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  1. Indianawrestler145

    are the rankings going to get updated

    Where is the link to order the magazine
  2. Takedown & Leg Riding Camp (Hosted by Green Tiger Wrestling Club) Where: Triton central middle school ( Park around the back of the school) When: Sunday October 21st Who:K-8 Cost: $50.00 Cash, check( payable to Green tiger wrestlingclub), paypal.me/greentigerwrestling Schedule: session 1: 12:30- 2:30 (takedowns/cole) Break: 2:30-3:30 Session 2: 3:30-5:30 ( leg riding/ Breyden)
  3. Indianawrestler145

    Triton central middle school assistant

    This is a paid position
  4. Indianawrestler145

    Triton central middle school assistant

    Triton central middle school is looking for an assistant wrestling coach! Someone who is motivated to help get this program rebuilt! Message me on here with any questions please!!!
  5. Indianawrestler145

    Moves and Transfers

    Yes we do. He is at center grove
  6. Indianawrestler145

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Agreed but I’m gonna have to take littell for the title this year. He’s been looking great this summer. If he stays healthy he’s the champ
  7. Indianawrestler145

    Pre season State Champ Predictions?

    Had everyone just forgotten about Brayden littell?
  8. With the season coming up I’m really hoping to find a coaching position around the Indy area. I live on the south side, I’m a center grove grad, semi state qualifier in 2013 I’ve placed at multiple idea state tournaments have a strong passion for this sport. I just moved back to Indy from California where I was stationed with the United States marine corps! Hopefully I can be a good fit somewhere in someone’s program I am willing to work at any and all levels from elementary to highschool!
  9. Indianawrestler145

    Coaching positions.

    Finally settled in here after moving from California. The job I have offers a lot of time open in the winter and I’m really looking for a paid position of some kind with a program in the Indianapolis area. Highschool or middle school!
  10. Indianawrestler145

    Looking to coach

    Just moved back to Indiana looking to possibly find an assistant coach position at the HS level or possibly a head middle school position. I’m living in the Southside indy area so anything around the Indianapolis area would be awesome! Thank in advance!
  11. Indianawrestler145

    Looking for coaching position

    I just relocated back from California after being in the United States marine corps. Looking for a highschool around greenwood and as far south as Columbus or Seymour area and everywhere between and near those areas that is looking for an assistant coach or middle school coach. I’m a center grove graduate semi state qualifier placed 2 times at the al smith invitational. Mulitple placements at the iswa state tournaments and have been on multiple team Indiana national teams. This sport has given a lot to me and I want to give back!
  12. Indianawrestler145

    Assistant Coaches

    not entirely sure yet. the school I go to coach at would certainly help dictate the area of the state I would move to.
  13. Indianawrestler145

    Assistant Coaches

  14. Indianawrestler145

    Assistant Coaches

    not entirely sure what part I'm moving to more than likely the Southside Indianapolis area possibly Franklin or Columbus. it all depends on where I would go and coach at.
  15. Indianawrestler145

    Assistant Coaches

    Any Schools Looking for Assistant coaches. Smaller Schools preferred Im Moving from California to Indiana in the next coming months.

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