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  1. Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    Did you watch him wrestle the 220 lbs of Minnisota - the kid was a cadet world champ/ he gave Stevenson all he could handle/ I'm lookin forward to Michigan verse mINNY IN 2 YEARS
  2. Region?!?

    We got two coming back and 1 I hope dosent go to Mt Carmel coming - I will take 4 but I thought we could get 6 or 7 / like a true bears fan - wait till next year
  3. Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    Ok who won da award - come on Dewey enquiring minds want to know / My vote is for B. Lee - he is a bad man
  4. Humm sounds very fishy - I'm guessing da rusians hacked Hillary's server and got your password - I'm sure super computer wraslin dude y2 can figure dis one out
  5. Cathedral on FIRE

    Must have been like Ash Wednesday being on Valentine’s Day - da Catholics got some love this week - very entertaining weekend - wraslin is da worlds greatest sport

    Your brother is a stud - made it to the finals match - has another shot - go to work - cherish da moment
  7. Region?!?

    4 ain’t bad - I think we got short changed at 170
  8. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    Are you sure he raised the right hand of the winner ? Brutal Brutal Brutal - terrible
  9. Ouch

    all good / in front of a large stage the emtions grow/ Portage has a little moxy too/ wrestling is a tough sport
  10. Region?!?

    Cary is doin what his brother did - under da radar wit injuries / he is wraslin real good/ I'm likin a region final Rump is rollin real strong too / I tink we are going tom get our share of da gold
  11. Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    You might need Kyle Synder to beat him / I say he could beat Stevenson / Paris is a freak athlete
  12. Ouch

    Sometimes a young mans needs to learn a little humility -
  13. Inaugural Brennan Cosgrove Trophy

    B. Lee - he could win up to 182 - beast
  14. Region?!?

    152 170 we got 2 195 win for sure 220 1 and chalk da heavy weight up too/ We got our butts kicked - I might have to go in hibernation
  15. State - 152

    I have not seen a beating like that - Washington is very good- Lee is on another planet