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  1. He updates frequently.. after every major or mid major tournament, it just doesn't update on the page you have to look at the bottom of his post for when it's edited. Keep up the good work, Sig!
  2. P4P king of ‘19

    Asa wrestled in a weight class where he beat two former state champs....and wrestled the always tough Ty Mills several times over the years. Kid doesn't run from anyone. Mendez has to travel the country to find someone who can beat him. Kid is on Red, Lee, Lee, Lee, Parris, Tsritsis, etc's level. Kid doesnt run from anyone Next year's champions 113 Moran 120 Curtis 126 Mendez 132 Garcia 138 Rooks STUDS and all multiple time champions
  3. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Flo and track need an acquisition/merger to dominate the wrestling world! everyone enjoys looking at brackets and the past results of each wrestler. With Flo, you can barely navigate Flo arena before you give up and look on indianamat for results. Track brackets are super easy to navigate. Once flo fixes their bracketing software, they’ll take over. Surely they know it’s terrible right?
  4. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    The costs must be high with getting wrestlers from all over the country to the Burg! would you mind breakdown the budget for this event? I’m a financial guy so I always enjoy that...
  5. FloNationals

    Manzona with a pin!!
  6. Kid is a stud!! He next mark hall?
  7. Interesting. I saw he win Florida state finals twice. That must have been for middle school??
  8. That kid is a two time Florida State champion. Undefeated one year and one loss to a Blair kid the other year. While Jesse is an 8th grader. I believe Jesse has a win over him and that kid has 2 or 3 wins over Jesse... though I could be wrong
  9. Silas and drousias also champs. Mendez with a surprising loss in the finals to his nemesis 15-2 md brock ellis beats Jordan Douglas 2-1. Ellis finished 6 and Ellis 4 in same weight as champ deters
  10. The always underrated Jordan Douglas is in the semi finals at cadet 152. Jordan is from Attica or one of those small schools. Lost ticket round as a frosh and was a qualifier this year.
  11. Looks like Mendez has an Iowa State runner up in the semi finals. If he wins, he’ll face two time state champ from Florida who pinned Jesse last year. I believe Jesse was winning and the kid caught him somehow. silas is at 195 with a tech and a pin so far. Winnable match in the semis and finals.
  12. Nick Lee vs Chad Red 2018- College

    I was hoping you would chime in! I threw something together to get the convo started. I do think chad red at the end of the season was much better than beginning of the season. I’d take Lee 8-5 but you never know!
  13. Who had the better season? Lee 3rd at big tens and 5th at ncaa Red 7th at big tens and 7th at ncaa Lee has the better showing obviously. But let’s look at quality wins. Red beat two time national champion dean heil!! Lee beat Kevin Jack!! big ten and NCAA common opponents Red beat Diehl 8-3. Lee lost to Diehl by fall Lee beat Perry 12 Red beat Perry by fall Lee beat Jack on overtime Jack beat Red in overtime Lee beat Limmex 15-5. Limmex best Red 6-3 Lee best Turk 8-3. Turk best Red 5-4 Lee finished 33-7 Red finished 26-11 Lee wins 2018 via better record, better finishes, and more wins against common opponents. its amazing they never wrestled this year...
  14. Kasper McIntosh: 6th in Indiana

    Kasper defeats 3X state champion (1x Misssouri and 2X Nevada...that's all I could find) Pete Enos in the finals. Interesting note, Enos DNP at the IHPO losing to Mishawaka's Walker. Congrats Portage and Kasper! Huge rebound from state for him
  15. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Is Indiana favored or have a chance to win in any of the matches besides Lee and Parris? I’d bet on we will see one or two upsets!