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  1. Middle School State Committee Forming

  2. Glad to see Poynter get another HS match!!!
  3. Skin check debate

    Paying for wild cards?? Using illegal kids??? Is that where our youth wrestling program currently resides??
  4. Forfeits - MN's proposed solution

    I thought the state was now putting an emphasis on the single week day dual meet.
  5. Excited to get to see Rumph wrestle again....
  6. Has Lee and Teemer ever wrestled before??
  7. Team State Bid Acceptance List

  8. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Chesterton has already said no... Now waiting to hear of Cathedral is able to maneuver their schedule or if they are stuck and once again can not attend... 3 A could be looking at 2 replacement teams, but one of those replacement teams may be Penn; so it is not like the tournament will suffer a huge drop off....
  9. Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Be ready for the response that it is top heavy therefore it is not really a hard regional to advance from...
  10. Will you be playing live? The Y2CJ41 Quartet? That would be sweet...
  11. Best move under the lights

    Almost every takedown by Rumph... so quick and so smooth... Radar's trip is in the discussion as is all of BLee's takedowns (he just makes it all look so easy)
  12. He wouldn't need a td to win... And wow, was he close to getting that takedown...
  13. Garcia

    Wow... he just put on a dominant show against Mills....