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  1. Blake Mauer's Play by Play

    I agree. I think goebel is passing the torch to Blake.
  2. most impressive TODAY??

    Brayden Curtis is probably the most impressive. every match he is helping the kids up etc. very good sportsmanship!
  3. most impressive TODAY??

    106- David Pierson surprised me finishing 4th. 113- Boarmen with a hurt knee finishing 3rd 120-Ray Rioux 33-10 finishing 3rd and ahead of his two nemesis Boe and Campbell 132-Krietzer finishing 4th. 145- Schoneegge finishing 3rd with wins over selmer and graves 152- Elliot Rogers making it to the finals... What?? This kid turns it on at the state tournament. 182-Sila Allred going 3 wins and 1 loss in a LOADED 182 weight class. 195- Hansen making the finals Stits getting 4th! This kid got 4th at semi state and has 14 losses! This is the Elliot Rogers this year
  4. Melloh and Mulkey

    I think he’ll regret it. Yes, his wrestler got shafted....yes it potentially cost him a state title etc. look ok at how Fattore handled the loss.. now, Brownsburg is without their head coach when their team is fighting for a state title and could use his coaching. When life isn’t fair, you keep your head up and move forward. Disclaimer- I haven’t watched one wrestling match in person this year so I’m not even on the level of a keyboard coach. And I think he’s a great coach and one of the best Indiana has ever seen. Nothing but respect for him.
  5. Wow - Fattore pinned himself!

    I’m now a fan of Fattore...he handled that loss with class. He didn’t throw a fit or take off running to the locker room.
  6. Melloh and Mulkey

    Snyder is gone! No more coaching today. I realize things didn’t go his way but cmon man...let it go. Life isn’t fair.
  7. r tSWIN said he twitted them and they would fix it I am pretty sure.... but yeah, it would work for two minutes and go out for 20 minutes last night!
  8. It will be a crazy match...I am pulling for Silas to win it all but he has to go through a friggin meatgrinder to do it!
  9. 36-1 vs 33-1 45-1 vs 44-1 23-0 vs 41-1 39-0 vs 38-2 WOW! Purely by records, this is VERY impressive! Walton is the favorite but he will have to earn his title. No easy matches today at 182. All of their losses are to each other with the exception of Girgenti who has a loss to Alex Cramer...sounds like an out of state name too.
  10. Manzona

    I completely agree
  11. Manzona

    I thought dickens would give him a decent match....nope. Manzona completely destroyed him!
  12. Biggest upsets ?

    At hwt, you had two number one seeds fall!!
  13. Trackwrestling problems

    Well, never mind. Reloading the page isn’t working for me anymore lol. Mats 3 and 4 don’t work. 1 and 2 work fine
  14. Trackwrestling problems

    Just keep reloading the page. Works for a bit then goes out. Just keep reloading!
  15. Brackets with Rankings

    Smart business model.