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  1. Who is?

    Starter at 106 ?
  2. Mendez competing in the Ironman

    Is dis kid da second coming of Alex t-shirts ?
  3. Too Much

    All right gents take it easy on da fixins tomorrow. Get up and get a 4 miler in. Go to da basement and do some shadow wraslin. Deen you can have some fixin - no seconds on desert. I can remember not havin a thanks givin for about 9 years. Always havin a tournament on da weekend following. Makes you real tough watchin every one else eat. Well my wraslin friends have a safe and happy bird day. Tonight is amateur night so use da UBER - headin down to the Industrial Strip after my shift. Lots of talent dare !!!
  4. Toughest SS ?

    do you relly want me to express my opinion - we let da rest fight for da scraps
  5. NWI Times articles

    As you all know us grapplers don't get our repsect in a ball bouncing state. Look at da article and you will see we got a purdy good group of young men up hear in da region.
  6. Prediction Time

    Where ya coaching dees days ?
  7. Chad Red vs Bryce Meredith

    Welcome to div 1 wraslin - like allot of frosh gettin away from da bottom is da struggle. Being a stud in high school he probably didn't have a hard time gettin away. Welcome to da big show.
  8. Prediction Time

    Da rat don't wants to be the richest guy in da cemtary - lot of here retire and end up in a pine box. Lots of wraslin, fishin huntin and spending time wit da little rats.
  9. Prediction Time

    3 from Chesterton - 3 from Portage - startiin to show my hand / we mightbhave more lookin for a new wiiniebago to do a little tailgatin / maybe pop for one of deem fancy koolers a yippi -
  10. Prediction Time

    Aint so secret - but we all knew cale was going to do a ankle pick - nobody did a good job of stopping it
  11. Prediction Time

    humm sounds like a challenge - watch dat sweep single - he only goes to one side
  12. Prediction Time

    I tink you need to post of video of you giving Fabio a schooling. By da way stay away from dat ammonia - almost as bad as da fumes of ole #7. By da way the rat is pulling da plug in December. 38 years at mill is enough. Tinking about headin south for da winter - maybe Lowell. I will be sending out invitations to da party. Most likely it will be at da Industrial Strip probably around da midlands time. Da girls are very talented - day gots lots of art work aka Roy Boy style. Make sure you gots lots of singles.
  13. Prediction Time

    I knows you folks have allot of dat anhydrous amonia layin in da fields - keep sniffing dat stuff you be beatin da Chechen team and tech fallin subdaluv . Our secret weapons ain't dat secret it's da homework we do. Remember dat stuff will make hallucinatine
  14. He must be a Mitty smart lad -one tough school
  15. Prediction Time

    Up here in the land of steel when da of your kids are playin video games up here we are in da gym. Gonna be another fine year up by da big lake. I know we here about da county and and deem schools in da circle city. And Y2 we like drawin your boys in da first round. But as usual we will bringin plenty of metal back up 65 in feb. THe rat sees at least 5 golds and a plethora of metal dis a year. So when your boys are eatin krispy cremes we will be sharpen da iron. Make no mistake we got da best coaches and some scrapers up here. Happy wraslin season Da RAt Ps - got to have a little fun !