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  1. regionrat1

    Hokie Open

    saw deem somewhere - can't seem find again/ little streck 2nd / dalapena 4th - frosh division / all I can remember
  2. regionrat1

    Time of Da year

    Well wraslin fans first weekend in November means da worlds greatest sport is in da swing of things. Lots of quality wraslin happen dis weekend. Michigan State open happin - a number of fellow rats competing. Since da rat is no longer slaven for da man so I will be doin some traveling in da 250. Some of you fellow rats looking for a road trip hit me up. Might check out da scuffle or catch a penn st / Iowa dual. Also ecxcited about tings happening in b-town. Got a number of rats down there. And Ole Angel goin to straighten out da mess Goldie locks screwed up for 20 years. Gonna take some time but he is gonna keep dat talent at home. Bein a retired guy got some time on my hand. So any rats need a roof put on a brake job not many tings da rat can't handle. I do it for a fair price and won't cheat ya, Just keep da old lady away - they get infatuated wit da rats muscles. As far as da high school seen as usual we will lookin for allot of gold here. 5-6 aint a bad year for da region. So as usual you guys better sharpen your pencils cause your gonna need to by February. Fyi Da rate doesn't do any tutoring in English. Aint much help on term papers. But if you need a little help in wood, metal or electric shop I can help out. Da Rat
  3. Looks dare is a train headed from Portage / Da region to Bloomington. Angel knows where to find some tough nuts. Comes from da land of smoke stacks and iron.
  4. regionrat1

    Notre Dame

    Such a shame how all the programs folded.
  5. Nice job / was quit an exciting week of wraslin / now on to Greco
  6. regionrat1

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    you sporting a mullet ? when u hit dat sweep single da hair is flowing like Fabio ?
  7. regionrat1

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Jim Jordan class act - becoming to powerful for da libtards- Disabito is a crook - stole money and scamed people - by da way what do you think would happen if a pencil neck doc grabed da package of a d1 wrestler - I know how da rat would handle him
  8. regionrat1

    Fond Farewell from Evan Light

    best wishes =
  9. regionrat1

    Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all the Wraslin Mom's. They have to be saints to put up with wrestlers and wrestling Dads. Spending all the time year round in gymnasiums, driving to tournaments, driving to practice and putting up with a cranky hungry kid. Bless you all you mothers !
  10. regionrat1

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Lots of kids have a fear of getting thrown. I personally think any style of grappling can be beneficial. Sambo,judo, submission grappling etc - you can learn and add to your portfolio. If you are down by 4-5 you can’t single leg your way back in 30 seconds - got to learn to go big !
  11. regionrat1

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Having upper body attacks and feeling comfortable in the over under is a huge. Now with da 4 point nf a 6 point move is a game changer. Go look up a video on Randy Lewis - he would give flying lessons. Also da greco guys are good in da pare tere position. I also would recommend judo - the more in your arsenal da better.
  12. the gals lead the way
  13. Coon wining both freestyle and Greco ?
  14. Shreck -Stevenson next round
  15. interesting / I have have a feelin Stevenson will get big boy'd over da week end

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