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  1. Jason Tsirtsis

    I hope he gets his groove back but if he doesn't, it's totally understandable. He has been through a lot and it can deter anyone.
  2. Middle schoolers who could place

    Mendez could win state at 106-113 as an 7th grader and 113-132 as an 8th grader. He just beat two Indiana state place winners and one Kentucky state place winner yesterday as a 7th grader We know Nick Lee won as a 7th grader. Who did he beat in his path? One big name I remember is Hayden lee...who else?
  3. IHPO matchups

    Mendez with quality wins over Moran and Rioux...
  4. New Cathedral addtions

    This could be a huge addition for the Irish. If true, Cathedral returns four state place winners, three state qualifiers, three Semi state qualifiers. It will be interesting to see where everyone fits in. Projected weights... Alex Mosconi- Finished 7th at state after entering regionals 37-0. He lost to Mills 2-0 in the finals and to Rooks 4-2 OT in finals of semi state. Alex has been really active this summer. Tony Mosconi- Finished 33-8 last year in a loaded 145 class coming out of the Mooresville Regional. Lost first round to Col. East Politt at Semi state 4-1. Can't find his track account so not sure how active he has been. 106 L. Bailey SSQ (ticket rounder) 113 Oliver State Q 120 Walendzak SSQ (former State Q) 126 Mosconi 7th at State 132 138 Slivka 5th at State 145 Melloh 3rd at State 152 Rogers 4th at State 160 Mosconi SSQ 170 Stewart Reg Q 182 Adams Reg Q 195 Toone Reg Q 220 Guhl State Q 285 Obst SSQ 8th grade addition who could be varsity Johnny Parker 145-ish 3X ISWA Triple Crown
  5. Jesse Mendez

    Huge win! Where is going to high school at?
  6. B. Lee down to 6 schools.

    North Carolina state? That seems like an odd choice. It's also interesting Purdue and Indiana are not in the mix...and neither is any state that borders Indiana.
  7. Darren Elkins this weekend

    Good point... you never know the persons situation and burdens they face.
  8. Darren Elkins this weekend

    I can agree with that, especially after researching it. Fitch was 15-3-1 in the UFC. His only losses were to GSP and Johnny Hendricks (both former champions), Demian Mia (who is fighting for a title soon), and he tied with all time great and former champ, BJ Penn. Since Fitch left the UFC, he has went 6-2. I bet Fitch would still be in the top 15 if Dana the Dictator White liked him and kept him...
  9. Darren Elkins this weekend

    Yeah he did and I always wonder why he didn't go further with his mma career. Was rooting for him
  10. Darren Elkins this weekend

    Elkins has represented Indiana well. 12-4 ufc record and was up against the well known and always tough Duane Ludwig in his first UFC fight. Id be interested to know how many ufc fighters have came from Indiana who have NOT wrestled. It seems like every fighter indiana has produced wrestled. Elkins has surpassed fitch and is closing in on Lyttle on the most accomplished fighter from Indiana Fighters who wrestled-- Herman obrien lytle head brooks elkins fitch bonner wineland fighters who didn't wrestle-- mittrione holbrook?? Duffee torres?
  11. My first greco match was against Wesley English...he annihilated me in seconds. What happened to him? He gave Alex Tshirt a close match from what I remember. Where did Jeff Pease go to college, if he did? He appears to be a stud!!!
  12. Fargo Juniors

    B. Lee wins 10-0. He advances to face 3X Utah state champ, Cadet freestyle national champ, and stud Brock Hardy. Hardy has a win and loss against Sasso.
  13. Fargo Juniors

    Isn't Carr from Kentucky? The same school where Nathan Boston wrestled? good showing by Indiana so far. Does anyone know the backgrounds of the semi final opponents or college choices? I like trackwrestling because of the simplicity of researching a wrestler. Floarena is like using a sega genesis when there is an xbox out! What are b lee's change of placing since his lost? davison seems to be a surprise as he wasn't mentioned in the flo preview. Nice to see konrath in action.
  14. Fargo cadet fs

    Where is Fielden from and how did he fare last season, I have not seen his name before? Big matchups coming up for the juniors...
  15. Disney Duals

    Col. East ends with a good showing...although I really wanted to see them matched up with BB. They will be solid next year Rooks 11-1 Rooks 12-0 Combest 12-0 Pollitt 7-5 Schoenegge 11-1 South 9-2 Brownsburg Lawhead 11-1 Mills 5-0 Mulkey 12-0 Walton 12-0 ---Aldred 12-0--Bryant 10-2---Gardner 7-5 Other notables Bailey 9-1 PArris 10-0 Moran 9-3 Peele 8-4 Warren 9-2 Blubaugh 11-0