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  1. Guys it was my first trip to Heartland Duals and I will rank this up there with other team trips I have went on. Jmills did a great job of making sure everything went smoothly. I was impressed with how our teams competed and stacked up to the best the other states had to offer. Was a honor to corner for a lot of kids that I have no doubt will be wrestling on Saturday at State Finals in the future. Also I had the unique oppurtunity to view this trip from the parent angle as well. My son wrestled for two of the best youth coaches in the business (Ryan Parrish, Blake Harvey) and enjoyed every second of it. #4thesnap Our state has some of the best youth programs and coaches around and it makes coaching high school easier when the level of guys your getting is raised by the youth coaches throughout our state including Madison Youth Director TripleB himself. As JMills knows we learned from this trip that no matter how hard you get hounded you fight and no matter what fence is in your way you find a way.
  2. All IHSWCA members please vote for your next VP. Greg Ratliff has sent out the ballot via email to all IHSWCA members. If you are a member and you haven't recieved the email please email me and let me know. tysongskinner@gmail.com This vote is going to be yuge, its a excellent poll....quite possibly the best poll ever created.
  3. Lol I thought the title was funny so i am running with it. I want to wish Coach Ratliff the best of luck in his next 2 years as IHSWCA president. Next Week we will be sending out the ballots for our next VP. We have two qualified candidates in Mark Line and Jake O'Neil. I want to thank everyone for their support and input in my 5 years serving the IHSWCA (1 year as Sect, 2 years as VP, 2 Years as Prez) I really enjoyed the experience and feel that the relationship we as a association has built with the IHSAA is tremendous. Is everything in the sport of wrestling in Indiana great? No, but we have been making continued strides in the right direction to constantly improve our sport. I will serve the next 2 years in a advisory role to Coach Ratliff if he ever needs to bounce ideas off of me just as Coach Struck did with me. I think this experience has helped me understand where our sport has been and where we are going. I feel that no matter what i will always now be there to help the IHSWCA in the future and I ask more of you to get involved. I would love down the road to do this all over again as I feel making sure we stay on the right path is important. Your in Wrestling Tyson Skinner
  4. I will say that overall my dealings with the IHSAA has been very positive. I like to think they feel the same about the IHSWCA now. I think overall the proposals were well recieved and after reviewing the Sectional realignment that was handed to us, there are some things that still need to be worked on the next time we realign. I think several of the proposals have a shot to be passed and there was alot of good convo in the room about our ideas. I even got a chuckle out of Mr Cox when he asked me if the "use a true third place bracket" was a new way to say wrestlebacks. My response was "I never said wrestlebacks" I like the direction the High School wrestling is going in the State of Indiana. Is it perfect no but I feel it is going in the right direction and I appreciate the open door the IHSAA has given the coaches association. I think 1, 2 and 4 have solid shots to be passed and I think the others had good discussions for future proposals. When discussing the use of the same bracket we use at Sectionals at Semi-State I mentioned this would add four matches per weight but a option that can be examined if those four matches are a deal breaker could be looking at going back to only advancing 3 from regionals to semi-state thus removing those 4 extra matches the true third bracket would bring.
  5. Coaches yesterday myself and Coach Ratliff sent out the IHSWCA Suvey to every head coach on our email list. Please make sure that you respond to the survey so we can use this data for our upcoming proposal meeting with the IHSAA. If your a head coach and you haven't recieved the survey please email me at tysonGskinner@gmail.com with what school your the HC at so i can add you to our list and send you the survey. Want to wrap this up tomorrow evening. Thanks Tyson Skinner IHSWCA President
  6. Excited to venture out on this trip as a coach for the first time. TripleB and I might reenact my profile pic out there lol
  7. I love Freestyle and Greco but I will admit following matches and the difference in what scores are thrown up by officials watching the same match really pushes me more and more to Folkstyle.
  8. Guys one of my goals was to try to get a physical location set for our hall of fame. I had a few locations in mind but just couldn't financially make it feasible just yet. But Nick Stewart has worked on getting a beta version of our first ever online Hall of Fame. We started with this years inductees and plan on working on way back with pics and bios. This just came online yesterday so we have lots to update and modify but if you have any pics or bios you would like to submit please feel free to email them to me at tysongskinner@gmail.com Scott has lots of bios from the past and we will start to go through them to get them added to the website but any and all help is welcome. http://www.ihswca.org/hof
  9. Guys alot of good names on this list but I have watched alot of high school wrestling and I say for pure excitement alone and giving the crowd one of the best matches in State Finals history albeit not for a title. But I would vote Robert Samuels of Lawrence North. Both kids wrestled their hearts out in a under the lights worthy match and both had fun with it and showed great sportsmanship.
  10. I use my background check I get for USA wrestling every year when I renew my coaching card as my background check for coaching at school. TC Dantzler does...he owns TC Logic that runs USA wrestling background checks Background check through USA Wrestling take like 3-4 days max
  11. havent seen this much movement since TripleB tried out for the gymnastic squad
  12. Two Words.....Billy Idol
  13. Yep I agree thats why I switched my schedule already to less matches and my kids love it. But as I have told you the coaches association is the voice of the coaches. So unless the majority of coaches want something we don't propose it. My personal feelings don't effect what a survey says.
  14. Guys I have one proposal that was just emailed to me. If you guys have others get me the details on email just like I informed everyone at Fall Coaches clinic. More details the better. Survey will be coming in March to see where we stand as a association and what we want to see. Joe 1. That was the proposal sent to me. 2. A version of this to increase amount of Duals was on our last survey that had under half the association members supporting it. (personally I like the idea that is why I dropped a Sat meet to add a 5th and 6th dual this season) 3. LOL Not sure that would have the effect you think it would.
  15. Anyone with a feasible 3 week state series I am all ears. Email it to me with details. tysongskinner@gmail.com