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  1. 11/22/2017
  2. Freshman/sophomore state

    This tournament could have been finished in one day. Start wrestling a little earlier and get it done. Stupid for people to have to pay for a hotel room to come back and wrestle one match and be done.
  3. Semi-State Champions Scorecard

    We weren't scared of anything.
  4. Maybe it was a record for the facility.
  5. 1A Team State Qualifying: thru State

    Enrollments came out today.
  6. Cradle

    That Randy Baker of Bellmont had a pretty good cradle, Wissell fans cried for a year straight.
  7. Fort Wayne SS Predictions...

    Miller and Schoeff both can not be in the top 4, They meet in the ticket round. Also, Laughlin and Levitz can not be first and second since they meet in the semis.
  8. Read it wrong... Sorry not sorry.
  9. Seeds? Are those their places that they got at Sectionals? Cause there aren't seeds at Regionals. A first place guy wrestles a 4th place guy and a second place guy wrestles a third place guy first round.
  10. It was on flowrestling this morning.
  11. The ban on our wrestlers has been lifted!
  12. Semi state brackets

    Trackwrestling says they will be open to the public tonight at 11:00 PM.
  13. Most to Semi State & Where

    Bellmont got 10 through to Semi State.
  14. What if, wrestlers

    Post of the year!! #softpound
  15. alternates

    The Daleville 285 is out and Wapahani 285 in. Also at 132, Goodwin of SA is out and Beeks of SW is in.