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  1. Reasons why IN mat is terrible

    Speaking of sensitive Suzies, Pot meet Kettle LOL
  2. Skin check debate

    Was this an actual doctor or a trainer?I've seen plenty of trainers who are very knowledgeable on skin conditions but have also seen a lot that have no clue. The fact that they had you wrap it makes me wonder since simply covering it will not prevent spreading to others and also keeps dried and healed spots moist.. So, by covering it you probably kept the spot from drying up or staying dried up. So when the official asked to see it, it probably looked moist and still active because it had been under the wrap all day and not dried up thus making it appear active. Its unfortunate that your wrestler couldn't finish his tournament but in a situation like this the official does have the authority if he thinks the skin condition is active. Perhaps you can post a pic of the spot. This site could be a good place to educate people on skin conditions and prevention. Maybe Joe could create a section with pictures to help people better recognize whether something is a skin condition or simply a blemish.
  3. State Tickets

    If you get there early enough I recommend stopping in and getting your tickets so you can avoid the lines closer to start time.
  4. East Chicago weather report

    Suck it up already. There was def more snow in 2012 and 2014 and nothing was cancelled. Snow was forecast early so plan ahead and leave early
  5. Any good spots in Evansville Friday Night

    How about Turonis Pizza and Brewery?
  6. Finals under the lights at Hobart?
  7. Regional Brackets: 1. Hobart | 9 am CT

    1989 6 champs 3 runners up williams gary wirt rosenbalm merrillville martin hammond high pavletic hobart davison chesterton porter gary roosevelt
  8. Regional Brackets: 1. Hobart | 9 am CT

    maybe you can look up 1989. that was the most for the region i believe
  9. Legal or Not??

    It says start the injury time
  10. Definitely a face for radio . Way to go Mike
  11. Griffith Sectional

    Hopefully this will be held in the fieldhouse since their gym is tiny
  12. Garry Burkhart @ Hobart HS

    Valpo listed on Track
  13. Garry Burkhart @ Hobart HS

    In recent years Portage has sent their Varsity B team and not their starters
  14. Notable win 1-6

    Curious if this match put the wrestlers over the 5 match limit for the day?
  15. Notable win 1-6

    Exhibition match?