/ Projected HS Weight1. Jesse Mendez--8th grade--Crown Point/Mount Carmel--126--(120-126) (Super32 Champ, USAW triple crown winner, 5X USA National Champ, 2X Tulsa Champ, IHPO Champ, 2X Ohio TOC champ, 3X Middle School state champ, schoolboy Pan Am Greco gold medalist, undefeated at Middle School Nat duals(X2), undefeated at VAC holiday and NHSCA Duals(X2), undefeated in both styles at Schoolboy duals, ranked #39 on Flo Wrestling junior High Big Board, ranked #14 on Youth1 top 75 youth wrestlers) 2. Zeke Seltzer--8th grade--Cathedral--115--(113-126) (1st, 2nd, 2nd at Middle School State, PHILO Champ, Super32-3rd place, 3rd place in Freestyle Nationals, 9-0 at the NHSCA duals, Grappler Fall Classic MS Champ, Central Regional Champ, 7-1 schoolboy duals freestyle, 4-1 GRR MS duals, 1st at GRR MS open, 6-2 at Heartland duals, 5-2 Middle school Duals, 4X ISWA State Champ 3. Cody Goodwin--8th grade--Mount Carmel/Lake Central--128--(120-138)(1st and 6th at Middle School State, 9-1 at VAC, Tulsa Champ, Reno Worlds Runner-Up, Winter Nationals Champ, Brute Nationals Champ, multi time ISWA triple crown winner, Preseason Nationals 2X Runner up and 3rd place, 2X Indy Nationals champ, NUWAY National champ) 4. Matthew Koontz--8th grade--Cathedral--123--(113-132) (2nd, 4th, and 7th at Middle School State, 10-0 at VAC, 6-0 at Sparty Duals, 8-0 at Iowa Duals, 6-1 at GRR HS duals, 7-0 at GRR MS duals, runner up at GRR MS open, 6-1 at AAU duals, 4-1 at Schoolboy duals FS) 6. Griffin Ison--8th grade--Brownsburg--150--(152-170) (2X Middle School State Champ, 7-0 at NUWAY Nat Duals, ISWA triple crown winner, Indy National champ) 9. Brody Baumann--8th grade--Mater Dei--102--(106) (1st and 5th at Middle School State, 2-2 at Tulsa, Central Regional FS champ, 8th at USA Nationals, 4-1 at GRR duals, 7-3 at Wildwood duals, 7-3 at VAC holiday duals 10. Kamariyon Nelson--8th grade--Harrison/Reitz--102--(106-113) (2nd, 3rd, and 4th at Middle School State, 3rd at Tulsa Nationals, 10-0 at VAC, 6-1 at NUWAY Nat duals, 5-2 at GRR HS duals, 12-2 at Schoolboy duals between both styles, Indy Nationals Champ, 6-1 at GRR duals, Show Me Nationals champ) 11. Hayden Watson--8th grade--Greenwood/Roncalli--102--(106) (2nd, 4th, and 7th at Middle School State, 5-2 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 5-1 at Sparty Duals, 6-4 at VAC, 9-0 Fall Brawl dual, 8-3 Flo Mat Bash, 7-1 at heartland Duals, 5-2 at AAU duals, 4th at TOC, 4-1 at Nationals Middle School duals, 5th and 3rd at Tulsa Nationals, multi ISWA state champ) 13. Ashton Hayhurst--8th grade--Castle--110--(113-130) (2X Middle School State Runner Up, 5-5 at VAC in gold pool 2017, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals 2016, 6-0 at GRR duals, Runner up at Central Regional in FS&GR) 14. Logan Frazier--8th grade--Crown Point/Mount Carmel--88--(106) (1st and 5th at Middle School State, 3-2 at Tulsa, 6-1 at NUWAY Nat duals, Dixie National Champ, Dominate the Dells Champ, Runner Up at GFC, 6-2 at Heartland Duals, 3X ISWA state champ) 16. Gabe Sollars--8th grade--West Vigo--136--(138-145) (Middle School State Champ, 5-1 at GRR, Indy Nationals Nat Champ, 9-1 at VAC duals 2015, Runner Up at USA Nationals, NUWAY Nat Champ, 3rd at Tulsa, multi time ISWA champ) 18. Drake Buchanan--8th grade--Center Grove--135--(132-145) (2nd and 5th at Middle School State, 8th at Preseason Nationals, 6-1 at schoolboy duals Greco style, USAW Nationals All American in freestyle and Greco, 4th at USA Nationals, Indy Nationals champ, multi ISWA state champ) 19. Kade Law--8th grade--Jennings County--135--(132-145) (3rd at Middle School State, 9-1 at VAC, 5-3 in Greco and Freestyle at Schoolboy Duals) 20. Logan Miller--8th grade--Brownsburg--85--(106) (Runner Up and 5th place at Middle School State, 5-2 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 4-1 at GRR MS duals, Winter Nationals Champ, 4th place at Super32) 25. JJ Conway--8th grade--Charlestown--116--(113-120) (Runner up at Middle school state, 2nd at Dixie Nationals, 6-4 at VAC duals, 5-1 Border War Duals, 3rd at Indy Nationals) Going to leave Josh down here until he officially moves to Indiana. 2. *Josh Barr--8th grade--Crown Point--112--(113-126)* (4th at Tulsa 2018, 7-3 at VAC gold pool 2017, Super32 Runner-up, USAW triple crown winner, 4X USA National Champ, Tulsa Champ, Grappler Fall Classic MS champ & HS 3rd place, 9-1 at VAC holiday duals 2016, 9-0 at AAU duals, 9-1 at Wildwood duals, 6-1 at GRR duals HS division) HM. Isaac Ruble--8th grade--Bellmont--95--(106) (Indy Nationals champ, NUWAY nationals All American, 4th at GFC, 5th and 6th at Middle School State) HM. Devon Bell--8th grade--Heritage Hills--135--(132-145) (2-2 at Tulsa, 4-1 at NUWAY Nat Duals, 5th at Preseason Nationals, Adidas Nationals champ, Runner Up at Conflict at Carver, GFC 5th, Brute Nationals 4th, ISWA runner up) HM. Nathaniel Lommock--8th grade--South Vermillion--160--(145-160)(3rd and 5th at middle school state, 5-3 at heartland Duals, 4-1 at Christmas Duals, ISWA state champ) HM. Elijah Anthony--8th grade--Frankfort--90--(106) (Runner Up at PHILO, 3rd at Midwest Nationals, 4-1 at Schoolboy duals, 4th and 8th at Middle School State, Runner Up at Celtic Elite, 4th and 7th at NUWAY Nationals)
  24. ontherise219

    Strategy Question - Hunt vs Slivka

    Slivka easily top 5 guys in the starevon top. Hunt would need to score a take down at some point. Wrestle to your strengths
  25. ontherise219

    Best move under the lights

    That snap misdirect by rumph at 38