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  1. Seeding Meeting Change???

    If this was a rule last year, why all the sudden discussion? Were coaches not fully made aware of this rule last year? It just seems odd that a rule with this much discussion, which apparently went into effect last year and was not used by most sectionals, would now be heavy in discussion. Is this now a focus of the IHSAA? If Dane would not have made this post, would this have even came to light in the manner that it currently has or would it have just been ignored like last year? Will there be any consequences for all the sectionals who did not follow this rule last year? And if not, would that set a precedent that a sectional does not have to follow the rule this year?
  2. NCC conference

    I know all wrestlers have already been entered into track... either way, I doubt ewe see brackets anytime soon... I think Harrison wins the conference race... Muncie Central has made great strides, but they lack depth... I look for them to finish with top 4 with possible 4 or 5 in the finals and a few champs...
  3. NCC conference

    I believe they do they actual seeding the morning of the tournament.
  4. Yorktown 81 Muncie South 12 75 and 80 Double FF 85 Curtis Y pinned Lipscomb 90 Bradnick Y pinned Mack 95 Boone Y pinned L. Waters 100 Doube FF 105 Overby Y pinned Webster 110 Daugherty Y by FF 115 Todd Y pinned Partain 120 G. Miller Y pinned Lloyd 125 B. Edwards Y pinned Hodgson 135 Hicks Y pinned Schock 145 J. Abernathy Y pinned Myers 152 D. Fogle Y pinned T. Waters 160 K. Holland Y pinned L. Ward 175 Dunn MS pinned Campbell Y 190 J. Phillips Y dec Meer MS 4-3 210 Hopkins Y pinned Stigall HW Orr MS by FF
  5. Undefeated????

    Lohrey and Young (MC) are scheduled to wrestle Saturdsy so one will fall from the ranks of the unbeaten...
  6. Seeding Meeting Change???

    so apparently there were different rules used in different seeding meetings.... well that doesnt seem fair
  7. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Connersville is a secret bracket... no need to go that far....
  8. 75 R. King D by FF 80 K. Rhonemus D by FF 85 Marshall D pinned Lipscomb MS 90 King D pinned Mack MS 95 Clay D pinned L. Waters MS 102 Ka. Rhonemus D pinned Webster MS 110 T. Hill D pinned Alley MS 117 D. Tuttle D pinned Partain MS 125 Blevings D pinned Lloyd MS 132 Kyle D pinned Shock MS 140 Myers MS pinned Hewitt D 150 Davis D pinned T. Waters MS 160 Ward MS pinned Wine D 175 Borth D teched Bright MS 195 Wallace D pinned Dunn MS 220 Orr MS pinned Temple D HW Stigall MS by FF
  9. Seeding Meeting Change???

    Coaches actually agreed to the random drawing of the rat tail matches?????? What this agreement a slim majority or an overwhelming majority??
  10. Girls State Friday.

    Any backup plans in case of inclement weather?
  11. Middle School State (Regionals)???

    Who gets to make the final decision on this? ISWA IHSWCA? And has there been any real talks by the group in charge about making any changes?
  12. Mooresville Holiday Classic

    But you didn't forfeit 3 weights at team state so why 3 forfeits at this tournament????
  13. Flu/Cold 15 Me 0.... not much of an upset just a frustrating loss... and a rough one...
  14. today is the day... ready to see if Prairie Heights continues their 1A dominance... will North Mont break through and make it to the finals this year and will Yorktown reclaim their 2A crown... Does bburg make it 3 in a row or will someone pull off the upset... very interested in Portage today... it just feels like they have yet to wrestle their best... also very intrigued by a possible PM vs EMD dual...