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  1. ontherise219

    NC Semi-State top 3 early Preview

    Nice job!! New castle semi state is looking pretty nasty
  2. Great addition to a talented team and talented staff
  3. Angel will be doing a interview with WJOB tomorrow at 7. I am sure it will be great listen, maybe not as good as their state series coverage but great non the less https://www.facebook.com/WJOB.1230/
  4. ontherise219

    P4P king of ‘19

    Where can we get Crown point and jimtown before the state finals? CP to the al Smith? Mendez vs watts or Yorktown and Cp to see him and Curtis. Or seltzer and Curtis
  5. ontherise219

    Awesome job

    The officials did a great job. 2 of the best in Indiana.
  6. ontherise219

    Up next

    Yea I was thinking the juniors are tough this year. Going off weights this year and moving them up one 113- moran champ 120-Curtis 2x champ 126-Watts champ 132- Garcia 2x champ 138-mosconi Runner up 145-gimson 5th 152-slivka champ 160- Washington 5th 170-south champ 182/195 Brewer(sq) and mahan(5th) 220-Cornwall 5th 285-pokorney champ
  7. ontherise219

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Really? 64th received a 100 dollars
  8. ontherise219

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    You posted my ihswca hall of fame acceptance speech
  9. ontherise219

    Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    I don’t think they do
  10. ontherise219

    Dream Team Opener Duals

    Juniors and under region vs the county
  11. ontherise219

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Losing 52,60,70 and 82 they are irreplaceable right now. I heard a couple possible rumors in the mix plus hollendoner will move to 52/60. 95 returns and back up 285 was solid.
  12. ontherise219

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    I think Crown point will be one of the better teams next year. CP vs cathedral at Traicoff will be really good. Especially if things fall in to place at CP like it sounds like they might
  13. ontherise219


    My sources say cosgrove shaved his Saturday night.
  14. ontherise219


    Hopefully coach Myers closes with a seminar on how to grow a great mustache
  15. ontherise219


    Ayersman grinds one out.

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