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  1. tigroscr

    Fort Wayne or New Haven SS?

    Maybe New Haven should build a facility like the colisum to hold this event.
  2. tigroscr

    East Chicago weather report

    This is how they are determining how bad it will snow in the Fort now.
  3. tigroscr

    Prayers needed for Great young man

    Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers that God will pull him thru this battle.
  4. tigroscr

    Predictions for Penn regional ?

    Well done, way to add two other sports into your analysis so smoothly. Very entertaining read.
  5. tigroscr

    Carroll Sectional Predictions

    The Agnew/Davis match didnt turn out to be the slobberknocker I or wrestlingshoe thought it would have been. Agnew had a good day on Saturday. Looking forward to regionals.
  6. tigroscr

    Carroll Sectional Predictions

    I love the use of the term "slobberknocker", should be a few matches tomorrow like that.
  7. tigroscr


    Thank you gentleman, i think i understand better. This topic had more discussion than i originally thought.
  8. tigroscr


    I have wondered this for a few years, but never asked anyone. Now that im in this group, i figure i could get an answer. Why do they use a bracket with more places than wrestlers, creating 4 or so byes. Cant you just use a smaller bracket?
  9. tigroscr

    NE8 Conference

    I only see 4 Huntington North ranked wrestlers. They should have a decent shot at conference.
  10. tigroscr

    NE8 Conference

    I agree, with your school choices, should be a good day of wrestling. Maybe an upset or two.
  11. tigroscr

    NE8 Conference

    If you are asking for who as a team will take it, i feel new haven will.
  12. tigroscr


    Charlie Agnew
  13. tigroscr


    Charlie Agnew
  14. tigroscr


    Charlie Agnew
  15. tigroscr


    Charlie Agnew

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