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  1. Mat Assignments

    Shadow wrestling in the living room. Not much much of a shadow. Kinda gloomy today....but at least it’s not pouring rain or -5 with 50mph winds
  2. Mat Assignments

    Thank you sir I have the phone, tablet, and TV ready. Can’t wait!
  3. Mat Assignments

    Just wondering cause I will be streaming and don’t want to be waiting to watch a kid on mat 4 and have him wrestle on mat 2 and miss the match
  4. Mat Assignments

    It isn’t first available mat correct? For example if mat 1 hasn’t finished the second match at 106 and mat 2 has already finished both 113 matches Mat 2 would move onto 120 in that part of the bracket and not wrestle the 113’s waiting on mat 1 on mat 2 correct? Sorry if I made that confusing
  5. Who's sending the most to STATE?!?

    Not the most by any means.... but proud to say 1a Central Noble sends 4 to the bank and tie for 2nd in the team race. Proud to be a former Cougar!
  6. Most to Semi-State?

    Regional was today. As in this “week”. I think you gentleman are referring to the word WEAK Totally different meanings altogether But hey I’m no NCAA qualifier
  7. Nolf injury?

    Was watching Penn St @ Rutgers dual Nolf was injured couldn’t finish the match. In slow mo I could see his knee pop. Just wondering if anyone knows his injury status? Total bummer to watch happen to such a great wrestler.
  8. Deepest Weight- Sectionals

    Sectionals consisting of schools that have 1500+ students have no comparison whatsoever to a sectional consisting of schools with 400-700 students. Apples to oranges. While so many want to criticize the Fort Wayne semi state and other areas. Keep in mind all the small schools that surround these areas where most athletes play 3 varsity sports a year and are still able to punch a few tickets says a lot
  9. Hughes wasn’t in the starting lineup vs IU dual meet. Just wondering is he injured?
  10. Tournament results

    FW SS #3 Levi Leffers CN over FW SS #2 Cam Smith Garrett dec 10-4
  11. NECC/ Team points race

    1) Garrett 218 2) Prairie Heights 211 3) Central Noble 196
  12. Tournament results

    Kunkel-Central Noble over Leazier- Churubusco dec 8-1
  13. NECC/ Team points race

  14. NECC/ Team points race

    Will brackets be updated with scores of matches this evening?
  15. NECC/ Team points race

    Any updates on team poInts race before the championship round?