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  1. Still have opening for asst coach on the High School Staff. Current teaching positions available Fine Arts Science Special Education
  2. tskin

    Mat for Sale

    Have 40x40 resilite old school red mat with white markings for sale $2000 No logo on mat. Mat is Located in Madison. If interested email me at tysongskinner@gmail.com
  3. tskin

    IndianaMat Disney Duals

    you need a 195?
  4. tskin

    Asst Coach Opening Madison Consolidated

    Also now have Science positions open at the high school
  5. tskin

    Team State Vote-In Results

    guys it is what it is. Madison beat South Dearborn this year with two of our starters out of the lineup and we didn't make the cut. This isn't a perfect system but its the best that we can do until the IHSAA grants extra weigh ins (which from what I hear will never happen) or the IHSAA reinstates team state. My team has been on the cusp of making team state for several years and it sucks but in the end is our goal to get every team that deserves to be at state there (which I will say we typically can count that our top 10 teams in each class make the cut) or is it to find out the very best team in each class?
  6. tskin

    Team State Vote-In Results

    This was a very tight vote for this spot. And I feel your pain. I was on the committee when my own team Madison didn't get selected in the vote to compete in 2A State Finals.
  7. Looking for someone that would be interested in an asst Varsity position. Teaching opportunities currently available are Jr High Computer Science High School English/Language Arts Independent Learning Academy https://skyward.madison.k12.in.us/scripts/wsisa.dll/WService=wsSky/rappljoblst484.w If interested please contact me Tyson Skinner at tysongskinner@gmail.com Thanks
  8. tskin

    Skin check debate

    If it was mat 1, 2 or 3 I would be happy to tell them who mat it actually was lol...Had to take a folding chair off of my brand new mat at start of Sundaythat somebody had set up in the middle.
  9. tskin

    Wrestlebacks Poll

    I will tell you this when I argued for wrestlebacks at the Proposal meeting with the IHSAA Mr Faulkens warned me not to use the term wrestlebacks. So when arguing the point I continuly used true 3rd bracket as we use in sectionals and seemed to be going well until Bobby Cox said, What your talking about is essentially wrestleback arent you. I answered I never said wrestle backs I said true 3rd bracket. ahhhh worth a try lol
  10. tskin

    Genius Ratings 2018

    Great job. Love it and its great for the sport and i will never be smart enough to understand all the ins and outs. Its great motivation for our guys when they see several teams we have beaten ranked above us.
  11. tskin

    Fight Shorts/shirt

    I bought a set at madison when alot of my wrestlers said they would never wear or thought it was stupid. Now almost everyone asks to wear the two piece. Have not had one issue with them all year.
  12. tskin

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    More important than all this hall of fame talk will the new classed individual tourney have full wrestlebacks?

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