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  1. FWSS Stream?

    Yes, per their Facebook page, the Berne Witness will be webcasting again this Saturday. http://bernewitness.com/webcast/
  2. Semi State alternate?

    We had an unusual situation regarding alternates. Our 285 weighed in and made weight easily. After weigh-ins the officials removed him from participating because of a skin condition, even though he had a valid, signed slip. That is their prerogative. The fifth place was unavailable so a forfeit was entered in his place. The wrestler he was supposed to face was the eventual regional champion. So, now the forfeit is the alternate instead of someone who could actually participate if needed.
  3. Ranked Replacements

    Some wrestlers/coaches could be looking at possible match-ups farther down the road when the tournament series begins. If you seed a wrestler he is committed to that weight, but if you don't enter him at seeding he can be a replacement at his normal weight or one class higher, if that would give him a better chance to advance. The delay would let you review the other sectionals feeding your regional and semi-state to make your decision before Saturday. I don't like doing this because it could push a kid who would've finished second down to third and give him a harder match at regional.
  4. Adams Central Invitational

  5. 01/11/2018

    Adams Central
  6. 01/07/2018

  7. 01/06/2018

  8. 01/06/2018

    Bloomington South
  9. 01/06/2018

  10. 01/06/2018

  11. 01/05/2018

    Adams Central
  12. 12/23/2017

    Adams Central
  13. 12/25/2017

    Prairie Heights
  14. 12/25/2017

    Adams Central
  15. 12/16/2017

    Adams Central
  16. 12/16/2017

    Adams Central
  17. 12/16/2017

    Adams Central
  18. 12/14/2017

  19. 12/09/2017

    Adams Central
  20. 12/09/2017

    Adams Central
  21. 12/09/2017

    Adams Central
  22. 12/09/2017

    Adams Central
  23. 12/08/2017

    Jay County
  24. 12/08/2017

    Adams Central
  25. When a team drops from an event...

    I agree that just substituting the bye for the dropped team in the schedule is the fairest, but I don't have a problem with the host team not having a bye. They have the most time and expense invested in the event and, in many cases, will have the most fans there since they don't have to travel. Their fans will be working tables and concessions, so I'd see not having a bye as a reward for the effort put into holding the event. If it is a last minute cancellation the host can't be held at fault for not filling it. Most schedules are full at this time of year.