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  1. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Thanks for the updates!
  2. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Wow. Sounds like tons of energy in that gym. Let's just say this was not the case in last year's event in Illinois.
  3. Who impressed you the most

    Big fan of the Lariat myself
  4. Melloh and Mulkey

    In a semi final state match....yes
  5. Melloh and Mulkey

    Not in that match...
  6. Melloh and Mulkey

    "There is no way that was stalling"
  7. Melloh and Mulkey

    thats what were are hearing
  8. Melloh and Mulkey

    pretty sure he is gone
  9. Melloh and Mulkey

    Snyder got tossed. I think his actions were mild
  10. IU next year

    Something brewing in B-town....
  11. Gavin Teasdale decommits

    Wasn't he the lead singer of Bush back in the 90s
  12. IU next year

    Simmons would be fine if he were able to develop and improve talent. There is not much evidence to support his coaching prowess.
  13. Ive become much bigger fans of Austin Bethel and Isiah McWilliams after reading the articles this week. Love the profiles that Steve Krah and Jeremy Hines produce.
  14. Culver Community vs North Judson

  15. Caston vs Culver Community