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  1. Cooper160

    Epic Clash

    D.j was a beast .. was anton talamontes also 220 around 2000, also a monster
  2. Cooper160

    Indiana not alone w/ controversial calls

    Whatch the video chaos erupts at georgia state finals. Gotta see this stalling call in overtime.
  3. I dont know about brayton getting doninated by anyone. College or not. Theres always a college freshman or two that the style wrestled in college suits them even better then in high school. Riding time puts alot more emphasis on the top and bottom position. He may have what it takes to hang with anyone, any age. Not saying beat, but doubtfully dominated
  4. Cooper160

    State - 132

    Is the brooks kid the same one who wrestled for whiteland last year ?
  5. Cooper160

    State - 160

    Just from what ive seen the last 3 years, he brings his best late in the season. He also never loses his composure. I think he finishes his carrer on top of the podium.
  6. Cooper160

    State - 160

    Mappes takes it all !
  7. Cooper160

    Pics from Evansville SS

    Congrats to Hammond and Curtis. Awsome to see Curtis overcome a couple tough losses the previous weeks. Hes going to be tough to beat if hes being aggressive and offensive. Good luck to both whiteland guys.
  8. Cooper160

    Mappes vs South?

    Mappes will get his renvenge this weekend. Im predicting him to take the title. He always seems to do his best wrestling , the last week of the season.
  9. Cooper160

    Worst draw

    I believe regardless of his draw, mappes will be on top of the podium this weekend. The guy never loses his composure. Also seems to wrestle his best this time of year.

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