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  1. TandTdad

    Friday night / Saturday PRE-finals broadcast

    Here you go. https://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/PaywallSubscribe1.jsp?TIM=1518799871288&paywallIds=447347132&eventType=P&eventId=27587132
  2. TandTdad

    Brad Laughlin of Yorktown commits to

    Congrats from the Pruitts!
  3. TandTdad

    Nick Ellis of Roncalli commits to

    Congrats, Nikolai and family!
  4. TandTdad

    What is the website to watch state?

    I'm not getting anything either. ??? ???
  5. TandTdad

    Just curious, what do you do?

    I'm a sprayer at Rolls-Royce Aerospace.
  6. TandTdad

    Coach Hugging after a kid loses?

    I think it does really depend on the situation. If a kid doesn't give his/her all out on the mat, then they might just get a handshake and a talking to later on. If he/she leaves it all on the mat, then I'll tell them to keep their head up because they have nothing to be ashamed of. As for my boys : , they might get that talking to as they are leaving the mat :-[ But, I do give them a lot of praise whenever they work their butts off and still lose
  7. TandTdad

    Dads coaching thier own children.

    I have a 9 and 11 year old who I've coached for the last 3 years. I've found that it takes a lot of patience and control when it comes to coaching them. I'm a little "over the top" at times. Sometimes I just can't understand why they don't go 100% all the time when wrestling in tournaments :-[ Could it be that their just kids learning the sport and doing their best? Lol, that's when I knew it was time for me to let go and let them enjoy the great sport that it is. By no means do I think they should win every match. I just want them to work their hardest in the match....win or lose. I've gotten a lot better and have even sat back and let others coach them. Boy, that's hard to do. But, I think it's best for them. I don't want them to hate the sport because of dear old dad

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