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  1. Rooks and Mulkey Drama

    Thanks for putting this all together Y2. Sorry that you had to go through all this im sure you have been beating yourself up over and thinking about it nonstop. It was all a tough decision to make... All in all it was a great event!
  2. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Thanks for the updates Indysportsfan
  3. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Couldn’t agree more.
  4. 2018 Dream Team Classic April 14

    Will we be able to watch this online? Unfortunately not going to be able to make the trip to brownsburg
  5. Skin check debate

    It's still a great idea to put a team together! Kids still get more mat time and its normally a very well ran tournament/dual. Kids cheering teammates on, normally 5 matches a day, not as chaotic. I love the duals its just one of those unfortunate things you can't avoid that people lie about stuff... or they recruit kids to "join" their club that they know won't be attending their schools.
  6. Skin check debate

    Almost every team at the state elementary duals loads there team up with kids that aren't attending their school district. Wild cards are definitely misused but for some schools they are good thing. The school my son attends can't fill an elementary roster so they use wild cards but they use the wild cards at the weights they don't have a kid at... they don't use it to bring in a hammer and make one of their own sit.

    I think brooks beat tomasello.

    Yea but sessa was only a sophomore that year.

    yea but was ranked #1 in the nation his senior year at 112! Brooks would of beat miller handily

    Micic over Brooks
  11. Most losses

    Jose Escobedo was 10-0 coming in to state. Ended up 13-1 and taking 2nd in the state his sophmore year. So 14 matches the entire year. I was guessing 3 at sectionals, 3 at regionals, 4 at semi state, and 4 at state
  12. Epic Clash

    What was Gelen ranked nationally?
  13. 2017 vs. 2018

    Yea that's my bad sorry. I said earlier that Brayton beat joe and that I believe it was at the super 32 but I could be wrong. Well then joe said it wasn't at super 32 and I looked and Joe was right. Well then backtothemat asked what he did so I was answering to that haha... Probably my fault. Joe lee lost to Ruffin at the super 32 and then Brayton Lee beat ruffin at the super 32 5-1. But im still thinking Brayton beat Joe at an offseason tournament within the last few years.
  14. 2017 vs. 2018

    Backtothemat asked how brayton faired against the kid who beat joe... I was saying joe lost to him (Ruffin) in overtime and the brayton beat him (Ruffin) 5-1
  15. 2017 vs. 2018

    I’m not wrong maybe I’m just not writing it out the right way lol... joe lee lost to Ruffin or something like that in overtime and then brayton beat Ruffin 5-1. Look it up