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  1. AJ

    JD Craft

    JD Craft
  2. AJ

    FW South Side looking for Tournament

    Correction, Logansport is not in the invite this year
  3. AJ

    FW South Side looking for Tournament

    Muncie Central is looking for two more teams to fill our tournament on Jan 12th. Current teams are : Muncie Central, Logansport, Shenandoah, Taylor, Wapahani, Wes-Del, Indy Washington ..... If interested please contact me: alan.bradley@muncieschools.org or our AD Tom.Lyon@muncieschools.org
  4. AJ

    AJ Bradley

    AJ Bradley
  5. AJ

    Way too early FW SS predictions

    Feelings are meant to be hurt... oh wait, is the phrase bones are meant to be broken??? either way, people need to toughen up...
  6. This is always a fun tournament, especially for those schools who are just now getting started...
  7. I noticed that Middle School State will now be held at Carmel and the date has been moved earlier in the year. It will now take place on Jan 27th.
  8. AJ

    An Idea to Think About.

    Could that data mean that the larger schools had more wrestlers while the smaller schools had less? This would allow for wrestling participants to increase while forfeits also increase...
  9. So not a full retraction... basically "I mean he should have known because we talked about it in the locker room but I am not sure if anybody directly told him..."
  10. I doubt a lot of people will agree with you on both of those fronts.... groping is a form of molestation and we do not have any proof that the abuse did not happen....
  11. Eliseus Young from Muncie Central qualified in the 200
  12. AJ

    Yorktown Head Coach Opening

    crazy this hasnt been filled yet...
  13. AJ

    NFHS Wrestling Rules Update

    clears it up..... like the change...
  14. eqfVX3zvVBUDO4ITr_zEQ5PtFkTLYDuQom549ZcxpxJUG5R5Ucl5EO1Y0eu6EV0hP2MuAKH8Pz7qpHdjxoI0WzSKtgaCTvXLhuaJADVhNaRAvip7RT1aEl1U5DNcCNKS-uZB9C6RKZ2qZrmPDw  Team Bandits 


    Saturday – October 20

    2392 North – State Road 3, Hartford City, IN 47348

        FEATURING: Alan Fried (Oklahoma State University)

    • SESSION 1 (9:00am – 10:30am)

    • SESSION 2 (11:00am – 12:00pm)

    • SESSION 3 (1:00pm – 2:30pm)



    • NCAA Division I Champion - Oklahoma State University

    • 2x NCAA Division I -Runner-up

    • Collegiate career record 129-6

    • 3 x NCAA 1st Team Academic All-American

    • Pan American Championships – Gold Medal

    • Espoir World Championships – Gold Medal

    • 4x Junior National Freestyle Champion

    • 3x Ohio High School State Champion (St. Edward H.S.)

    • High School career record 139-3


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