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  1. 3xStateChamp

    Fargo List

    Can someone help Pistol get the Ryan Reynolds Meme .... you know the one where he puts his hands to his temples in whatever . Maybe a Joker Meme of “why so serious” 100% sure Matt was joking . Man.... SMH 😂
  2. 3xStateChamp

    Fargo List

    Pistol Short List : Avon - 120 F&G Tyler Conley Ray Rioux Avon - 126 F&G Asa Garcia Avon - 152 F&G Nathan Conley Avon - 182 F Carson Brewer Center Grove - 120 F Brayden Littell Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  3. 3xStateChamp

    Disney Duals 2018

    Pistol witness all of it, shotgun . Heres Pistol play by play of what really went down on 75 South . Joe team van was in the very .... very .... very .... slow lane, we waved bye in the fast lane . Joe, beat he’s steering wheel in frustration DMM was leaving him in our dust like always . Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  4. 3xStateChamp

    Ice Skating on Beat The Streets

    Very surprised we didn’t see Tonya Harding there, she could of had a flashback on that ice . That deserves a 🤠 Wooooooo... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  5. 3xStateChamp

    Ice Skating on Beat The Streets

    Ridiculous, surprised they have ankles
  6. Pistol doesn’t like watching slip & slide wrestling. Not good Not even worth a shooting my Colt 45’s Pistol Pete
  7. 3xStateChamp

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Yea..... They Suck at wrestling. Woooo..... Bang ! .... Has only had (9) Individual State Championships since 2011-2018 2x Neal Molloy (Danville) 2x Brock Hudkins (Danville) 2x Asa Garcia (Avon) 3x Brayton Lee (Brownsburg) Pistol Pete P.S. Pistol lost count on how many State Placers The County has . My Fault.... My Fault ! Wooooo......
  8. 3xStateChamp

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    No.... someone is way to sensitive over here in these parts to let that happen. Zip it ?! Pistol loves Greco, in Greco you just go for it, take it, grab that bull by the horns or your going to be a victim of flying the friendly skies for 5. Woooooo .... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete Thank You for Flying United Greco Airlines of 5
  9. 3xStateChamp

    Avon RTC 5/10 DYLAN LYDY

    Bump ! State Champ is Coming ... BE THERE ! Titles are Forever Woooo..... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  10. 3xStateChamp

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Since you asked Yes, did the ISWA Triple Crown as Cadet (8th grade) 2015 won 2015 IHSWCA MS State Championship that year and as you know won 2016 IHSAA State Champ . Only ISWA Triple Crown once.
  11. 3xStateChamp

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Bang ! .... Nate (DomiNATE) Rioix 5x Bang ! .... Cheaney Schoeff 3x Bang ! .... Rev Dickman 3x and there is more, Pistol just scrolling down Facebook . Two of those guys hasn’t even hit Middle School, just think what they can do . PISTOL IS MISSING A LOT MORE IM SURE . You can now add more and butcher Pistol reputation. Woooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  12. 3xStateChamp

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Pistol is just going through Facebook and there are little kids that’s already matched or passed Mitch & Connor (5x). Most are from Hendricks County. Great Accomplishments but this is a HS forum. Was only talking about HS, Pistol should of said Cadets & Juniors . When Pistol said Freestyle, Pistol didn’t see all the Lee Brothers other than Matt Lee, No Brayton Lee which is a pretty good Freestyle wrestler amongst others as well . Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  13. 3xStateChamp

    Most Indiana Triple Crowns?

    Pistol just not seeing what’s the big deal ISWA Triple Crown is ? Your not seeing HS best at ISWA Folkstyle State, or even Freestyle. Most sit out Folkstyle after a long HS Season. Right ? I’d say a IHSAA State Title & Double Fargo Championship would be my Triple Crown . JS, IHO Wooooo ... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! Pistol Pete
  14. See a lot of studs registered, some of them with big gains which is good to see, Numbers look good as well . Any surprises out there ? Woooooo.... Bang ! Bang ! Bang ! ❌❌❌ Pistol Pete

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