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  1. Wrestlebacks Poll

    I will tell you this when I argued for wrestlebacks at the Proposal meeting with the IHSAA Mr Faulkens warned me not to use the term wrestlebacks. So when arguing the point I continuly used true 3rd bracket as we use in sectionals and seemed to be going well until Bobby Cox said, What your talking about is essentially wrestleback arent you. I answered I never said wrestle backs I said true 3rd bracket. ahhhh worth a try lol
  2. Genius Ratings 2018

    Great job. Love it and its great for the sport and i will never be smart enough to understand all the ins and outs. Its great motivation for our guys when they see several teams we have beaten ranked above us.
  3. Fight Shorts/shirt

    I bought a set at madison when alot of my wrestlers said they would never wear or thought it was stupid. Now almost everyone asks to wear the two piece. Have not had one issue with them all year.
  4. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    More important than all this hall of fame talk will the new classed individual tourney have full wrestlebacks?
  5. Hoosier Hills Conference

    standing pin calls
  6. IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    Well that takes TripleB off the list lol
  7. Seeding Meeting Change???

    This went into effect last year. We did this at our seeding meeting in Jennings last season.
  8. Yep I was told the same thing. Says they have been tracking through the weight loss program for a number of years. So every wrestler that has been bodyfat tested and eligible to compete is listed in those numbers for ever year listed. So the tracking method has remained unchanged. So a 1000 number increase is very positive for this season. Now I wonder if the increase is like what i have seen on my own team. We fill all the weights but I have seen an increase in #'s in my middle weights.
  9. IHSGW.net

    Oh I understand but she is my Varsity 106lber so I would have to FF her weight at two duals or a multi team event for her to compete so not sure I can make that happen.
  10. IHSGW.net

    So for her to compete in the event I have to pull her from a multi dual/Tourney event? Gotcha.
  11. whats up w scores/results

    Go on trackwrestling.com Since it has been majority of schools are using it that is where I go to find local scores
  12. IHSGW.net

    Simple Question. Last year I had 3 girls who did not compete on Boys varsity team compete so didn't worry about it. This year I have one who is my varsity 106lber. Would wrestling in this event put her over her amount of weigh ins for IHSAA boys tourney?
  13. Jeff Classic Information

    Man I don't recall Brady being listed on the wrestlers list for HWT. If so he should of been seeded.
  14. Last night we went to West Washington High School for a dual with them. They are a first year program and our coached by a young man, Dennis Tankersly, that I watched wrestle his way to a semi-state birth on another "new" program in Eastern Pekin back when I coached at Scottsburg. I want to say that I was very impressed by the atmosphere he is creating there at West Washington. Prob the best wrestling enviroment we have been in so far this season. His goal is to bring excitement back to the sport and I will say my wrestlers were excited about the introductions and how the meet went down. Hats off to doing it the right way, if your interested I posted a short vid to my snapchat story last night you can watch.