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  1. wrestleliferfan

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Hey open your eyes we aren't saying kids didn't deserve to advance. We aren't saying that kid didn't earn his spot or do what needed to be done to go. We are saying that you should not have two top seed wrestlers wrestling in the ticket round. Restructure those brackets and those two would both be advancing! Get an open mind and quit reading to respond; read to listen to the other side!
  2. wrestleliferfan


    It's sad when you see two top seed wrestlers wrestling each other in the ticket round. When they both deserve to be advancing!
  3. wrestleliferfan

    Frosh/Soph State questions

    Ahhh I hate this daylight savings time! LOL!
  4. wrestleliferfan

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Agree! I'm not trying to knock any wrestler, but there were quite a few clearly qualified State wrestlers who did not advance. For 138 example, a few greats would have been better off placing 3rd at Regionals rather than winning. They would have been a shoo in to State. Start seeding them! Surely we can come up with clear criteria?!
  5. wrestleliferfan

    Frosh/Soph State questions

    Are they not updating brackets on trackwrestling this year? Wrestling was scheduled for 10:00 but I see nothing updated on trackwrestling.
  6. wrestleliferfan

    How about those wrestlebacks?

    Good example for your wrestlebacks. Go see 138 bracket at Fort Wayne, need I say more? Rutter, Fiechter, Jamarri, Wells, all good wrestlers. Clearly Rutter should be state bound!
  7. wrestleliferfan

    Fort Wayne Semi-State gets a POUND

    Right, school was closed today and if anything like our school, we aren't allowed to practice if school is closed. So they didn't practice because school was closed.
  8. wrestleliferfan

    Fort Wayne Semi-State gets a POUND

    The reason is because more than half the schools closed due to the weather today.
  9. wrestleliferfan

    East Chicago weather report

    Our supertindent once forbid our Coach to take the Regional Qualifiers to Regional due to the snow. He asked if parents could drive them as an option and she said if you show up at Regionals, you'll be fired. I guess schools take this stuff pretty serious! I'm sure it is hard to reschedule an event this size. However, safety should always be first in the parents' and coaches' mind. A title isn't worth a life. If you don't feel comfortable, don't go. Hopefully though all meteorologist are wrong again, and smooth sailing for all the boys!
  10. wrestleliferfan

    East Chicago weather report

    I've also heard mixed reports for northern Indiana like Fort Wayne, New Haven's SS...I've heard freezing rain-ice event and I've heard 10" of snow. Kind of curious myself on what happens if there's a weather event?
  11. wrestleliferfan

    Indiana Frosh-Soph State Pre-Qualifiers (SSQ's)

    Really simple question if anyone can answer that went last year. Day 1, Saturday starts at 10:00 am. Any idea how long it takes on Saturday's events. Have a very important family event to be at and trying to work in both. I know they wrestle to top 12 on Saturday.
  12. wrestleliferfan

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Why wouldn't it be held at Bankers? All State Championship Classes for basketball are held there and it works? It'd work. Don't compare this to the tearing down of monuments! That was done in hate. Class wrestling is actually the exact opposite purpose. Adult dialogue? I don't think anywhere in this conversation have you had a good adult debate with anyone. This wasn't intended to demean others opinions. I started this thread to actually hear pros and cons and gain information. All your replies are less opinion and more tearing down other's opinions.
  13. wrestleliferfan

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Applauding you very loudly right now!! Couldn't agree more. Why others can't see this is beyond me or they are selfish? Side note- I think wrestling is the toughest sport, mentally, emotionally, physically. So NO Wrestlers is a "soft ass kid" like Asbury4040 mentioned! Get over yourself dude!
  14. wrestleliferfan

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Wow you are a tough critic. Do you listen to other's opinions to listen or to respond? Yes, I could have said I "believe" it is, but I followed my statement of it IS with I KNOW because I see it every year. It is dying. Numbers are dwindling, interest is dwindling.
  15. wrestleliferfan

    If wrestling was a class sport........

    Wow that escalated quickly. I just want to say that class 1A wrestling is dying! I know because we see it every year. And I strongly feel like the reasoning is because the kids from these small schools can't stand a chance to these big schools. The numbers sometimes are so low that they can't even have a good practice. They have dual meets that consist of getting mopped on the mat, learning nothing. So eventually they give up the sport. (Not saying I agree with that) but they do. You aren't going to get a "good" coach willing to move to a program that has a total team of 5. So it's a never ending cycle of being stuck with a mediocre coach who just coaches wrestling during football's off season. Again I know this is true because I see it every year. Class wrestling may actually give kids a chance to compete with someone their own size. As well as not overinflating class 3-4 wrestlers to thinking they are better than they are because they stack their records, mopping the mat, with 1A wrestlers all season. My kid is a decent wrestler but I wouldn't want him earning a championship title and holding his head high if it's because he smooth sailed through to the top; he'd never know his true potential. Class wrestling isn't a "everyone gets a trophy" scheme, it's what makes sense and is fair. Still allowing true warriors to advance. *MY OPINION* if allowed

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