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  1. Michael Weimer michael_weimer@nobl.k12.in.us Head Coach at Noblesville High School
  2. 125- #1 T. Gilman 133- #1 C. Dardanes 141- #5 A. Ashnault 149- #2 J. Tsirtsis 157- #3 J. Green 165- #2 I. Jordan 174- #4 L. Storley 184- #5 K.Courts 197- #3 S.Schiller 285- #4 B.Telford Iowa Minn OSU
  3. Michael Weimer

    Michael Weimer
  4. Think you forgot one Disco...133 Quiroga, He will make it to NCAA's.
  5. Quiroga (PU) vs Gulibon (PSU)

    yes, Quiroga beat Ayersman in another wrestle-off.
  6. Fishers Bjj & Boxing

    Could you define "open mat time"?? Is it like an open room for anyone to come in and get some time working out, "wrestle, Bjj, and grappling, kinda like how the RTC's are done at the high school level? Do you have to pay to come on on these day's? Also what time is open mat time on Friday and Saturday? Thanks Coach Weimer

    It is never considered a waste of time when it come to educating someone in this sport especially if it is about one of your former wrestlers. didn't take long at all As posted earlier, Nate Moore, three time state qualifier, 2x champ, Fargo National champ, Fargo National runner up, 4 x Fargo all american, 3x NCAA Qualifier. I bet coach Tonte could give you even a deeper write-up in a short amount of time on him, if you need it. coach Weimer

    Bash 513 and Y2 is a stud, Bash 513 Your top 20 in the last 10 years isn't valid without having Cashe' listed in that group. Do you even know his accomplishments?? 4 time state qualifier Q,2nd,1st,3rd 3 time NHSCA All-American 8th soph,7th junior,2nd as a senior Junior Freestyle Champ NCAA Div 1 AA 6th as a true freshman Bash 513 you stated, ?Cashe only won one state title. While the argument could be made, I went with people who's numbers supported the claim.? Well his numbers CAN support the claim, looking at the 20 wrestlers resume?s you listed. 1. There are 3 NHSCA Senior Finalists Larimore and Coughlin were champs, Alex Tsirtsis 2nd. Cashe? 2nd 2. There are 7 Fargo finalists Wright and Tsirtsis @ Cadet/Fila Cadet Level champs n FS. Angel, Andre, Alex, and Reece 2nd in Junior FS. Reece champ n Junior GR. Howe, Coughlin, & Cashe? Junior FS Champs. 3. There are 6 NCAA Div 1 AA or Champs. Angle (4-time AA) and Howe (2-time AA and counting) both champs, Reece(2-time AA) was a finalist, and Alex, Andre, Matt were 1 time AA?s. But only 2 wrestlers have achieved AA status their true freshman year in the past 10 years, Andrew and Cashe?. Bash 513 you stated, ?I personally think he should be on the list but I was going for people who's resume was similar or exceded.? Who on the list has exceeded Cashe?s accomplishments other than a few individuals mentioned above??? Y2 is a Stud you stated, ?Weinzapfel was a 2x and gave Tshirts more then he wanted...Cashe isnt close to the list.? Well posted above are his accomplishments, so I ask you how is Cashe? not even close to the list???? Coach Weimer Another thing, Nate Moore & Camden Eppert I feel should be on this list also.
  9. New HS WIN magazine rankings

    103 Boston ranked 20th 112 Phillips ranked 2nd 135 Raley ranked 14th 135 Jackson ranked 18th 140 Tsirtsis ranked 4th 171 Stein ranked 8th 189 Sliga ranked 20th 7 Indiana kids is the most I think I have ever seen ranked in the WIN rankings!!!! Great Job and keep working hard to all of these young men!!! Coach Weimer

    The LN coaching staff has 4 boys between all of us. A 19 month old and the other three are 4 months old & all born within a month of each other. Coach Douglas and Williams already have them shark tanking each other and working on their heavy hands. I just sit back and make sure their bottles are warmed up for their mid day feedings. 16 State titles!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha Coach Weimer
  11. Can't wait to catch up with the Legend Y2!!!! Think I will have to pull out some of my new facial expressions mat-side 4 u!!! I have been working on a few!! Coach Weimer
  12. Big Tens?

    Because of the new construction of Macky Arena, I don't think it will be completed. So Purdue is going to pass this year and Northwestern is going to have it then next year Purdue will host it. Coach Weimer
  13. Lawrence North RTC has ended

    1 takedown on Coach Williams and then I retired forthe season & basked in to glory of that 1 takedown!!!!!
  14. Lawrence North RTC has ended

    I would like to thank all of the wrestlers and coaches for coming to our RTC throughout the entire off season. It has been a pleasure working with every wrestler and coach who entered our room. Good luck to every one on the upcoming wrestling season. Coach Weimer
  15. LN RTC starts up again this thursday at 5:30

    WE will be having open room 2night at LN 530-7. Don't miss out on a great workout for Fargo!!!!!!!!!!!! Coach Weimer