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  1. navy80

    Cadet National Duals

    ah yeah I was thinking it was a freestyle match! Hope they meet again.. Thanks
  2. navy80

    Cadet National Duals

    Any other significant matchups?
  3. navy80

    Cadet National Duals

    Mendez lost 0-10 to Fabian Lopez, Illinois HS State Champ.
  4. navy80

    Brooks vs Torres

    Really pulling for Brooks to get the win. He needs it and doesn’t want to fall to 1-2 in the UFC
  5. navy80

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Agreed... Once I learned BJJ, my wrestling really improved.
  6. navy80

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Fair enough.. I'd say the top high school kids don't wrestle freestyle and greco state in high school because they go to more national tournaments? Just a thought. And while some weights had 10 kids in them, some weights were stacked! like 145.. Has Asa ever won a triple crown? (I'm assuming yes, but don't know) I seen he dominated last weekend in both styles.
  7. navy80

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    I think a triple crown is a huge prestige. Doesn't matter how many kids are in your bracket, you won three styles! Now, the icing on the cake is if you are in middle school and you win middle school state or in high school and you win high school state. That's the quadruple crown winner! I'm curious to see of any triple crown winners when they were in elementary school and how that translated to high school? I thought I remember Connor Mullins and Mitch Sliga (5X) winning several triple crowns. What other award do we have to look forward to in Indiana? Obviously in high school, you want to punch your ticket, place, and win. But what about the rest of the year?
  8. navy80

    ISWA Freestyle & Greco State

    Chesterton looking good today. Junior 145 is stacked
  9. navy80

    ISWA Freestyle & Greco State

    Jesse Mendez pins Noah mis cole Ross beats zeke seltzer but loses to drousias in the finals.
  10. Is there a list? Who has won the most Indiana triple crowns?
  11. Fabio vs Mason’s Dad? I’ll even throw in Snyder and Y2 to help Fabio. Cage match. Mason comes in and destroys everyone.
  12. can someone explain how the process works. The ones who placed top 8 qualify for ? Event? Where does the X tournament fall in place here?
  13. And J teemer techs carr for 3rd! how about stevenson? Gets 4th place at seniors. Id say he dominates mason. I thought mason would win but not after the us open. Kid is 17 and a phenomen.
  14. B. Lee get the 5 seed? Looks like if he makes the finals he'll have either Teemer or Carr. Anyone know anything about his next two opponents and their history?
  15. He updates frequently.. after every major or mid major tournament, it just doesn't update on the page you have to look at the bottom of his post for when it's edited. Keep up the good work, Sig!

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