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  1. navy80

    IHPO Results

    Silas went BEAST mode!
  2. navy80

    IHPO Results

    Alaska's state champ who moved to Indiana goes down in second round in OT by Anthony Poindexter jr. I don't see Asa anywhere? Brock Peele over Jevian Ross 6-3 Gvin Alstott over Logan Sutton 2-0 Brewer 3-0 with 3 pins.
  3. navy80

    Moves and Transfers

    West Vigo
  4. navy80

    Moves and Transfers

    I love this topic... Who were the big transfers from 10-15 years ago?
  5. Good stuff lol
  6. Question for all the coaches on here... What would you do? What is a wrestler came to you and said, "Hey coach, I think the doctor held my junk longer than he should have. It was creepy." I would guess a high percentage would laugh it off or not look into it. Because, there isn't really any probable cause. But, if you have several wrestlers come forward saying the same thing. You could get a new doctor, turn that doc in, but the doctor has the validity to say, "hey idiots, I'm a doctor, I know what I'm doing".
  7. navy80

    Fargo List

    Dang... tough loss for Parris. 12-2 1st period TF? Is that right? Details?
  8. navy80

    Fargo List

    I just want Mason to win lol. Doesn’t matter the score. I’d like for him to make a statement.
  9. navy80

    Fargo List

    Really disappointed to see Mendez not place. But, congrats to all of the AA's. We have some great talent coming up.
  10. If Trump wasn't President, this wouldn't be getting much attention at all. Here is the crazy thing to me... Wrestler's are pretty mentally tough individuals. If someone touches them and they don't want to be touched, one would think.. the wrestler wouldn't put up with it and destroy the person touching them. That's my first thought. But, I've never bee in that situation so I can only empathize. I have spoken to several female rape victims and they common theme I hear is they don't want to tell anyone out of embarrassment, so it could be that as well. The second thing that comes to mind is... How does stuff like this happen? Penn State, Michigan State, and now Ohio State? Terrible LEADERSHIP by all involved. Third, It's so hard to believe anything with this case because of Jordan's political status. He's a top republican and now he's under attack by all the liberals.. They won't let this go and will go after him hard, simply because of politics and not because of facts... Finally, as previously mentioned, $$$$$$ MSU had a HUGE (In Trump's voice) payout and these two former criminals are in for a nice payday.
  11. What weight is Donahue? To be ranked 3rd and ahead of Mendez, he must be a stud and potential 4Xer
  12. navy80

    Disney Duals 2018

    Indiana will have a team in the semi’s lol. Warren over Miranda 14-2 asa over Sammy fair 9-3
  13. navy80

    Cadet National Duals

    ah yeah I was thinking it was a freestyle match! Hope they meet again.. Thanks
  14. navy80

    Cadet National Duals

    Any other significant matchups?
  15. navy80

    Cadet National Duals

    Mendez lost 0-10 to Fabian Lopez, Illinois HS State Champ.

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