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  1. Jenny

    Weight cut

    well I didn’t make this post because of my son. I actually don’t have that worry at all. My concern is when I go to these tournaments and see these kids dropping a ton of weight and are very dehydrated at the scale. If coaches actually followed the rule you wouldn’t have that as much. I’ve heard of some kids dropping crazy amounts of weight. You said it yourself. If a kid is jumping ten pounds or more between matches is that healthy and to your point they are a year or two or four away from being adults and on their own. With that statement they are not old enough to know better. If coaches and parents didn’t allow that they would t do it. It’s like saying hey not allowed to drink you should know better but hey your a senior go ahead. We would not allow it. If a kid can not maintain his diet then he should move up. I believe most kids cut weight because they been brain washed into believing they can not win at the weight that is healthy. It’s a pattern that goes on in this sport. Just because it’s something that has been part of the sport doesn’t mean it’s right. A healthy weight cut is a good thing. Teaches kids discipline And sacrifice but excessive weight cut should not be allowed and it still goes on with coaches knowledge and parents.
  2. Jenny

    Weight cut

    Said my peace I think we all know some kids cut way to much and parents and coaches sit back and don’t say anything. Some of us encourage it.
  3. Jenny

    Weight cut

    Most kids cut because parents tell their kids they are not good enough. Cutting from 141 to 132 is a cut. Some kids cut down to 126 and are miserable all year. Kids cut way to much. I heard of kids going to hospital because of awful weight cuts.
  4. Jenny

    Weight cut

    Weight cut is ok and I understand it’s a part of the sport but a few kids take it to an extreme. That’s when somebody needs to step in.
  5. Jenny

    Weight cut

    Why do some coaches allow their kids to cut so much weight. I’ve had my kid on a few travel teams here and watched same kids cut so much weight. I witness coaches helping kids on scales and kids in basically tears. When will be a coach to say enough is enough. I believe some parents are to blame but so is the coach for allowing it. There is a rule in high school in which the coaches allow the kids to cheat to get around it. Shameful

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