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  1. 2x State Champions

    Who was the most dominant though? My vote is Jason Terry (Cathedral). 1992. Won his sophomore and senior year convincingly. Junior year had the full blown flu at Market Square and lost a tough one to Devon Nelson from Mishawaka. His senior year he avenged that loss under the lights with a lateral for the fall. One nasty hombre. 7 losses in his career. He still weighs 130lbs, I would run from him in a bar fight even now. Miss that mofo though. Living Somewhere on the near east side of Indy invisible.
  2. Epic Clash

    Four that come immediately to mind in no particular order: David McCubbins (Monrovia) circa 1991; multiple time Fargo Champ; would be a 2x-er, but broke his jaw in tourney series. Funky technician, but nasty. DJ Radnovic (Gibson Southern) - undefeated champ and all the athleticism if not more than Parris. Maybe a Champ in 1996? Matt Hasbrook (Cathedral) 3 time Fargo Champ and FILA Cadet world Runner-up. State Champ ~1999. Nate Moore (Perry or Franklin?) - 3xer and overall good physical technician. All I know is any of these 4 would give him a hell of a match. They weren’t afraid of anyone and were very dominant big men. I think McCubbins might have topped out at 182, but the other three were stout 215lb’ers
  3. Strategy Question - Hunt vs Slivka

    It is a great discussion: the power of a superior leg rider. It wasn’t only the Yorktown match, but also the Kasper McIntosh match. Beating #1 and #2 1-0 is definitely noteworthy.
  4. Cathedral on FIRE

    Zeke just won IHSWCA Middle School State at 117. I know he has dropped for national tourneys with CIA recently though.
  5. Cathedral on FIRE

    It was a gauntlet of a season starting with 2 Top 10 duals out of the gates in Avon and Warren. We were also one of the few programs to hit both the Traicoff and the Al Smith. We wrestled against 8 of the Top 10 programs in the state (sans Brownsburg and EMD). I am convinced that our schedule had these boys battle tested by the time the State Series came around. 4 in the finals with a couple near misses in Bailey and Walendzak showed the team unity that these guys shared. They were definitely wrestling for each other. You could see it in Slivka's face when he clinched it. The Indy Star article says it all. Better news is we are returning 8 of our 10 finalists next year and adding Zeke Seltzer to the mix. Should be a fun couple years ahead for the Irish. I am grateful to our coaching staff for their preparation. Congrats on the trophy, all. Proud to be Irish.
  6. Melloh and Mulkey

    I don’t know how each school trains, but we always prepare for not leaving it up to the referee. When Lance Rhodes was the coach, we did extra stand-ups every night at every practice because of “bad call”. We were taught to never leave a match in the hands of the referee. Never. Frankie is a great referee. A great man. Everyone can whine, but the tight match came out on the right side for the ☘️.
  7. Team Scores

    Not so fast. If Columbus East get 3 champs, I think they win. Rooks boys will be hard to beat. If South wins, it might be a CE title. Cathedral has to have 2 champs to win, and we have no sure things.
  8. Melloh and Mulkey

    If Snyder got tossed, that is a tough lesson. I couldn't imagine not being mat side for Brayton Lee's last title. Great match. Can't get caught up in your emotions.
  9. Team Scores

    Cathedral with 6 in the semis, Brownsburg and Columbus East with 5 each. Gonna be one hell of a finish. If a Rooks gets knocked off, CE is probably out. And, outside of Walton and Lee, no more Bulldog finalists would make this too close to call. Still believe who emerges from 138 wins it!!! Go get 'em Zach Melloh!! Dominate. Go Irish!!!
  10. Mats 1 & 2 Saturday morning

    Well done, Dingo. Thanks!! Watching Track from out of the country. Appreciate the details. Stay hot Irish!!! Title is in sight!!
  11. Team Scoring at IHSAA State

    Don’t sleep on Chesterton. Easy champ in Davison. Likely champ in Portenoy. 3 other scorers. Will hinge on Lemley getting past Sat morn. I think they are the favorite though. Outside of BBurg’s 2 champs, don’t think they have but 1 other scorer. Maybe 2. Kysen or mulkey. If Mulkey wins, BBurg wins. If the Irish get a champ, I think they can score enough win. If we get two (Melloh, Bailey, Mosconi, or Slivka), Cathedral wins handily.
  12. State -- 106

    What happened to Cruz?
  13. Who's sending the most to STATE?!?

    Or, was I just going to bed, Tony?? And, of course Combest. The only weight where 4 of the 5 main IHSAA team competitors have major leverage winning the weight class. Should be fun.
  14. Who's sending the most to STATE?!?

    A great day for the Cathedral Irish! 5 Champs, 2 Runners-up, 1 - 3rd, and 2 - 4th place finishers. Caleb Oliver avenging a fall to Jevian Ross in the ticket round was huge. And so was Lucasz Walendzak avenging a loss to Rose in the ticket round. And frosh Andrew Wilson advancing in a loaded 126 class knocking off a senior 2017 finalist in the ticket round. The boys positioned themselves as well as possible for a title run next weekend. 2 Cathedral Champs and I think we can hold off Brownsburg, Portage, Chesterton, and Columbus East. I think it comes down to who wins 138 (Mulkey, Melloh, or Rumph). I like our chances! Have a great week in the room, lads!
  15. Upsets, surprises and great matches

    Let’s stay hot, Irish!