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  1. Griffith Sectional

    Hopefully this will be held in the fieldhouse since their gym is tiny
  2. Garry Burkhart @ Hobart HS

    Valpo listed on Track
  3. Garry Burkhart @ Hobart HS

    In recent years Portage has sent their Varsity B team and not their starters
  4. Notable win 1-6

    Curious if this match put the wrestlers over the 5 match limit for the day?
  5. Notable win 1-6

    Exhibition match?
  6. Lake county tournament

    Gavit, Highland Hobart Merrillville
  7. Michael DeLaPena from Merrillville commits to

    Congratulations Michael !
  8. How many straight state finals ?

    Every Indianapolis finals since 1982. Missed 1985 blizzard tourney.
  9. Team USA World Cup Finals vs Iran! Watch LIVE

    What's with that mat? Is that the mat used in 1973?
  10. EC countdown

    Apparently the basketball game last night was cancelled due to a fire knocking out the electricity at EC. NWI Times said there was no news yet about the semi state though.
  11. Indiana Forfeit Data for 2017

    Looks like they will be needing plenty of volunteers to help with set up and working the tourney. Hopefully their numbers increase next season.
  12. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    Would have to go with the Harvest Classic. Can't beat the Pepinos sausage and homemade giardinarra.
  13. BEST Hospitality room of the year.

    Suck up. lol
  14. DAC

    So, weigh in at 730 and seed meeting at 730 also? Is that enough time with a 9am start time?
  15. Al Smith

    Watching on track dashboard, what just happened in 220 final? DQ?