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  1. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Who Needs a Mat?

    Coach P - Are Carmel mats softer than other mats around the Indy area?
  2. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    An Idea to Think About.

    Where is Jay Manson when you need him? He would be a logical transfer to the Irish this season. Even with Arlington’s rich history, he was one of the most talented ever. These are the instances the IHSAA can’t set rules and regulations for in the transfer game: consolidations and closings.
  3. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    An Idea to Think About.

    I’m both, Doc. Card carrying member of the resistence to the media for years. Been coaching grade school football for years (3rd and up). Been coaching K-8 wrestling for years. Never had a concussed participant. Bunch of garbage being propogated and advertised. At least in grade school and middle school.
  4. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    An Idea to Think About.

    CoachP - Transfers won’t kill the sport, but all the media circus around contact sports and the concussion nonsense just might. There is a major correlation between football and wrestling. USA Football numbers are down nationally by hundreds of thousands in the last 5 years. Parents are just getting more butt hurt about Little Johnny’s mental health. For a sport like wrestling that pushes kids harder than any other, 100% parental buy-in (especially from the mother) is paramount to a long lasting scholastic career in wrestling. The problem doesn’t lie in transfers, it lies in the number of kids that are embracing the sport. If the number of teams and most importantly, the health of wrestling programs stays static, transfers would be significant to a program’s success or demise. But, winning programs/great academic institutions will always attract parents searching for the best for their kid. Further, kids expelled for grades or conduct also predicate moves. So, transfers will always happen whether it is good for the kid or not. Be careful to not assume all transfers happen with wrestlers chasing bigtime programs. More times than not, the transfer is leaving a good program due to grades, conduct, or, in some cases, tuition.
  5. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    An Idea to Think About.

  6. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Moves and Transfers

    Cathedral is most likely the Who’s Who of transfers out. We can go 80’s old school with PM’s Coach Schoettle, mid-90s LN State Champ Robert Miller, 2000s Warren Champ Brandon Wright, etc. I’d say we’ve lost IHSAA place winners somewhere in the mid-teens since the LVR years in the 80s. Awesome place to be, but big parental sacrifice. See you lovelies on the mat in 2 short months. Irish have been putting the time in this summer..
  7. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board

    Blair ain’t no $52k. But, no different than open enrollment in Indiana either. Pick yo spot, Matty B.
  8. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Flo wrestling Class of 2022 Board

    3 Ohio transfers/new enrollees? Begs to question who is footing the $52k/annual tuition bill for all these kids at Culver? I know there has been a gold rush in Ohio with Governor Kasich, but just wondering how three plus rasslin’ families are handling the $200k high school tuition commitment. Hard enough getting kids to Indy P/Ps for 1/4 of that.
  9. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Possible Ohio State scandal with old wrestling coach

    Congressman Jordan seems super rattled by all this partisan press. In fact, he is so rattled, he decided to just be Speaker of the House. What a baller.
  10. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Where is GrecoCoach when you need him? David McCubbins (90s) was probably the best Greco wrestler pound for pound we have had from Indiana. MattHasbrook was Greco FILA Cadet World Runner-up in the 2000s. You can’t discount total exposure of the hips and legs and still dominate a match. Hugely important to the complete package. Gotta work a Greco week into your practice regimen. The County sucks. Oh, and since this is a Triple Crown thread, shout out to Kyle Harden (CIA) and 4x Triple.
  11. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Team State Vote-In Results

    Tried to resist, but can’t. Cathedral 2016-17 was 3rd in the IHSAA state and didn’t get invite or a write-in. And, as far as I am concerned, we’ll never get a write-in with the current system. I think Maligned and crew are doing a good job, but the write-in/committee might need to look at criteria differently.
  12. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Best Incoming class

    Both Cathedral and Roncalli have very nice freshmen classes coming in. Roncalli picks up some nice depth in upper weights from CYO St. Barnabas (Butts, Neu, Lewis) and rising 152lbers in Ashton Brandon from CYO St. Mark and Andrew Stuck from CYO St. Roch. I can’t remember if the younger Lowery is an 8th or 7th grader, but he’ll have an immediate impact too. I’ll say now Roncalli is most likely a Top 5 squad next year. We won’t know total enrollment at Cathedral until admissions close next month, but just the depth coming in from CYO St. Simon with Zeke Seltzer makes for a bright future (Dickey, Braun, Gonzalez, Bragg). Both CYO St. Luke and Simon will be contributing greatly to the Irish the next two years and you’ll also get some McGinleys rolling through starting in 2 years from CYO Christ the King. Defintely no where close to the incoming talent of “The County”, but we do alright for “The City”.
  13. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Let’s change the scenario: Take the 32nd place team in the Al Smith: Princeton. I would wager that their attendance at the Al Smith alone vaults them to the 190th best SoS. However, the chance they might have one or two wrestlers face a top ranked Cathedral, Chesterton, or Columbus East kid are slim. Conversely, the chances a Cathedral wrestler faces any of the 3 Indianapolis Arlington or 4 Indy Broad Ripple High School wrestlers in the City Tourney are slim. Both Double digit negative ranked teams. My point is the weighting system for the individual tourneys need to be reconsidered in my opinion. Perhaps they are already considerably less weight, I don’t even know. If they aren’t, they should be less than teams scheduling duals with top ranked programs. And, not penalize good teams stuck in less than competitive conferences.
  14. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    Not crying. Just telling you the Genius system needs some improvement.
  15. IndianaWrestlingGuy

    Team State Bid Acceptance List

    You’re right. Perhaps if the Genius Rating System didn’t penalize us for a horrific Indy City Tournament we are locked into two years ago, we would have had the invite then. It sure would have validated the 2018 “Team State” tournament to have the IHSAA Champs there, wouldn’t it have?

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